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2014 Honda Valkyrie First Look

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2014 Honda Valkyrie Specs
Engine: 1832cc liquid-cooled Flat Six
Bore & Stroke: 74 x 71mm
Compression Ratio: 9.8:1
Valve Train: SOHC; two valves cylinder head
Fueling: PGM-FI
Ignition: Computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping
Transmission: Five-speed
Final Drive: Shaft
Front Suspension: 45mm cartridge fork with anti-dive system; 4.8 inches travel
Rear Suspension: Pro Arm single-side swingarm with Pro-Link single shock with computer-controlled spring preload adjustment with two memory presets; 4.1 inches travel
Front Brakes: Dual full-floating 310mm discs four-piston calipers; optional ABS
Rear Brake: Single ventilated 316mm disc; optional ABS
Front Tire: 130/60R-19
Rear Tire: 180/55R-17
Wheelbase: 66.5 inches
Rake: 29.15° Trail: 109mm (4.3 inches)
Seat Height: 28.8 inches
Fuel Capacity: 6.1 gallons
Colors: Black; Dark Red Metallic; Blue Metallic
Curb Weight: 750 lbs.
After a decade of playing it safe, Honda returns to the big displacement muscle cruiser segment with a revamped, but still six cylinder-powered 2014 Valkyrie. This motorcycle infuses sportbike-derived handling with the brawn of Honda’s 1832cc water-cooled Flat Six equating to a regal and potentially tire-smoke-infused ride.

Available in three colors (Black; Dark Red Metallic; Blue Metallic), the Valkyrie gets its might from an automobile-sized, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine that’s used to power Honda’s Gold Wing and Gold Wing F6B luxury tourers. The single overhead cam unit sports two valves per cylinder and is fed via fuel-injection. It puts power back to the 17-inch cast aluminum rim shod in a 180/55 Dunlop tire via a five-speed transmission and shaft final drive. Contrary to the Gold Wing reverse isn’t offered.

The last time we dyno tested this motor it produced over 100 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel at a relatively modest 3900 rpm. Big Red claims that the Valkyrie’s mill has been tuned for even more wheel turning force at roughly the same engine speed. We’ve always loved the Porsche-like sound emitted from the exhaust and the Valkyrie builds on this mechanical melody with a pair of flash-cut tip pipes giving it a deeper and more high-tech tune compared to the crude thumping sound generated by a American or metric V-Twin.

The engine is hung in a twin-spar aluminum frame with its cylinder configuration further aiding its center of gravity. A non-adjustable 45mm fork houses a beautifully finished 10-spoke aluminum front rim fitted with a 130/60 series 19-inch tire from Dunlop. Out back is a hydraulic shock absorber that has a knob-style spring preload adjuster to modify the rear suspension’s ride height based on load or handling preference.

The Valkyrie is claimed to weigh about 154 pounds less than the Gold Wing with a fully fueled curb weight of 750 pounds. Fuel capacity is rated at 6.1 gallons, which is a 0.5 gallon less than the ‘Wing. Considering its 20% reduction in mass, we expect fuel mileage to increase slightly from the 33 mpg average recorded during our 2012 Honda Gold Wing Comparison test.

(Top) The Valkyrie sports a simple but effective LCD instrument display. (Bottom) Comedian and motorcycle rider Alonzo Bodden (six-foot, four inches) sits on the ’14 Honda Valkyrie. (Below) Honda discontinued the Valkyrie in 2003. Eleven years later it returns in a new modern form.

Although the Gold Wing never lacked in stopping performance Honda’s new muscle cruiser ups the ante with the inclusion of a pair of 14mm larger diameter cross-drilled rotors (310mm) that are clamped by four-piston calipers sourced from Nissin. An even larger 316mm disc/caliper combo is used rearward. As opposed to the Gold Wing, the front and rear brakes are actuated independently of one another with anti-lock functionality available as an option.

Sitting on the 2014 Valkyrie reveals a very slim seating position. Seat height is only 28.8 inches above the ground which will help rider’s keep their feet planted firmly on terra firma at a stop. A thick one-inch diameter handlebar offers a high-degree of leverage and feels like it will be well suited to all-day rides.

U.S. prices haven’t been announced yet but American Honda expects the ’14 Valkyrie to come in right around $17,000, including its three-year, unlimited mileage fender-to-fender warranty.

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JimJames454   December 18, 2013 02:10 PM
Having "used-up" 14 bikes, mostly Hondas in 43 years of riding, I anxiously await for my dealer to get a metallic red 2014 Valkyrie. Just wish the Valkyrie and F6B has cruise control and electric windshield like my 2009 ST1300. Be well all!
WakeTurbulence   December 4, 2013 10:00 PM
This new Valkyrie ROCKS! I'm buying one! All you whiners can look at my LED tail lights when I leave you behind on ANY road, straight, curves, etc. While you ride your outdated,steel framed, tiny motor, decade (+), old Valk, I'll be enjoying the latest technology which improves EVERY aspect of this legendary bike: Power, handling, economy, reliability, ride, comfort,.. you name it! This bike trumps the old Valkyrie IN EVERY RESPECT! Your juvenile obsession with "looks" has blinded you from the realization that this bike is, hands down, the most awesome power cruiser in production today. See you in my rearview mirror!
Poncho167   November 27, 2013 08:26 AM
I like the previous styling much better. I agree, Honda and styling has suffered tremendously in the last few years.
Miket   November 27, 2013 07:17 AM
Being the Proud owner/rider that I am of 2 Valkyries. These two being my 3rd & 4th Valkyrie. I can honestly say that Honda has successfully succeeded in DESECRATING the Dragon Nuf said
parker1800   November 23, 2013 06:51 AM
Much rather have the original Valkyrie. Do not like all the plastic on the front covering the radiator. Radiator should on the front like it used to be. EnvyHD, the rune was an awesome motorcycle and way ahead of it's time. Unfortunately Honda seems to be going in a direction that most people I talk to hate. Futuristic spaceship is not pretty.
EnvyHD   November 21, 2013 02:00 PM
Ok, the Valkyrie Rune was just a huge mistake that insulted the good name of one of Honda's bigger, most established and respected cruisers. That goes without saying. Almost as if Honda said, "Let this model go out in a blaze of glory--wait, it doesn't need to be glory, just a big blaze will do." This is the best they could do bringing it back? What happened to the beautiful bike that was one step down from owning a Gold Wing, minus the bulk? And in the bottom video, did I see it called the Gold Wing Valkyrie? For 2014, Indian redid the Chief, Victory continued to tweak its bikes and improve them for the upcoming year, and holy Christ, EVEN Harley-Davidson overhauled most of its bikes to bring them up to this decade's standard as far as digital equipment goes (which is like checking the thermostat in Hell and realizing it's thirty degrees below zero). This is the BEST that Honda can do? I mean, I'm speechless. I loved the Valkyrie. I hated Honda for discontinuing it. It even has an awesome name, like so many bikes do. Chief, Road King, Bonneville, Savage, Bandit, Vision, Judge. You NERFED it to bring it back. WOW. (Still not sure what to say)
RidingRider   November 21, 2013 07:51 AM
Honda is out of step with styling.
sloppy   November 21, 2013 06:41 AM
I applaud Honda's efforts at really going outside the box, however their latest offerings seem to me unusual and frankly ugly. I am sure that this is a fun bike to ride but there are a lot of others I would want well before this.
Delvmax11   November 20, 2013 11:10 AM
As a former Valkyrie owner this one looks more muscle and less cruiser than the last one. I like it but not sure how well the marketplace will, Economy is still slow for new bike sales, muscle cruiser bike market seems kinda slow.