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Triumph Intros 2010 Thunderbird 1700 and SE

Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Triumph resurrected the Thunderbird last year to great acclaim. With a soulful new Parallel Twin, a twin-spine steel frame and Showa suspension, riding the 2010 T-Bird brought a big grin to our face during the 2010 Triumph Thunderbird First Ride Review.
2010 Thunderbird 1700. Gets ABS standard to go along with its engine upgrade.
The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1700 gets ABS and new paint to go with its 100cc-more powerful engine.

Triumph Motorcycles is now taking the platform even further with the release of two new variations. The first is the Thunderbird 1700. The Big Bird gets a 100cc bump in displacement thanks to a standard big bore engine upgrade, previously available only as an option. The 2010 Thunderbird 1700 sports a 104 cubic-inch engine with peak power claimed to be in the 99 hp range, up from the 85 hp the 98 cubic-inch mill of the stock Thunderbird produces. The Thunderbird 1700 will come with ABS and is offered with Phantom Red Haze paint that is exclusive to the model. MSRP is listed at $14,799.
We rode the beefed-up Thunderbird at the Barcelona press launch. Here’s what we wrote about the engine upgrade in our first ride report:

“The headlining option on the new Trumpet, however, is the 1700cc big bore kit, which bumps displacement up 100cc with a corresponding jump in claimed horsepower (85-100 hp) and torque (108-115 lb-ft). The kit, which is EPA and CARB compliant, costs $899, with riders also paying for the approximate day’s worth of installation labor at a Triumph dealer. Ride the 1700 and the difference is palpable, the Bird churning out more grunt, in particular while rolling out the throttle in the higher gears.”

2010 Triumph Thunder SE - a touring version of the T-Bird.
The 2010 Triumph Thunderbird SE is ready for the long haul with a tall, quick detach windscreen, leather saddlebags, and more touring-friendly amenities for rider and passenger.
Additionally, Triumph is introducing a T-Bird more equipped for the long haul. The 2010 Thunderbird SE comes with leather saddlebags, a quick detach touring windshield with wind deflectors, a touring seat, ABS as standard equipment, and a quick detach passenger back rest with luggage rack. Rider and passenger also get floorboards, while the bike gets sporty new Carnival Red paint. That’s a lot of goodies for an extra $2,500 seeing as how the base price on the standard 2010 Triumph Thunderbird is $12,499.

The new Thunderbirds are scheduled to hit the British market in March, and we can expect them Stateside around mid-April to May.
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Keith Fields -Mishta  November 26, 2010 09:26 PM
Rode a ThunderBird SE today. Very much enjoyed the bike but at 5'11 I am the wrong height for the windshield. The wind coming over the windshield beat the heck out of me at freeway speeds. Probably need a shorter windshield or none at all.
Alex Ellul -phantom red haze  October 18, 2010 02:37 PM
Glad someone has the same problem as I have , my 1700 is also back at the dealership due to markings on my tank which my leather tank dresser is making, Hope you get some satisfaction Jim , Im still waiting
Ed -Thunderbird  August 20, 2010 12:29 AM
Took a test ride on a 2010 Thunderbird-demo bike- had a lot of vibration- smooth between 45 and 55 but came back after 60 and above.
Also after gearing down to stop and red lights and getting off the fwy it backfired. Has anyone who owns an 2010 T-bird had that problem?
I want to buy a T-bird SE but I,m having second thought.

Any feed back from owners of T-bird SE do you get vibration at any speed?
gb -PT  July 9, 2010 10:27 AM
sounds like you know next to nothing about other motorcycles. of Victorys models, 2 count them 2 have wide tires. next time do a little research. i got no problem with guys loving what they ride, but don't try to justify your ride by spouting false info about other. now that said. nice bike, i'd love to add on eto my mancave.
PT -2010 Thunderbird 1700  June 8, 2010 05:26 PM
Bought this bird new last month. Best bike I ever owned. The performance and handling are unbeatable, all for $14,799.If you want something different,something that will standout,this is it. Just had a set of British Customs pipes put on very satisfied.I do have one complaint although it is a minor one. The stock seat is good for about 100 miles then your hurting. Gonna get a Russell seat after the summer riding is over since they build off your stock pan.
Harley is Harley.Air cooled,not liq.cooled(except for the V-Rod),rubber mounts for engine vibration instead of counterbalanced,pushrod engine vs. twin cam design of the T-Bird. Even the Victory's which almost all have a huge 250 rear tire. Drive one and try leaning into a turn or exiting a H'way with a nice curve and the rear will fight you to come around all the way. Not with the T-Bird. If your buying into a lifestyle then Harley's prob. your bike. But if independance,performance,handling, and an overall blast to drive nothing beats the value of the British icon Triumph's 2010 Thunderbird 1700 ABS. Drive one,compare it to anything in it's class, then tell me I'm wrong. You won't!!!
wllrjstn -hoo-yah and congratulations Doak  June 7, 2010 06:15 AM
Do it, Doak. You owe it to yourself. Get the T-Bird. Imagine all the time you'll have to ride after you retire. Congrats for making it this long in the Navy.

Thanks for the ride,
Justin, former Marine and current soldier
jim_thunderbird -Red Haze  May 29, 2010 10:12 AM
I purchased a T bird red haze this month,its been back to the dealership as the paintwork is marking due to the softness of the laquer,as anyone out there have the same problem or is this a one off
Doak -T-Bird 1600  May 9, 2010 07:52 PM
Current Kawi 1500 Vulcan owner and just for s&g i stopped by my local Triumph Dealer to give the 1600 a look see and holy crap the speed and torque of this beast is unbelieveable. I thought my Kawi had some torque but it fails by comparision. The bike feels lighter and I was able to through her around on the test. Retiring from Uncle Sam's Canoe Club (aka Navy) and would be a nice upgrade for a Retirement present for 20 plus Years of service. Always have liked the Trumpets for their quaility and feel so hope I can pull off the upgrade to the 16 or possibly the bigger 17 to punch it up a bit. Kudos for a sweet bike.
Reg -Thunderbird  March 21, 2010 09:40 AM
I took a test ride on the 2010 Victory Cross Roads to see how I liked a "cruiser" style bike (currently ride an '07 BMW R1200RT). Then I went to the Triumph dealer and rode the Thunderbird for comparison. Wow! The Bird "felt lighter," handled very well at low speeds and on curves, and had less vibration than the Victory at idle. The tranny shifted much smoother also, and it is a quick bike considering its weight. I am waiting to ride the "1700" model when it arrives at the dealer. And, I really would like to see Triumph add a cruise control option. Then, add bags, windshield and luggage rack for some serious cruising and touring.
Glenn -Thunderbird 1700  February 26, 2010 01:43 PM
Beautiful bike, also love the paint job just wish there was a closer look. I am riding a Sport Touring and was looking at going back to a cruiser, I think I have found that bike. I took a test ride on the 1600, before I finished the ride, I knew I wanted this bike. Keep up the good work Triumph.
Matt -Thunderbird  February 25, 2010 07:43 AM
I'm digging the Phantom Red paint scheme And ABS is kinda new to this segment of cruisers. If they had cruise control available for the SE it might make it on my short list of future rides.