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Special Edition Triumph Thruxton for 2010

Friday, December 18, 2009
Triumph has been giving many of its models the special edition treatment of late. Now the Thruxton joins the SE family, with the British marque fabbing up its modern classic take on the café racer. Line up the spec sheets of the 2010 Triumph Thruxton and the new special edition doesn’t do anything special. It’s all cosmetic. Bold new graphics? Yup. But they do look pretty good.
2010 Triumph Thruxton SE
Triumph gives its Thruxton the special edition treatment for 2010 with powder-coated red frame and white bodywork.
The Triumph Thruxton SE features a powder-coated red fram and white bodywork.

A powder-coated red frame looks quite fetching (or is at least quite noticeable) next to the white bodywork. Included on the SE is a windscreen, which also gets a dab of the fancy red racing stripe that flows down the center of the tank. Blacked-out engine cases contrast the brighter colors for a vivid take on Triumph’s sportiest ride in the Modern Classic arsenal.

Nothing’s changed to the fuel-injected 865cc engine powering the SE, but at a claimed 68 hp and 51 lb-ft of torque it’s the most spry of the smaller Parallel Twins in the Triumph range. Riders wanting a little more oomph and style can always upgrade to the optional Arrow exhaust we sampled down in the Big Easy at the2009 Triumph Modern Classics press launch

Also unchanged is the rolling chassis, including those spoked wheels and rear twin shocks that are essential for its classic feel. The new higher-placed handlebar with risers, which supplanted the predecessor’s clip-ons in the 2009 model year, gets carried over to the SE.

Summing up its latest model, Triumph claims the new SE's looks “evoke memories of the Ace Café and racing in the streets.” We suppose if any modern production ride can legitimately claim the Ace Café legacy, it’s the British
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marque’s Thruxton (though the fresh jumpstart of Norton and its sleek new take on the Commando Café Racer make a compelling argument too).

Slated for US dealers in Spring, the Thruxton SE has no price as of yet, but Triumph says it “will come at a small premium over the standard Thruxton.” The 2010 standard Thuxton retails for $8799. Stay tuned for exactly how much a “small premium” costs.

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Brett -I like it  February 18, 2010 11:12 AM
Sexy. Way better SE treatment than they gave the 675. My fiance wants one in a big way but can probably only afford a used 07 or so...
Mcguire -sewer rat  February 12, 2010 04:48 PM
Dosen't compare too favorably with the new Norton does it? Cost less though. I wish someone would reserect Matchless as their classic looks still go over big. Take that Buell 1125R motor, chrome and polish it and put it in something beautiful other than that toad that sits in the corner of the Harley dealership.
RJ -Triumph Thruxton SE  January 6, 2010 02:26 PM
Slated for spring, so I bet that means we won't see it at the IMS in NY later this month... Darn! I was hoping that possibly we could get a glimpse at the SE. IMHO it's much sexier than any shortster and has so much more class than anything produced out of Japan.
roy005 -Triumph is global  December 30, 2009 10:09 AM
To reply to Javajoe's inquiry: Yes, some triumph manufacturing and assembly is done in their new factory in Thailand. Like every other vehicle manufacturer many components and some mfg/assembly are global. Long gone are the days of a a handful of old world craftsmen & mechanics working in a little factory in the English countryside. All design & engineering is still done in England. The main & very modern mfg. facility is in Hinckley, England. Thailand came online sometime in 2006. I would not consider this a negative. The old ways did the company in back in 1982-83. John Bloor has ressurected one of the great motorcycle marques and we all benefit from new designs and superior quality that the old Meridan regime could never have dream of. So buy with confidence. In my opinion they are terrific bikes at a competitive price. Whatever you ride, ride safe!
javajoe -thruxton  December 30, 2009 06:06 AM
i've been wanting to add a thruxton to my herd but just recently i heard that since '06 triumphs are being made in thailand...can anyone verify this?? my favorite thruxton is the models painted caspian blue..i don't care about going super fast, i just like the looks of them.
roy005 -Triumph Thruxton SE  December 29, 2009 02:55 PM
I am a big Triumph fan with four Hinckleys between my son & I. So I would like to offer some constructive criticism to Sir John Bloor & his lads in the shire. As far as this Thruxton SE goes; I really like the "show" but a little more "go" would really make this an SE. A little intake & exhaust work and maybe a little suspension & brake upgrade would be the dogs bullocks!
Thruxton2Win -No comments?  December 29, 2009 12:11 PM
No comments on this article? Am I the only one that likes the Thruxton? I'm told I'm too young to like these bikes, but I like it anyway. I wish it had a bit more power, but I'm thinking I may just live with it the next time I'm in the market for my next bike. For the style and price point, I think it's great.