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Honda Crossrunner First Look

Friday, November 5, 2010
Honda revealed its all-new Crossrunner model at the EICMA Milan Bike Show. Sourcing the 782cc V-Four from Big Red’s VFR800 model, the new Crossunner represents an intriguing streetbike entry from the Japanese marque.

Honda Media PR: With the attributes of both a Naked performance machine and an adventure bike  the Crossrunner is a new kind of motorcycle. One that can effortlessly adapt to many different styles of riding.
Honda reveals the all-new Honda Crossrunner, an upright standard sourcing the 782cc V-Four from the VFR800.
Honda pitches its new ride as a hybrid model: “Take the flexibility and exciting attitude of a Naked performance machine, and give it the upright riding position and rugged appearance of an adventure bike; what you’re left with is something special. The Crossrunner.”

The Crossrunner utilizes the liquid-cooled, 90-degree 782cc V-Four powering the Interceptor in American Honda current lineup. Peak power claims are 100 horsepower at 10,000 rpm 53.7 lb-ft torque at 9,500 rpm. Honda explains the engine selection thus: “With most sport tourer machines using an Inline four-cylinder engine and most adventure motorcycles using a twin-cylinder powerplant, the design team had an exciting opportunity. A smooth, flexible and soulful 800cc V-Four engine, specifically tuned for a machine that helps a rider find a flowing rhythm.”

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Honda’s PGM-FI fuel injection delivers the fuel. A six-speed transmission transmits the power to the rear wheel via chain final drive.

The Crossunner sources an aluminum twin spar frame. Suspension units are a 43mm fork (preload adjustable) and Honda Pro-link a gas-charged rear shock (preload and rebound adjustable). Braking features Honda’s combined ABS, with a pair of six-piston calipers clamping on 296mm front rotors and a 256mm disc with two-piston caliper in the rear.

Honda press touts the Crossrunner’s upright riding position and stability, the marque claiming 120 wind tunnel sessions to “build a motorcycle with such unwavering stability.” The wind tunnel must have shaped the new Crossrunner’s bodywork and upper fairing, with short windscreen. Styling for the new bike carries over the lines teased before EICMA in concept sketches.
Honda press touts the Crossrunners upright riding position and stability  the marque claiming 120 wind tunnel sessions to build a motorcycle with such unwavering stability.
A new mid-displacement street bike, Honda's Crossover will enter the European market in 2011.

The folks at Honda have pushed the “cross” prefix hard at Milan, having dubbed its adventure-touring-like concept at EICMA the Crosstourer. Then there’s the scooter/motorcycle “crossover” design study, dubbed the New Mid Concept. Where exactly does the new Crossrunner slot itself in the motorcycle family? We’ll let Honda have the final word, for now:

“With the attributes of both a Naked performance machine and an adventure bike, the Crossrunner is a new kind of motorcycle. One that can effortlessly adapt to many different styles of riding.”

Stay tuned for more Crossrunner information.

Get more information onthe Honda Crossover in the Honda videos below, courtesy of Youtube. Follow all the exciting new motorcycle releases on our EICMA Milan Bike Show page.

The Crossunner sources an aluminum twin spar frame. Honda reveals the all-new Honda Crossrunner  an upright standard sourcing the 782cc V-Four from the VFR800.The Crossrunner suspension is a 43mm fork  preload adjustable  and Honda Pro-link a gas-charged rear shock  preload and rebound adjustable .
Honda Crossrunner Specifications
The Crossover braking features Hondas combined ABS  with a pair of six-piston calipers clamping on 296mm front rotors and a 256mm disc with two-piston caliper in the rear.
Engine: Liquid-cooled, 90-degree V-Four
Displacement: 782cc
Bore x Stroke: 72 x 48mm
Compression Ratio: 11.6 : 1
Peak Horsepower: 100 horsepower at 10,000 rpm (claimed)
Peak Torque: 53.7 lb-ft at 9,500 rpm (claimed)
Fueling: PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Transmission: six-speed
Final Drive: Chain
Frame: Aluminium twin-spar
Front Suspension: 43mm fork with stepless preload adjustment, 6.5 inches travel
Rear Suspension: Pro-Link with gas-charged HMAS damper, 7-step preload and stepless rebound damping adjustment, 5.7 inches axle travel
Front Wheel/Tire: 17 x 3.50, 120/70
Rear Wheel/Tire: 17 x 5.50, 180/55
Front Brake: 296mm dual floating hydraulic disc with 3-piston calipers, C-ABC and sintered metal pads
Rear Brake: 256mm hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper, C-ABS and sintered metal pads
Wheelbase: 57.6 inches
Rake / Trail: 25° 45' / 3.8 inches
Seat Height: 32.1 inches 
Curb Weight: 530 pounds
Fuel Tank: 4.73 gallons

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MER   April 3, 2011 11:54 AM
Hello, Just my 2 cents worth, looks like a nice well thought out bike but where are the cases for touring? Touring windscreen? When you design a bike for an all around ride to compete with big name hitters in the "Adventure touring" BMW, KTM, Suzuki V Strom, segment, you'd better have something great to offer. The "Crossrunner" sounds like it has all the attributes of a capable machine. I want to ride hundreds of miles of interstate highways as well as dirt logging roads, just like a BMW F800 GS without the BMW price tag. Has Honda done it? Maybe. MR
les hale -biker  January 12, 2011 09:54 AM
as i went to the bike show this year. i came a cross the all new honda crossrunner.what i bike.i beleave it to compete along side the tiger 1050.and ducati multistrada.but if they dont keep it below the tiger 1050 at £8500 then shame but will not compete
Geeker -Into the states...?  December 31, 2010 10:19 PM
I would love to see this bike in the states. I like the upright riding position and the super interceptor engine that looks a little rugged. I want to ride this bike to work every day and have a little touring fun on the weekends. I am a little tired of the racer wannabe's (it's too heavy, boo hoo) cutting down anything that isn't 150 hp and set up for their "track days". Waah, waah, waah. Quit reading about it and move on to your repliracers. Bring it here and I would love to bag it and make it mine. The crossrunner is for those of us who love to ride and like bikes for what they were designed to be, good or bad.
Barry S -Future BMW R1200GS owner  December 28, 2010 07:46 PM
Whoa! Did Honda acquire one of the BMW designers? The bike looks amazingly like the BMW GS, but then, the Japanese have always been known for copying the Germans.
Rush1517 -Can't Wait!  December 8, 2010 06:11 PM
I've been looking for a new edition to the stable... I've found it! I want this so bad I can't wait! I've been a Honda fan my entire life, but I've also been a BMW fan. This will replace my 1200GS!
One less Honda fan -Bye-bye Honda  November 23, 2010 12:12 AM
Honda use to lead with exciting models e.g. good old XR's (King of Baja), Blackbird etc. but in the last 2-3 years it seems to be a copy and paste mentality at Honda. They don't even get it right with their high revving seasonal consumable CRF range (valves, do I need to say more).
Why cruisers or choppers that try to have more chrome than the others'. Leave it to them who are are renowned for it, they have been doing it for years, come on Honda, listen to the man on the street. And please bring back the XR650R on the road. Road legal CRF230F, are you serious?

What? -Why this but not the new CB1100F?  November 20, 2010 11:19 AM
Honda, why try this "parts bin" VFR800 but not bring the CB1100F to everyone (US) market? Bring to market Honda's history.
giora -no title  November 15, 2010 01:20 PM
800 cc, 240 kg, 100 bhp.
better buy the f800gs 800 cc, 185 kg 89 bhp or the f650gs 800 cc, 175 kg, 71 bhp.
with 240 kg it's not adventure bike.
Louis -Open minded  November 13, 2010 01:22 PM
I like the new Crossrunner. I look forward to seeing it road tested. It looks like a rational motorcycle to me. I rode a VFR800 and liked everything about it except the long reach to the handlebars. Not comfortable for touring. If I could install a trunk and a slightly taller windshield on this one, it will be way up there on my list. However, I still wish Honda would bring to the US the retro CB1100.
ANDREW -GS 650  November 11, 2010 06:43 AM
I think this bikes nearest rival would be the now BMW GS650 which actually uses the same engine as the GS 800... So both bikes have the same capacity and both bikes are designed primarily for road use
Cyclenut -Is it coming to USA?  November 9, 2010 05:07 AM
My VCR 800 was probably the best bike I ever owned. Would still have it had I not totaled it in the Smokies. Parts bin bike for sure, but tried and true package in a comfortable riding position, sign me up, or at least until I see MSRP!
Zippy -Crossrunner... more like  November 8, 2010 07:45 PM
Crossrunner... more like a cross dresser. Who do they really think is going to buy this bug ugly motorcycle.

Here is a little lesson you might want to learn from GM over the last 25 years. Why not build machines folks actually want to buy?

Just saying is all.
Mart -I like it  November 8, 2010 11:50 AM
Very cool bike, i want a test ride now.

As for the engine, that thing is perfect, and i know as i own a vfr 800.

and to the expensive valve job comment, do it yourself, like i do, its cheap and easy to do.
My vfr has 161,000 trouble free kilometers on it.
tcom -justarider  November 8, 2010 04:50 AM
did thy biuld this for the cubby casers or what? I like my ladys a little lighter.
Brian -530 lbs??  November 6, 2010 07:27 PM
530 lbs?? This thing is going to get TROUNCED by the Triumph Tiger CUB. Honda looks to have slapped together this thing in an attempt to not lose out on customers to the f800 and Cub. No such luck Honda.. have to do better than this parts bin special (and parts no one wants, no less).
Epic Fail!
I agree that Honda is going a strange direction lately. They seem so hell bent on being the "cutting edge of technology" company that they are making stuff no one asked for, nor wants. Ex: DN01. VFR "auto" (who asked for an auto trans??). The chopper (forget the name) which is about 12 yrs too late. Etc. C'mon Honda... stop letting the techies run the show. TALK to riders and HEAR what they want.
If Honda keeps this up, their motto will be "HONDA. The most sophisticated, technologically advanced, bikes (to stay) on the showroom floor".
At least they haven't boogered up the CBR too much yet!
Zug -Honda, I'm done with you  November 5, 2010 10:31 PM
This is an abomination. Poor execution in cobbling together some plastic and bars trying move tired parts. For the last time Honda, we don't want the VTEC engine, the weight, or another carry over model that's long in the tooth. At least the CB1000 is finally making it over to the US (but yet again, no color options for the US market). It's too little too late for this once loyal customer. I eagerly waited years for the mythical unicorn that was to be the next gen VFR which turned out to be a porky dud. Instead, we get the Rune, NT700, DN-01, no RC51, no Blackbird, neutering the once wonderful VFR, a glut of VTX/plasti-chrome cruisers, a glut of ATVs, stagnant XR650, lame motard, and a toy chopper. All this at a premium price. I was once a red rider, but no more. Good bye.
if it aint green its not mean -spare parts  November 5, 2010 07:19 PM
Your right!! its a parts bin bike. But you forgot to mention the pink underwear that comes with every bike.
D. Morgan -It's a VFR in Disguise  November 5, 2010 04:43 PM
Anyone who has a VFR800 will recognize the chassis including the frame, swingarm, footpeg brackets, wheels, brakes & fork. It has a different seat, gas tank & fairing. I hope they don't try to sell it in the USA. I own a VFR800 and put higher bars on it to make it more comfortable. What I really wanted was a comfortable bike with the RC51 engine. Why did it die?
mark -Honda has lost it  November 5, 2010 03:23 PM
So Honda has crossed a naked sport bike with an ADV bike and the offspring somehow sprouted a full fairing... Is this like that blond-haired, blue-eyed baby born to a black couple in Europe recently? Some sort of rare combination of recessive genes? In another article I read somewhere, Honda implied that ADV bikes were too scary for a lot of people, which is why they built this bike. I guess they must really love building CR-Vs and wanted the motorcycle equivalent... although it actually looks like they wound up with the Pontiac Aztek of motorcycles. This bike is one of the ugliest things on two wheels I've ever seen, with the possible exception of the DN-01 (another answer to a question nobody asked). It amazes me that Honda puts their effort into stuff like this when they could be building an updated Africa Twin. Sad.
Sam -What??  November 5, 2010 11:33 AM
OMG! Can you say, "parts bin bike"??? I am going to predict that Honda missed the target with this hunk o'junk.
Motofreak -New Honda  November 5, 2010 11:28 AM
I think it competition is more like the new Kawasaki 1000. The smaller engine and lower grade front forks may keep price down which is my number one concern. But when it comes to price you never know with Honda. If it is anything over 11,000, I believe it will get stomped in America.
Chrome -I'm confused  November 5, 2010 10:24 AM
so you use an 800cc engine which costs $1.642 Million for a valve adjustment on the VTEC, when you have a 1200 sitting there which is an overall smaller engine? huh. Is this bike going after the F800GS? I thought it was competition for the 1200GS and multistrada.

Honda, you continue to thwart my feeble brain's attempt to categorize your motorcycles.