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2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look Preview

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
If I was the boss man at Victory Motorcycles this motorcycle would already be in production.
Another year, another new batch of shiny new motorcycles from Victory Motorcycles. Highlighting this American motorcycle manufacturer’s 2010 line-up is some upgraded creature comforts, new colorways, and two all-new motorcycle models. A new rigid-frame concept performance cruiser motorcycle, tagged the CORE was also shown, and, once you lay eyes on it you’ll wonder why Victory hasn’t started production on it yet. For more information read about the Victory CORE here.

Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads

This coming year, a motorcycle touring enthusiast will have two new options within Victory’s touring line: The Victory Cross Country and Cross Roads motorcycles. Both models are designed to compete directly against Harley-Davidson's Road King. Similar to the Victory Vision, both motorcycles are designed for long distance riding and differ only in outward appearance, with the Cross Country offering full fairings designed to protect the rider from wind and the effects of the road and the Cross Roads maintaining a classic-styling look with a windshield.

Both of these machines are powered by the air-cooled Freedom 106 cubic-inch (1731cc) V-Twin engine fed from a 5.8 gallon fuel tank. The Twin sports a compact 50-degree cylinder angle and four-valve cylinder heads each operated by its own camshaft and fuel-injection. A 6-speed transmission puts the power to the rear wheel via a maintenance-free belt final drive.
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The Victory Cross Country is an all-new full fairing touring option for 2010. Price tag is $17,999.

Each bike’s chassis is comprised of a two-piece, aluminum frame that like all Victory motorcycles uses the engine as a stressed chassis component. Victory’s proprietary CORE chassis technology ensures that both bikes carry the bulk of their mass as low as possible, making for easy handling manners at any speed.

In the suspension department, both motorcycles use a 43mm inverted fork with 5.1 inches of travel and an air-adjustable mono-tube shock absorber with 4.7 inches of stroke. The suspension is designed to complement the chassis by providing friendly handling manners without compromising ride quality.

Brakes are also shared between models, highlighted by the use of twin 300mm brake discs each controlled by a four-piston caliper at the front wheel with a single double-piston caliper latching onto a 300mm disc at the rear wheel. The brakes are attached to lighter “Roulette” style hollow-spoke rims. Since long distance touring are what both of these machines are about, they are wisely equipped with Dunlop’s Elite 3 touring tire.
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The Victory Cross Roads adds to Victory's 2010 touring line-up. Price on this machine is $15,999.

One of the key benefits of Victory’s chassis technology is its low seat. Both machines feature a lowest-in-class 26.25-inch seat height. Another best-in-class is its use of 18-inch-long floorboards that allow the operator added legroom in the cockpit. Additional rider customization comes in the form of the height-adjustable handlebars.

Twin saddlebags each offer approximately 10.65 gallons of cargo capacity and can carry up to 25 pounds. This gives the Victory rider more possibilities in terms of what they can bring with them compared to other motorcycle in its class.

The $17,999 Cross Country and $15,999 Cross Roads come in two different color schemes: Solid Black or Solid Midnight Cherry. Additionally the Cross Country is also available in Black and Graphite with Extreme Skulls. Like all Victory Motorcycles, both bikes come with a five-year warranty. 

Victory Vision

The radically styled Vision returns for 2010 in four unique iterations: the Vision Tour, Vision Tour ABS, Vision 8-Ball and Arlen Ness Signature Series Vision. All of the versions feature the same air-cooled Freedom 106 cubic-inch (1731cc) V-Twin engine, 6-speed transmission and 6-gallon fuel tank.
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The Victory Vision is back for 2010 in four varations. Above is the Vision Tour.

The chassis still uses CORE technology which allows for a low seat height. Up front a 46mm fork suppresses the effects of rough pavement while an air-adjustable rear shock absorber provides damping at the other end of the motorcycle.

The Vision is equipped with a variety of creature comforts including wide and thick seats with a built-in heating element. Cruise control is also standard, as is its iPod or GPS-ready audio system. Furthermore the Vision has standard heated grips and the windscreen can also be electronically adjusted up or down. In addition to the storage compartment in the cockpit, twin, side-mounted containers are attached to the bike on both sides. There’s also a rear storage container behind the passenger seat that can hold two full-face helmets. All the containers are lockable and waterproof.

Upgrades for this year include an updated sidestand that’s easier for your left foot to find when parking. In terms of comfort, an opening in the rider’s seat is designed to accept an accessory Driver Backrest, for added comfort out on the road. The auxiliary power receptacles have also been changed to a cigarette lighter-style. The audio screen offers more information and a higher display resolution. Helping the rider enjoy their tunes is a silencer-type device inserted in the airbox which reduces intake noise without sacrificing performance. Heated seats, grips, cruise control and electronically-controlled windshield all remain standard.
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The 2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball has been lowered closer to the ground and also features blacked-out components instead of chrome.

In terms of braking the Vision offers a linked braking system, in which the front and rear brakes work in unison. Up front twin 300mm brake discs are each controlled by a three-piston caliper. A single 300mm disc and twin-piston caliper is mounted to the billet “Anvil” style wheel.

The Vision Tour ABS model reduces the likelihood of the motorcycle skidding during braking by adding an auto-derived anti-lock brake system (ABS). The system uses independent wheel speed sensors to prevent either wheel from locking up on slippery surfaces or during aggressive brake application. As opposed to the standard Vision’s linked braking system, the ABS version only links the rear brake to the front, not vice-versa. When the front lever is depressed it provides no rear linked braking effect. The Vision Tour ABS also gets its own unique Solid Black colorway.

The Vision 8-Ball gives the Vision a bit more street cred, by lowering the motorcycle’s rear suspension by one inch and the seat by two inches, bringing seat height down to just 24.5-inches. The shorter and narrower seat brings the rider closer to the handlebars and allows them to more easily touch the ground. Aesthetically, the 8-Ball replaces chrome for blacked-out pieces, gets the “Roulette” wheels and deletes the rear storage compartment, heated seats and grips, cruise control, as well as the windshield electronics, providing a more minimalistic motorcycle. Price on the Vision 8-Ball is $17,999.
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
Arlen Ness and Victory Motorcycles continue to collaborate. Pictured above is the limited-edition Signature Series Vision.

Bike builder Arlen Ness continues his relationship with Victory, this year releasing a limited-edition Arlen Ness Signature Series Vision. This machines stands out compared to a standard Vision with its custom paint with Ness name plates and logos. Many of its components including the dashboard and center console were also blacked-out.

Suspension was lowered one inch, which also brings the Ness stitched leather seat down to 25.5-inches. This signature Ness also rolls on custom billet wheels with similarly styled handgrips and engine covers. Pricing on all the Victory Vision models, with the exception of the 8-Ball, has yet to be announced. 

Victory Vegas
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The Victory Vegas also gets the 8-Ball treatment for 2010.

The Vegas returns for 2010 in four distinct flavors including: the Vegas, Vegas 8-Ball, Vegas Jackpot and the limited-edition Cory Ness Vegas Jackpot. Each version benefits from a lower seat and revised hand and foot controls designed to make the Vegas easier to ride. Specifically, the height of its seat has been reduced by 1.3 inches and now measures just 25.2 inches off of the ground. The reach to the handlebars is shorter and the footpegs have also been relocated further back. This coming year’s Vegas will come in two colors: Solid Pearl White and Two-tone Sunset Red/Pearl White.

Powering the Vegas is an air-cooled 100 cubic-inch (1634cc) Freedom V-Twin engine mated to a 6-speed transmission. The set-up only differs from the larger engine in terms of its 6mm shorter piston stroke. Aside from that and its slightly lower compression ratio, the engines are identical.

Its suspension is comprised of a 43mm diameter fork that offers 5.1 inches of impact absorbing travel. Out back a single preload-adjustable gas-charged shock absorber provides 3 inches of travel.
The Vegas 8-Ball gets the same blacked-out treatment as the other 8-Ball models including: wheels, mirrors, triple clamps, and swingarm. The rider seat also has a different stitched cover. A passenger seat and footpegs are also absent, giving the bike a cleaner, more urban look. The 8-Ball also has a 5-speed transmission.

2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The 2010 Victory Vegas Jackpot comes with an up-spec 106 cubic-inch engine. Pictured above is the Tequila Gold color scheme.
The Vegas Jackpot continues with the Vegas’ stretched out and low styling theme, but this one has a chrome fork and triple clamp. Billet aluminum wheels are also standard. It comes in two colors: Tequila Gold and Solid Black. Both the frame and swingarm are color matched as well.

The Jackpot also receives the longer stroke 106 cubic-inch engine with higher spec camshafts and a 6-speed transmission. It puts the power back to a custom billet wheels with a wider 250mm wide Dunlop rear tire.

The Cory Ness Signature Series Jackpot is the high-end Vegas model in this year’s line-up and features Fireball Red paint with custom graphics designed by the Ness. It also has a different set of billet wheels with matching sprocket. A chrome taillight was also added and the top of the headlight was painted to match the bike. Other Ness accessories have been liberally applied including handlebars and grips, hand and foot controls as well as a stitched leather seat. The Cory Ness Jackpot is also bestowed with the same up-spec 106 cubic-inch engine and fat 250mm rear tire. Price has yet to be released on all Vegas models.

Victory Kingpin
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
The 2010 Victory Kingpin

Victory Motorcycles classic cruiser, the Kingpin comes in two variants for 2010: the Kingpin and the Kingpin 8-ball. The Kingpin comes with the 100 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin engine with the 6-speed transmission. New features for this year include the fuel cap, wheels, and braking components all finished in black. The colored fuel tank emblem replaces last year’s monochrome badge. The Kingpin comes in Solid Midnight Cherry and Two-tone Ocean Blue/Sandstone Metallic.

The Kingpin 8-Ball differs from the standard model with a lower seat, reworked floorboards moved two inches back and an updated handlebar sweep said to make the bike easier to ride for smaller riders.

Aesthetically, the Kingpin 8-Ball gets the blacked-out treatment on the mirrors, front fork triple clamp and swingarm. The rider’s seat also has a stitched cover and the passenger seat and footpegs are deleted. 

Victory Hammer
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
Victory Motorcycles power cruiser, the Hammer is back for 2010 in three variations.

Victory’s muscle cruiser, the Hammer, is back for 2010 in three variations: the Hammer, Hammer S and you guessed it, the Hammer 8-Ball. All bikes benefit from Victory’s hopped up Freedom 106 cubic-inch V-Twin engine and 6-speed transmission that put back to a fat 250mm rear tire.

Updates for this year are limited to a new handlebar and black fuel cap, wheels and brake components just like on the Kingpin. Pricing on the Hammer and Hammer S models have yet to be released.

The Hammer S model uses lighter “X-Factor” wheels that come in either black or blue and a silver or black fork depending on the Suede Black/White and Boardwalk Blue paint schemes you choose. The S model also gets the black treatment on each individual component and the tank emblem is now colored. The Hammer 8-Ball uses a lower reworked seat and gets the full black component treatment as well and costs $14,499.
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Victory Motorcycle Dealer Locator
Pure Victory Apparel and Accessories
2010 Victory Motorcycles First Look
One of the joys of motorcycling is customizing your machine to suit your individual tastes and preferences. And like always, Victory steps up with a variety of different bolt-on accessories that allow you to customize your ride.

The sheer number of accessories and options available through your Victory Motorcycle dealer is mind boggling. Some of the more popular components include wheels, performance exhaust systems, seats, storage solutions, and controls including handlebars, footpegs and grips.

They even have electronic upgrades including cruise control, reverse and a Garmin GPS. Not only that but you can also purchase Victory branded apparel so that you’ll look the part when you’re riding Victory.

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knightimes   December 9, 2013 04:05 PM
I am not a biker........ I was strolling through a google search and came upon this thread of cool looking bikes, interested i scrolled down to the whole article and was impressed by the style of the bikes. upon further inspection i found....... the comment section. After reading the first 20 or so comments concerning which bikes were better, who's gay and who's straight, and the seemingly endless discussion of the diction of proper insults, I realized, wow, South Park was right, motorcyclists are nothing but a bunch of hate spewing, attention craving, psychopathic, insecure, teenage wannabe faggots, and that based on these findings, i would never wish to consider myself a part of any group that that identified rather easily with such a..."unique" specimen of douche. Upon continued scrying of this page i found that my first reaction was a bit harsh and based mostly on the rage fueled observations of one idiotic redneck and a few sheeple without their own opinions, and that most of the people here simply could not stand this immature, insensible, illiterate, and foul creature. Due to the nature of the responses to the more emotional and ill-conceived posts, I slowly garnered a modicum of respect for those who have quested for "the ride". In the time following these thoughts,I contemplated joining the ranks of motorcyclists, yet being young and poor I did not have the ability to procure a quality ride of my own. Realizing my constraints, I began the semi arduous process of crafting a bike of my own........ I built a mini-bike..... It goes 30 mph.... it only has a pedal brake..... no lights..... and suffice to say, It remains a blight upon the world of craft work and machinery, but.... it's mine; I built it with my own two hands, and i love it. and i will forever be thankful to some of the people who posted their thoughts here for convincing me you aren't all attention whoring, douchy, chachbag faggots, just skeeter and the mikes. Thanks for reading
Nuclear Peach -What the F  January 15, 2011 02:30 PM
It's ridiculous to argue about bike brands. Why not celebrate the fact that you're all lovers of bikes. Isn't that what it's all about?

Victory has been in business barely over 10 years and look at the headway they've made. They have market penetration because they make great bikes. It's that simple. BUT, look how long Harley has been in business. Look at how great their stocks have done since inception. Wow, they make great bikes too!

Time to hug and simply agree both Harley and Victory make some damn fine motorcycles. Go out, buy the one you want, and enjoy the ride.....

phil -Ozzy Comments  September 19, 2010 04:21 AM
Suggest that all you US guys call it quits and buy cars!! It'll save us all time reading this waffle and leave some room for constructive biking comments.
kaz from down under -Don't need one....lol  April 7, 2010 01:08 AM
i have always loved HD - but having seen a new vegas jackpot bike up cdlose and personal this is now definately on my wish list...
flash -Bikes forever  March 26, 2010 12:06 PM
I don't think we should all rationalize which bike is the best, which group we belong too, or just put down anybody who puts down their hard earned $$ just to buy a bike. Sure, give some helpful comments or improvements that might get your ride going a little better.
We all like the open road, bike rallys, (bikes babes and beer), and I would help any biker who needed help. We all belong to just to the one big bike club in the sky ! Live free and Ride Hard !

Oh, one other comment, we are in a bad economy, so the price with anything that has to do with a bike needs to come down.....
JD -Responding to Sublime - ----  March 11, 2010 04:59 PM
Actually, the most eastern point of North America is Cape Spear which is on the island of Newfoundland. This the island portion of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Mike in WV -Dodge Slalom test  March 10, 2010 08:41 AM
Dave...I'm interested in your findings once you slalom the CC or CR. I had a Vision and loved it, but traded it for the new CC and absolutley love it! I think it handles even better (if possible) than the Vision...even at slower speeds it is so nimble. Nice write up and look forward to hearing about the slalom

Dodge -Victory Rules For Different Reasons  March 5, 2010 08:20 AM
Ok, I've read all this garble de goo. I was one of the original victory test riders and I tried to beat my demo V92C into the ground at the first Sturgis victory attended. The bike never faltered, instead, I did. It dished out more than I could take.

You see, while horsepower and weight, styling and gas mileage are all good indicators of what a motorcycle is capable of, the real test is in the pushing of the bike to it's limits. I have not reached the limits of a Victory to date.

For instance, last Sturgis, I hit all of the major roads that I ride in the hills in one day on the Vision Tour Premium. Previously, I was only able to do 2 or 3. This bike is spectacular as an all around riders bike. It handles like a lightweight sportbike. I can pitch this into the curves at 70 and ride the rails with out a quiver. And I can do that all day long. This is with a weight of a half ton with me and the bike and gas. Unbelievable.

But the true test for me is the ability to slalom with a bike. Back in the early 80's I began to slalom with a V45 Sabre. It could do it up to about 35 mph before it became unstable and started to buck me off. The Victory Vision Tour slalom limit? I haven't found one. I can slalom with this bike at 100 mph and it's as stable as if you are driving straight down the road. Not only that, but I can pinpoint the location of the bike on objects in the road while I am doing it, which is even more amazing. There is no other bike I have found that has this capability. None. This to me is what makes a Victory a Victory. It is highly refined engineering that takes into account the riders rider, allows me to push the limits of what motorcycling is all about and never lets me down. Doesn't even make me flinch. To me, they have taken the sport to a whole new level that most bikers have no idea exists.

I can't wait to try the cross country and crossroads in my slalom test. I believe they have the ability to handle this rigor even moreso than the vision because of weight difference and shorter wheelbase. I will let you know!!!

HKsMike -Real men ride Vespa's if they F@&(*&g want to.  February 9, 2010 08:03 PM

Thanks for the comment. The key to motorcycle riding is enjoying the ride, not the brandname.

Most of the "old school" riders I know have owned mutliple brands, appreciate each for what they offer and respect other people's purhase decisions. In my experience, the most vocal proponents of one brand over another normailly have the least saddle time.

Regarding the guy on the POS Suzuki, good for him! Hopefully in three years I will be following a similar path.
Now enough reading about others opinion. I'm going out to the garage to either polish the RoadKing or scrub roadscum of my POS Suzuki (DL1000). Decisions decisions.
Sublime -----  February 5, 2010 12:55 PM
Reading your HD vs. Victory rants is like listening to poop tell puke that it stinks. Who gives a bleep. Build your own wheels from the frame up and really get to know a machine. The idea that the bike makes the man thing makes me want to slit my throat. A biker is defined by their devotion to the freedom that two wheels inspires and nothing else.
On my way back from Sturgis last year, I ran into guy at a gas station who was on his way out to Sturgis in Southern Minnesota. He was on the last leg of a trip that began in Porland, Oregon. He quit his job, took 2 months and rode from Portland, Oregon to Nome, Alaska...the western most point in North America. From their he rode 5000 miles across the continent to Labrador Canada...the eastern most point in North America. From their he rode south through Maine, into Mass, through Boston and from there westward back across the US to Portland. I met him as he was heading into South Dakota. THAT is what bikers should be arguing about...who had the better trip. I pledge my eternal allegiance to that guy for having the balls to do something trully unique and awe inspiring. And he did it all on a POS Suzuki Enduro, and I couln't give a sh*t because his story defines freedom.
The real question is do you deserve to even share the road with other motorcyclists? Is your bike merely a garage decoration? Does it sit for so long that it should be framed above your fireplace? I see huge vaginas riding both Victorys and Harleys every day. Argue about something else for God's sake.
Noel L. Dunnavan -Project manager: Boeing 747-8 Freighter Aircraft  January 28, 2010 05:43 AM
Having owned and ridden a myriad of motorcycles of European,Asian, British and American manufacture for over 50 years, I think I can appreciate where people are coming from with brand loyalty. When I first started riding in the late 50's~early 60's the Japanese bikes were small, "friendly" and cheaply manufactured. The quality of the steel in say a a pair of Honda fork legs was terrible. Very soft steel and when compared to trying to straighten a pair of Harley Sportster legs on a press~the difference in material quality was very apparent. The Honda forks could be straightened in a good vice~similar to a chunk of lead; whereas the Harley forks required a hydraulic press, and had to be moved way past the center of the bend to correct by both hydraulic pressure and annealing.
In terms of quality of manufacture: the early /2 BMW Boxer Twins of the early 60's were beautifully built with each engine hand assembled on a bench by one technician who steel stamped or "bugged" off his work for later identification and as an indication of his pride in workmanship etc.
These days, no motorcycle manufacturer regardless of country of origin could afford such a slow and methodical build rate. Yet in terms of quality; all manufacturers have to be "top of their game" if they are to survive and maintain market share. This includes of course Harley Davidson, Victory, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, BMW
etc. Harley's quality has improved tremendously and their model line is second to none in terms of brand recognition. Victory however has now caught my attention with their Crossroads & Cross Country Models,
and although I had reservations about the looks of the new VISION model; I'm generally impressed both with their build quality and engineering. Styling licks are what sells a motorcycle; reliabiliy and perfromance is what keeps a customers loyalty to a given brand.
Having said that, I believe Victory will survive and continue to be a "thorn" in the side of Harley-Davidson for years to come. Their machines are fresh designs without having to cowtail to tradition and dated technology.
In the final analysis: it will always be the fickle public who will decide which brands (or consumer artifices ) are currently in Vogue .
When another style cliche' hits the streets of Hollywood (Designer nose plugs?)the 'waunnabee cools' will once again come out of the woodwork to have another darling to spend their disposable incomes on? Harley had its day, now perhaps Victory will begin to see a similar attraction?

Mike in WV -The Cross Country is AWESOME!  November 30, 2009 06:12 AM
I just traded my 08 Vision and my 08 Jackpot for the new Cross Country. Talk about the best of both worlds! The bike is so nimble...it's like riding a sport bike, except much more comfortable. Of course the 106 cubic inch motor delivers plenty of hp and torque, this bike just flat out hauls ass! My wife and I were out all day yesterday...everywhere we went, people came over to check out the bike. I test road a 2010 Road King, Street Glide and Ultra Classic...none of these came even close to the Cross Country in performance or comfort. As far as the saddlebags...lol...I could probably fit the HD bags in my saddlebags! They are huge! I bought my bike with the heated grips, heated tour seat and quick release sissybar and luggage rack...my tank is topped off and I'm ready to ride!
GB -Victory  November 18, 2009 06:40 PM
Victory is a harley "shouldofbe". just think what harley could do if they really wanted to give the people what they want i9nstaed of making t-shirts.
TC Camano Is. -HD vs V  November 16, 2009 08:52 PM
After many years off of the road, I thought that it was about time to get back on two wheels.
I looked around for a bike, took almost three months to make up my mind. And Victory was my choice for it's uniqueness. I rode my 2005 Kingpin on the sunny days and on the rainy days, more rainy than sunny in the NW.
The dealer network was a concern but still I rode.
My Kingpin inspired a friend to go out and get the "bike of his dreams". We would go on rides on the weekends and enjoy the scenery that the North West is known for. He got into the "HOG" riding group at the dealership and soon after, I found myself riding by myself. I was not part of the group.
So to change that, I went and sold the Kingpin and "stepped up" to a 2008 Heritage Softtail Classic Anniversy Edition. Nice ride. Now I was a part of the "HOG family"!!
Now that it's a new model year I'm looking for a new ride.
I've been looking at a number of bikes and they are all worthy in their own way.
But I'm tired of the "snootie" Harley riders and their little clic, that the Victory Cross Country has, as of last week, made it to the top of my short list because of it's styling and it's ever growing popularity.
The only truly "Made in America", and not just "Assembled in America" motorcycle!
IndyRider -Everyone here should be riding on the pillion pad  November 14, 2009 03:56 PM
That's right, you're all acting like a bunch of bitches. Get Over it!
Bob McDonald -opinion  November 12, 2009 10:37 PM
I am getting a kingpin in the spring, so that makes me a wannabe???? What it makes me is whatever the hell I want to be, I am buying the bike to enjoy the ride, true bikers appreciate the Victory brand, American made and forcing Harley to innovate and improve. I don't need a certain brand of bike to make me who I am, same person no matter what I sit on. I guess if you did'nt wear Nike shoes in high school you were not cool either, stupid argument. buy whatever the hell you want too, but if you think you can label somebody because of what they choose to ride...............well I can think of a couple labels for you.
Matt -"Biker Culture"  November 6, 2009 07:16 AM
I think the snobbery over people identifying themselves with brand names is why I grow more & more disillusioned by "Biker Culture". I remember when it used to be about THE ride, not YOUR ride. =/
Tim in PA -Victories vs. Harleys  November 4, 2009 04:50 PM
Instead of ripping out each other's throats about whether Harleys are better than Victories or vice versa, lets just be happy that if you own either brand, your money is mostly staying in America and not going to the orient. I honor Harley for their many years as a motorcycle manufacturer. I also think that Victories are very well engineered. I have owned both. It is like the arguments about whether a Chevy is better than a Ford. It is a useless argument.
I personally always liked my Harleys but when Harley started using parts made in Italy, Japan, and Mexico, I got a little disillusioned.I am sick of all of our hard earned money going out of the country. Since Victory uses a lot more American made parts than Harley, that made my decision a lot more easier for me. One of the other commenters said that Harley was not a yuppy bike. Well I work at a Harley dealer and most of the buyers are yuppies and wannabes. We sell one Harley to a old style biker for every 9 sold to a yuppie. Harleys have gone mainstream...it isn't like the old days when Harley riders were a tough bunch. By the way, I ride with a bunch of guys... some of them ride Harleys and some ride Victories. As long as they are American bikes, I will ride with them. It is like the old days when Harley guys would also ride with Indians riders. So lets cut the bashing and enjoy the ride.
Borneo Pete -wow wow wow  October 31, 2009 01:21 AM
The Victory Cross Country looks really different and kinda fresh. The Victory Vision kinda looks like a scooter from that angle, but Victory is making great bikes.
Mike in WV -well...  October 26, 2009 06:46 AM
I thought we were talking stock. Obviously you have a SE, not the stock 92ci....and if memory serves me correct, those only had about 68hp or so. The whole point of these discussions was to point out that HD should beef up their base...88-92-96-103. Tweak the 103 a bit to give it more hp...keep the 110 for those that want it, but give everyone else a bike that will give similar performance as other manufacturers. There's always going to be a bigger, badder bike out there. The SE is a nice powerplant, but then again, you can look at a GoldWing that has an 1832cc block that produces 118hp and 125 ft/lbs of torque. Or...you can go really big with the Triumph Rocket III which has a massive 2294cc motor and gives a punishing 165 ft/lbs and over 140hp. It's not a pissing battle...but it's best not to be the runt of the liter as well.
skeeter -Well...  October 25, 2009 07:22 PM
Whenever you want to put your Victory against my Harley, I'm here. My 2000 Road Glide has 144,000 miles, and puts 113.4 hp to the rear wheel & 122 ft-lbs of torque. Let me know?
Mike in WV -Skeeter  October 25, 2009 04:29 PM
Victory bikes have more power and torque than HD. I don't care if they only sell enough bikes to stay in business...they're still great bikes. Real biker huh...funny. Haven't had my ass kicked...but I'm sure there's someone out there capable...but it's sure not someone named skeeter...or bubba,or cooter. lol I don't always have to have the last word...I'm perfectly happy if someone ending the conversation with something intelligent to say. Obviously...you fell short. lol Interesting how people always resort to personal attacks when they lack substantial merit to a case. Let's here some substantial response to HD's lower power and torque...
skeeter -Banjo  October 24, 2009 08:00 AM
Rumor has it, that the watercooled Harley big twins will be part of the 2012 model line up.
skeeter -Mike in WV  October 24, 2009 07:56 AM
bla-bla-bla-bla-bla... That's all you do. You keep trying to convince everyone that Victory is superior to Harley, and how Victory developed all this groundbreaking technology, when everyone knows that it isn't true. On top of that stupidity, you're comparing stock numbers that don't even show the big picture. Victory is down well over 40% and will be lucky to sell 5000 bikes in 2010. You need to add in the sales of other Polaris Industries products and government contracts for quads and mules to make people believe that the company is selling Victorys like they're the only motorcycles on the planet! That's like BMW Motorcycle Company adding in the car sales! lol Everything on the new Victorys has been copied from Harley and other manufacturers, or is technology from their quads and snowmobiles. I'm sure you will want to disagree and get the last word, but we all know you are just a broken down wana-be biker. You proably had your a** kicked more than once by a real biker, so this is your way of fighting back. Just get over it!
milwaukee mike -Harleys are superior...  October 22, 2009 06:09 PM
Let's just wait and see who the last man standing is.
Mike in WV -Milwaukee Mike  October 22, 2009 08:41 AM
So come on...what have you got to say for less hp and torque? Is that HD giving riders what they want? What about the article on the comparisons of the Ultra and the Vision...no comments? Are you going to call the authors of the articles twits and losers? So explain to me how a bike that is made with metric unit parts is inferior to SAE? Wait a minute...you can't use that arguement because the VRod is metric as well...and that's HD's best performing bike? You see, a weak arguement will always unravel. Even the articles and reviews about HD's new 103 are disappointed in the lack of noticeable power and tourque increase. Increasing displacement doesn't mean squat if you can't feel the power it provides.

I really don't care when a company first started using saddlebags and trunks...it still comes down to the bike. Let's remember that the HD 96 still has less power and torque than their competitors. lol Thankfully, for every product that comes out, there are other people who will take the idea and make it better. TV's, computers, digital cameras, kevlar vests, semi-automatic pistols... Technology is about evolution. If you look at the old Victory 92C's...sure, they look like every other bike out there. But people were willing to try them because Polaris makes a great product. Then they found out that the bikes were really good and very dependable. When the Vegas came out, people loved the lines and the design of the bike...then the Kingpin, Hammer and Jackpot all evolved from the core of Vegas. The Vision came from someone who said they didn't want to do what everyone else is doing. Sure...they looked at BMW's lines and technology...but the BMW is not a full size dresser. Now Victory is coming out with 2 bikes aimed directly at HD's Road King and Street Glide. Just because a bike comes stock with saddlebags and a lexan windshield doesn't make it a copy of a Road King. The Cross Road's saddlebags are much larger, easier to open and close, easier to take off and put back on and the rubber feet they rest on are much larger than HD's. Of course the Cross Roads doesn't come stock with pass lights, but you can add those. It does however come with the 106 motor that will run away from the HD 96...again, more power, more torque. Sure, the Cross Country is aimed at HD's Street Glide market. But...again, the bags are bigger as well as the same 106 motor...the fairing though is much more "evolved" than HD's batwing. The instrument panel is also cleaner and easier to read. In the near future, Victory will also come out with a Tour Pak for the Cross Country. Maybe it's Victory who is trying to give riders what they want. Victory knew that the Vision wouldn't appeal to everyone, so now they are giving the public another alternative to HD. The newCC and CR will be hard to get for the first several months because people like me have already reserved ours when they come out. In a lot of the reviews on these bikes, there are comments from HD owners who say they were going to get a new Road King or Street Glide...but now they're going for the Victories. Are they twits and losers as well? I had a Spartster years ago, then a Wide Glide, then a Road King. To be honest...none of those bikes were that great and that's why I traded them off. It's really sad to think I would need to spend 35K on a HD that would give me what I really want...especially when I can get it for so much less from someone else. I learned my lesson a long time ago...it's part of growing up and maturing. Maybe things are different in Milwaukee...maybe people look at non HD bikers like traitors, like they are taking away people's jobs...but that's not the case. Tell HD to give the people what they want and people will buy their bikes. Why else would someone choose another bike over HD? Food for thought
Banjo -watercooled Harely?  October 21, 2009 06:28 PM
Has anyone heard about when Harley will be releasing the watercooled big twins that I keep hearing about?
Mike in WV -Milwaukee Moron  October 21, 2009 06:28 PM
Twit and loser...sounds like projection to me. Sure...the FL came out a long time ago...but...and I admit I maybe wrong...something you have no ability to do...but I was thinking the FLT (T for Touring) came out in 1980. The FLH's date back a while and they had those ugly ass lunch box saddlebags and trunk...but I don't remember the batwing until much later. Regardless...HD stopped design progress and decided to just sit back and sell the same old bikes year after year. I'm really amused at how all the HD die hards stick to the same old schpiel.Sure the Vision dresses out close to 850 dry...but the frame construction was what helped keep it at that weight and not more. But don't forget cheesehead, the Vision has lots more power and torque....and for a touring bike...it's all about getting down the road. The windshield sucks??? Reviews??? The windshield works great and the reviews are positive. Try reading the review done in a shootout last year on this very site between the Vision and an anniversary Ultra Classic. Of course you will have something really prolific to say with that huge vocabulary of yours. I'm sure the professional riders doing the comparisons will be called losers, twits, etc. Here...I'll even give you the link. http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/266/998/Motorcycle-Article/2008-Victory-Vision-Comparison.aspx What's your response to this comparison?

As far as fugly...well that's subjective now isn't it and how impressive an expression. lol My vision will get a lot more positive comments than an Ultra sitting right beside it and it does all the time. HD is an average product with above average marketing. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've read some of the response to some of the other articles you've shared your...opinion. There seems to be a popular consensus that you're a moron.

I'll repeat myself if you're a little slow...touring bikes should have power and torque. HD's fall short of Victory's and several other manufacturers. MORE POWER...MORE TORQUE! What's your arguement there? Oh...I forgot...the Screaming Eagle. The only screaming is the consumer who has to pay several thousands more for the power HD should be giving them anyway. Let's just keep it at stock, shall we? Who has LESS POWER and LESS TORQUE? Let's all say it together...HARLEY DAVIDSON! Very good...class dismissed.

milwaukee mike -Mike in WV  October 21, 2009 01:25 PM
You are a twit and a loser, and have no idea what you are talking about! The batwing fairing and tour pack was first used by Harley in 1965. The Harley FL came out in 1948, which predates the Honda Goldwing by many years. Heated grips...wow! They are only standard on the Vision which is $23,700, unless you want the Uglier white version for a few hundred less. You can spend $200 and put them on any bike, or better still, get a pair of Gerbings G3 heated gloves for $160. The Victory Cross Country weighs 765 pounds dry, while the Street Glide that it imitates has a dry weight of 773 pounds. The Vision weighs 852 pounds dry, and the Harley Ultra Classic wieghs in at the same 852 pounds dry. I guess that blows your lighter technology theory. The patented suspension is just a fancy version of the mono shock that was on my 1979 Yamaha YZ125. The electric height adjustable windshield was done by BMW several years ago, and the Victory version sucks, based on the reviews. They have nothing that is unique to them besides fugly looks, and everything else is copied. I don't believe anyone would consider heated seats and grips as innovative technology. Maybe Victory can copy the electric centerstand that BMW uses for their 2011 models?
Mike in WV -Amused  October 21, 2009 08:30 AM
Blah blah blah. Ohhhh HD is so great...they thought of everything first. Everyone bow down before the great HD. lol When HD needed bailed out because the company was going down the crapper, AMF stepped in to keep the name going...but...those bikes were crap...poorly constructed...constant maintenance...but people still bought them because of the name on the gas tank. To me...that's just stupid. Innovation? How about Victory's CORE technology and frame construction...lighter weight and better rigidity. How about their own patented rear suspension. They also developed a much smaller and lighter lifter. Victory put heated seats and heated grips and a telescoping windshield on their bike...STOCK! HD doesn't have a telescoping windshield and you have to pay extra for heat. Typical of HD. Of course you can buy the Limited with heated grips for around 24.7K

I don't have to answer for where the Victories are...they are out there. No...they don't have a dealer in every city or maybe not even in every state...not my call. But...they are close to me and the places I vacation...so I'm not worried at all.

The difference between myself and Skeeter is that I have actually owned Kawasaki's, Hondas, Yamaha's, HD's and Victory's. I have the perspective of owning, maintaining and riding these bikes. I'm amused by people who always have an opinion about something they know little about. I'm not talking a test ride and reading what other people write...I'm talking first hand experience. Also Skeeter...it may have been before you were born, but check out the 1980 Goldwing GL1000...it happened to come out the same year as the FLT...not way before! The Goldwing actually came out in 1975, but wasn't fully dressed out as a tourer until 1980. You see...I actually rode these early model GW's...so again, my knowledge is first hand. Let's keep in mind that these were also during the AMF years (70's-1980)...Honda's quality was far superior to HD then. Just look at a GL1100...the trunk, saddlebags and fairing were all similar to the HD trunk and saddlebags of today. So what's your arguement now Skeeter? Did the Japs infiltrate HD and "steal" their design?

I noticed that you didn't acknowledge the quality issues I have with HD or the fact that they are suffering financially like everyone else. You use one bike (VRod) to demonstrate HD's overall performance and yes, the VRod is a performance bike...but you conveniently leave out the fact that ALL the other bikes still have smaller motors, less torque and less hp than the Victory's...unless of course you spent big bucks for the 110. Ride comfort is always subjective...but performance is quantitative...my 2 stock Victory's will smoke any stock HD...with the exception of the VRod.

Again...I've owned Harleys...and they were ok. Right now...the quality of bike and performance belongs to Victory. At this point...if I weren't so interested in the Cross Country, I'd probably still prefer a GoldWing GL1800 over the Ultras. Sure, it's not a V Twin, but it's a great motor and you can put several 100k's on it. I'm not the kind of rider that rides around and stops at all the local watering holes just to stop a show off my bikes and call myself a biker. I ride for the pleasure of it and I ride all year round...even through the winter. I'm a rider...my bikes get some serious mileage...I've been riding since I was a kid...not one of these late bloomers who thinks it's trendy to have a bike. I remember filling my bike for less than $2.50 . My leathers are worn and look like shit...but that's what the wind and a million bugs will do over time...what was once black now looks like ash...but I'm ok with that because my leathers are like a second skin. I've stopped buying boots because I found out a long time ago that one good pair of boots can be re-soled over and over. My truck might be dirty, but my bike is always clean. I've laid enough bikes down and lived to understand that I won't live forever and that while there are things beyond my control, I can control how I ride. I ride in the rain because rain happens. The only thing I fear on the road are deer at night and women on cell phones. Perspectives and priorities change over the years, but what has never changed and what will never change is my love of riding. If you disagree with that or just don't understand...go back to your Wii or PlayStation or whatever else rots your brain. I'll be out on my bike, doing what I love.
skeeter -Mike in WV  October 20, 2009 03:22 PM
So sorry...did I hit a nerve? The designs that you are putting down are being copied by Victory, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and others. Where did Victory get the design for the windshield and fairing on their 2 "new" bikes? Does the Star Stratoliner Deluxe look familiar? Is the new Kawasaki Voyager almost an exact copy of an Ultra Classic? Mike in WV still didn't answer the two big questions. Where are all of the Victorys, and besides the 4-valve heads, what is the innovative technology that you keep boasting about? As far as your idiotic comments about Ultra Classics looking like Hondas from the 80's, Harleys had the same batwing fairings and bubble bags long before the Honda Goldwing was even a thought. What do you know about the AMF bikes? You make comments as if you're an expert on Harley-Davidsons, yet you know nothing.
Mike in WV -LOL...  October 20, 2009 10:49 AM
OK...once again...Victory is just over 10 years old and while yes, the early versions of the 92's were big and bulky, they were first generation. Victory bikes are quirky...don't have any style? What style does the Dynas and Sportsters have??? NONE! The Ultras are boxy and look look like the Goldwings from the 80's. Yeah...lot's of thought into that style...and let's go ahead and put the same freakin' boxy saddlebags on the Street Glide, Road Glide and Road King! lol Hmmmm let's see...Victories have scalloped gas tanks with a nice spine...HD...nope...just a big ass worthless piece of metal running down the center of the tank. Again...don't try to impress me or try to convince me it's a better made bike when it's got cheap stamping, zip ties, and other shortcomings. Granted...the HD's of today are much better than the AMF years...maybe we shouldn't talk about what total crap they were...everyone already knows that.

Everyone talks about all the other manufaturers copying HD...they want their bikes to look like Harleys...they want their bikes to sound like Harleys...but none of them want their bikes to run like Harleys. lol Let's face it...how many variations of a theme can you really have???...hmmm let's see...2wheels,forks,motor,tank,fenders,gadgets,etc. Maybe there is only so much you can do...but at least Victory has the balls to innovate design and market new technology. Sure, they knew the Vision would polarize the public...you love them or hate them...or maybe you just don't care...but this company had the balls to stretch the design model of a motorcycle and say...what if? Now there's a lot more opportunity on the design spectrum for designers to step out of the same old shit and really sculpt a machine that looks as good as it performs.

Can't help the fact that some folks don't have a dealer close by? But, if you don't like Victories...what's your point anyway? lol Those of us lucky enough to have a Victory dealer close by and have the good fortune to be able to afford these beautiful bikes will stick to the fact that we enjoy the freedom of choice and feel no pressure or obligation to blindly follow the masses.

Maybe my friends that ride HD's are just more enlightened...because they all love my bikes and I take turns letting them ride them. Most say something to the effect of..."I would love to get one of these, but everything I own says Harley on it." How sad to feel trapped by T-shirts, hats, jackets, belts, etc...

Skeeter...enjoy whatever it is you ride. If you're ever broke down on the side of the road, I'm one of the guys who won't just ride by...I'll actually stop and help.

This forum somehow became adversarial and that's not really the purpose. HD owner's like their bikes and Victory owners like theirs...if somebody switches bikes...does anyone really care? What if Volvo, Mercedes and Range Rover all made bikes...would people be willing to try one? I know I would...I've owned a lot of bikes in my life and I've enjoyed each one in their own time and capacity. Someday, I might even buy another HD...but it won't be for the name sake...it will be because that's what I choose to do at that time.

Peace out!
skeeter -Where are all the Victorys?  October 20, 2009 09:45 AM
I agree with DePaul who posted below. Besides all of that, the Victory motorcycles have very quirky styling. The only way Polaris can even sell these things is by paying Arlen Ness and Cory Ness to give them styling cues, and by using the Ness name to market the bikes and accessories. Look at the pre-Ness bikes. The ergonomics were terrible, the gas tanks looked like toasters, etc. As we all know, Arlen Ness made a name for himself modifying Harleys back in the 60's. That is desparate attempt by Polaris to keep the Victory alive. The advanced technology that all the Pro-Victory guys ramble about really just comes down to 4-valve heads. Besides that, they really don't offer anything that Harley doesn't. Harley also has a much lower starting price than the Victory. At $14,999 you can have a VROD which is watercooled and will outperform the entire Victory line in every way. Then you have the sportster which has an entry price of $6999, and the Dyna which has an entry price of $11,999. You can't get on a Victory for less than $13,799. Harley also offers paint choices to fit most tastes, while Victory offers very limited choices, with some models only available in one color. The Victory Cross Roads comes in black, dark red, and black with a fruity skull theme. And they say Harley riders look like pirates...lol The government contracts that Victory has, are actually just some quads and mule vehicles from Polaris that are used on some military bases. Look at the dealer network. Many of the Polaris dealers don't even sell Victory. The only sales that Victory captures are metric riders that want to move up to something American, but are too intimidated to walk into a Harley dealer. For the Victory owners that claim their bikes get all kinds of attention at bike nights and rallies, it's because they are such a rare sight and because they are so ugly. I was in New Hope, PA last summer when a guy pulled up on a Vision. After he parked, my wife and I walked over to look, along with many other bikers. It wasn't looks of admiration. Later we were eating lunch at an outdoor resturant, and ended up poking fun at the looks of the Vision with several others that were there also. Some guys were riding Harleys, some were riding Hondas and Suzukis, and we all thought the Vision was the ugliest thing on two wheels. Let's face it, a stock big twin Harley will top out at about 110-115mph, and the newer Victories are in the 125mph neighborhood, which is impressive. At 125mph, you really can't see how ugly the bikes really are! lol The reality though is that nobody really rides at those speeds, and most people never break 80 or 85 on a bike. For me, the 10 or 20mph advantage wouldn't be enough to sway me away from buying a Harley, which is a mcuh better looking machine. Enough said.
Mike in WV -This might be a little dated  October 20, 2009 05:29 AM
OK...this information is from July...but it's still pretty recent.

".Harley-Davidson Profit Drops 91%; 1,000 More Layoffs Announced
Friday July 17, 2009
The financial news from Harley-Davidson is bleak: a second quarter drop in profits of 91%, with $19.8 million in earnings compared with $222.8 million a year ago, and U.S. market share dropping from 53.1%, to 48.7%. Harley stock has also fallen to nearly half of its value compared to last year, and the manufacturer has announced an additional 1,000 layoffs. Share prices leapt 9%, with investors perhaps assuming that a leaner approach might help H-D return to profitability, but today Fitch downgraded their debt rating today from A- to BBB+."

I'll admit that the 2 companies have vast differences. Polaris / Victory are not nearly as big as HD. You may not like the style of their bikes...but at least they did put "new" products out this year...not just rehashing the same platforms like other manufacturers. HD is very good at keeping nostalgia alive...and yes, I really like the look of the old springer and the softtail delux, but show some design innovation now and then...a little more than changing tire sizes and frame structure. Cudos for making a more rigid frame...now give us a new bike with the 103 and put some thought into the style...that's all I'm asking for.

All that really matters is that you feel good when you get off your bike. I love the way my bikes perform and I love the way they look. My egocentric side even likes the fact that once I park my bikes, I always have a group admiring them and wanting to know about them. I see very little interest in other bikes because they all look the same...outside of maybe some nice paint or a ton of chrome.

Last week, the local Victory dealer had an open house to show off the 2 new bikes...the Cross Roads and the Cross Country. I was amused at a few guys I knew who were hard core HD wanting to trade their Street Glides and Road Kings in for the Victories.

HD doesn't have to worry...the die hards will stick with HD because it's an image to them. Those that convert to other bikes...well, that's just freedom of choice. Those people that are tired of the same old thing year after year will eventually buy something else.

To each their own. If my comparisons seem stupid, well...that may be your perspective. I didn't hear any rebuttle about the bikes though...and isn't that why we're all here? Victory makes an awesome bike...that's my one and only point.
skeeter -Mike in WV  October 19, 2009 05:25 PM
For you to even compare those two companies is complete stupidity. Polaris isn't selling very many "Victories", and that is a known fact. The sales information that you posted includes all Polaris products. If Harley added in Harley Financial Services, the numbers would look different also. Polaris stock is trading right around $49 per share with a volume of 525,661 and Harley stock is trading at $29 per share with a volume of 5,285,975. It's like comparing a banana to a rock! Also, since annoucing the end of Buell and putting MV Agusta for sale, Harley stock is up over 4%. The company is expanding their global market as well. Say what you want about Harley and their lack of technology, but I just don't see anything groundbreaking with Victory, and I don't care for their style. I will admit that I own 2 Polaris quads, and they make a damn good machine.
Mike in WV -The facts...  October 19, 2009 06:09 AM
The facts are that even though there might be a slight decrease in sales (the economy affects most businesses the same) a bussiness can continue to grow...as does Polaris / Victory. There is nothing alarming in the quarterly reports for Polaris. They have new government contracts...they are designing and producing new products, including new on road vehicles. Those are the facts. They are not laying off employees and shutting down assembly lines. You can't say that HD is doing any better...granted, they are the big kid on the block,,,but here are the current HD facts:
"Third Quarter and Nine-Month Results
Net income for the third quarter was $26.5 million, compared to $166.5 million in the third quarter of 2008, on revenue of $1.12 billion, compared to $1.42 billion in the year-ago period. Diluted earnings per share were $0.11 for the third quarter of 2009 and $0.71 in the year-ago period.

Through nine months, Harley-Davidson, Inc. reported net income of $163.6 million, down 71.6 percent and diluted earnings per share of $0.70, down 71.4 percent from the year-ago period. Revenue through nine months was $3.57 billion, down 17.1 percent from the same period last year."

I look at production and trends when I look at a company I want to invest in. For me...Polaris and Victory are great products and I like the direction the company is moving. I look at the quality of a product before I buy because I'm much more interested in how well something is made rather than the brand stamped on it...here's a few things I don't like about HD's attention to detail:
1.The fabrication and stamping process is not as good as other manufaturers. Take a good look at the upper forks of the touring and cruiser models...look at the seam and look how cheap it looks where the stamping process makes the metal look crimped.
2. Look at the cheap zip ties HD uses to bind the cables to the handlebars...I mean really...you expect someone to spend 18K or more and the best you can do is zip ties??? Give me a break!
3.The fleece liner isn't secure on the front wall where the attachment bolts secure the tour trunk.
4.Look at those ugly ass turn signals and brackets on the Ultras...no design change on those models for years.
5.HD continues to use the 96 as their stock production motor...but they have the 103 and the 110...why not make the 103 the stock motor on all the touring bikes? Why...because HD would rather milk every cent out of their consumers. HD won't publish hp numbers and their sales people are taught to avoid the topic. I recently had a HD sales rep try to tell me that their 103 whould produce about 100 hp! Really? Well...let's put it on a Dyno and see! The only bike they will mention hp is the VRod.

Marketing wise...I really don't care if a bike is metric or SAE. What difference does the unit of measure matter? I like enough displacement and torque to handle the terrain where I live. That may not mean much to someone living in a state where their highest elevation is only 1,951 feet and the highest ride is only 1400 feet. You could ride a skateboard or a pontoon boat across most of Wisconsin...I guess in hind sight...the 96 probably is all you all need after all. lmao

Giving HD some cudos though...they do make a really comfortable seat and the merchandise marketing is great. If I ever decide to just go jeans and T-shirts...HD will be my brand. lol

Look...I understand product loyalty...some people love Ford...some people love Chevy...but HD is like any other product and is not the only or best game in town. I liken HD to Ford...they've been around longer and everyone has probably owned one at some point. Everyone used to wear converse tennishoes to...but when people found that there were other choices....

skeeter -Mike in WV  October 18, 2009 02:37 PM
milwaukee mike, I think Mike in WV is getting his information from fortune cookies, because it sure isn't from Google! lol
milwaukee mike -Mike in WV  October 16, 2009 06:19 PM
You are full of **it! Where are you getting your info from?
Mike in WV -Just saw the CC and CR in person!!!  October 16, 2009 05:56 AM
OK...I've been waiting like everyone else and finally, the display bikes made it to my dealer! I have to say...all the photos and write ups about these bikes really don't do them justice. As with all Victories...the paint and finish was superb. The saddlebags...well let me just say this...freakin' HUGE! lol These are by far the largest bags I've seen on any bike and they wide, deep and long! Easily enough room for a weekend get away plus your rain gear and tools! As I sat on each bike, the first thing that I was amazed by was the comfort of the riders seat...the cup holds you snug and there is more than enough cushion for long rides. The next thing that really stood out is how nimble and light feeling the bikes are...the weight distribution is so well balanced that you'll feel like you're on a 650! Now...just think how nice that will be for slow speeds and manuevering around the parking lots. As with the Vision, the floorboards are huge and comfortable and the brake and shift levers are easily adjustable to fit any rider. The instrument display on the fairing is also like the Vision with big, easy to read dials and the blue backlit information panel and radio display really make Cross Country stand out even more. The front fairing design is literally a mix of modern art and technological marvel! You can literally look at the lines of this fairing and see the wind being channeled away! I know sometimes little things can go unnoticed...but Victory once again has proven to me that even the little things can add a huge effect. I'm talking about the turn signals...folks, these little angular led signals just scream custom style! This is just the bad ass bike you would build if you had the time and ability...but Victory has already read your mind and built it for you! Now if you're worried about extended trips and a tour pack...for the time being you can get the quick release luggage rack for your T-bag...but don't worry, Bruce, the District Manager told me that Victory is working on a Tour Trunk that should be available the middle of next season. I can use my T-bag till then...right now, I'm just waiting for the bikes to come in. My dealer has told me they should be here before Christmas...I can't wait!

There's been a lot said about the lack of Victory dealers around the country. Well...in all honesty, there are about 300. Keep in mind that Victory is still just 10 years old and they continue to grow. Their growth may not be as fast as some would like, but it's steady and stable and the company is financially strong. Just like those who choose to buy BMW's, Motto Guzzi's, etc...when you find the bike you want, that's all that's important. Outside of the oil changes, Victories are one of the most reliable bikes on the road...so don't worry about how near the closest shop is...you won't need it. Maybe that's why everyother town has a HD dealership...because they know you'll need it. If you buy a Victory...and if you know enough to change your own oil, the only thing you'll do is stop at your dealer to check out the new merchandise or smile as you ride by.

I can afford any bike I want. What you ride is your choice...for me, I choose Victory.
MOSKI -vic styling  October 13, 2009 11:34 PM
I really like the 2010 cross country--but the Victory dealer in my area will never let you test drive a Victory. I was Impressed with the specs and price. I have always rode Harleys from day one and have many friends that ride all makes and models of different brands.I'm torn because I have never ever heard a Harley rider say I wish I could ride a different brand But always hear the others wish for a Harley. I think they bought those bikes because of price then try to justify doing so unneccessarily. To me IT"S ALL GOOD. I hope any american bike maker makes it, frankley. JUST BUY AMERICAN!
Mike in WV -Skeeter  October 13, 2009 01:29 PM
That's cool. Bike's will always come down to individual taste and what fits best. I think the biggest detracters of the VRod is that ass ugly headlight mount and the tubing going around the pseudo-tank. If they had just streamlined the tank a little more and gave the headlight a cool retro hood...it would be an awesome bike. To me...and it's just my opinion...a cruiser is any bike you can put a few hundred miles on without beating yourself to death and one that can accomodate some saddlebags. Of course the softails and dyna's can all do that...just have never seen bags on a VRod.
skeeter -Mike in WV  October 13, 2009 12:55 PM
I will agree with you about the look of the VROD, and it does have some similarities to the VMAX. The fuel range has nothing to do with whether its a cruiser or not. The VROD has the feel, seat height, and riding position of a cruiser, and the VMAX has a much higher seat height, sport-like handlebars, and a standard seating position. Like I said, if Harley were to make a factory version of the Road Rod, I would definitely buy one.
Mike in WV to Skeeter -Out of Context  October 13, 2009 08:37 AM
OK...what I was trying to say and probably didn't make my point is that as far as riding...not racing a 1/4 mile stretch, the Jackpot isn't going to get left behind on a ride. It has more than enough hp to pull any hills or load...again, not racing. Now...let's face it...it all comes down to perspective...you consider the VRod a cruiser but not the VMax? If the VRod were a cruiser, it should have a bigger tank so you didn't have to stop for gas so often. HD has Buell for the kids to ride and the VRod was meant to be a transition bike...whether you call it a cruiser or street rod...who cares? Each bike is different... I just don't care for the looks and the feel of the VRod.
skeeter -Mike in WV  October 12, 2009 10:20 PM
Where are you getting your info from? 1st of all, the VROD will run the 1/4 mile 11.9 seconds, and will do near 140 mph. There are no stock cruisers that can even come close to keeping up with it, incuding the Victory Jackpot and the Honda Valkyrie. The VMAX is slightly faster, but I don't consider it a cruiser. The Jackpot gives up 40 hp to the VROD. If you really rode one, you would have noticed the 40 extra ponies! Get you fact straight before you talk SH**! Also, Harley created the VROD to appeal to a younger market, and to see how their existing customer base would buy a water cooled motorcycle, not to compete with sportbikes. Personally, I have ridden the VROD, and it's extremely fast and smooth. I wouldn't buy one because I don't like the look of it. If Harley ever built a factory Road Rod, I'd be first on the waiting list.
skeeter -Levi  October 11, 2009 05:39 AM
Get real. Bikers go to bars, and Latte-drinking yuppies go to a "pub". If you're 8-Ball is getting lots of looks, it's because Victory's are such a rare sight. Real men wouldn't ride that crap!

Have a vegi-wrap and some sushi on me the next time you take that long ride the the local "pub".
Levi -Victory gets the looks  October 10, 2009 10:21 PM
As a person who has had both, Vic and HD... my brother an I roll down to the local pub, he has his night train, I have my 8 ball.... no comparison of stares, the 8 ball wins every time. Fast and the looks to boot, used to be an HD fan until I bought my Victory. Now my brother is changing over too, not worried about sales pitches and BS...if everyone had one it wouldn't be cool, kind of like HD
DePaul -Where are all the Victory's?  October 9, 2009 04:00 PM
I ride a Harley. My friends ride Harleys, Goldwings, BMW's and Japanese cruisers, but none ride Victory's. Where are all the dealers? I live in New Jersey, and there are no dealers even close to me. There are a few dealers that sell Polaris, but they don't sell the Victory line. If I owned one, where would I bring it for service. Harley has a dealer in every county, except Mercer, and there are certified Harley service shops around as well. I rode a Victory Jackpot at Daytona Bike Week 2 years ago, and I really liked it. My concern is Victory's financial status and their dealer network. I ride everywhere and put many miles on my Harley Ultra Classic, and I rarely see any model of Victory anywhere. Even at bike nights and cruise nights, I will maybe see 2 or 3 out of a thousand. I see more Moto Guzzi's than I do Victorys. Somebody tell me where all the Victorys are? People keep posting comments about how Victory is going to blow away Harley, but that doesn't seem posible when they have no dealer network, and they are not growing financially. What good is a 5 year waranty if you need to drive over a hundred miles to use it? I'm not bashing Victory, and I like their bikes, but I do question the survival of the company. The owner of the Polaris dealer that I get my quad serviced at, said he doesn't carry the Victory line because they don't sell. The guys that I know that ride Japanese bikes are loyal to their brands, so I don't see too many people like that jumping in there to help Victory's cause. I just don't see it. I'm sorry guys...
HDBreeze -Harley Bashers  October 9, 2009 03:09 PM
I have a 2000 Road Glide that has over 174,000 miles. The motor has only been opened up when it was new, for the installation of the 95" cylinders. At around 15,000 miles or so, the rear rocker box gasket started leaking. That was fixed under the warranty. Other than that, it was just normal maintenance, oil changed every 5000 miles, primary fluid changed every 15,000 miles, a few drive belts, etc. Recently, I had to replace the electronic cruise control module($700), which is the only major expense that I've had since I bought the bike. The paint still shines, and 90% of the chrome is still is great shape. This bike doesn't owe me a penny! Two weeks ago, I just bought my 2nd Harley Road Glide, but this time I purchased the Screamin' Eagle version in H-D orange/black. I love it, but still plan on riding my old Road Glide. As far as other Harley owner's experiences, I can only speak of my own. I'm not against metric bikes though. I actually own a 97 Kawi ZX7RR, a 2006 Suzuki SV1000, and a 51 Vincent Rapide. I love them all, but the SV is the most fun to ride. Somewhere down the road, I want to but a Honda Valkyrie, and I really like the new Star Stratoliner Deluxe. I think people should buy what they like and can afford, and get over the pissing contests! Life is short, so get on ANY bike and enjoy the wind in your hair.
Mike in WV to Mike -HD versus Victory  October 8, 2009 06:48 AM
Mike...don't worry about keeping up. Are you planning on racing or riding? The Jackpot will easily keep up with the VRod. Keep in mind...the VRod was designed to compete with sport bikes and the Yamaha VMax. I've ridden the VRod and for me...I just didn't care for the fit. I'm 6 foot even and 210. The Jackpot had a much more comfortable fit for me...the pegs are further in front and the handles bars were perfect. Now keep in mind...the Jackpot has that big 250 in the rear and a skinny 21" up front. That translates into great grip and fantastic take off, but in curves, you have to put more push into it to get that 250 to corner. Once you get used to it there's no problem at all. Also, the gas tank on the Jackpot holds more so you don't have to stop as much. If you're really interested in a Jackpot...check out mine at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.php?pid=30647738&id=1469621672 I'm selling my Jackpot and Vision to get the new Victory Cross Country coming out in January. My Jackpot has brand new Corbin hard saddlebags that look like Victory made them just for the Jackpot. I'm selling it for a flat 15K...breaking even on what I owe and still $1500 less than resale value and throughing in the Corbin saddlebags as incentive. My info is on the FB site.
mike -hd vs victory  October 7, 2009 02:34 PM
I'm not sure who to ask to give me an honest answer, so I thought I would post here. It seems many of the people that have commented are very experienced with motorcycles, at least, more that me. Most of my experience is on sport bikes but I am very interested in purchasing a cruiser. My problem is this, I like the lines on the victory hammer, but I also like the v-rod. However when looking at the stats, I seems that while the victory engine is bigger, it actually generates less horsepower. While that isn't the only factor in my decision, it does weigh somewhat heavily. My friend has a v-rod and I want to make sure that I would be able to keep up. Please advise. Thanks.
Dickson Kidd -2010 victory vision 8 Ball  October 4, 2009 08:07 PM
I own a 08 victory vision street, and a 08 victory vegas Jackpot, but I want to buy the new vision 8 Ball because I have never seen a bike with the weight that the vision has handle in curves like it does. A decent rider can take a turn (about) as fast as a road racer because of the road clearence and the rake of the bike, if he or she has the nerve. The new vision is closer to the ground as well as to the steering of the machine, and should handle great ,can't wait. By the way when are they going to hit the showroom??
TOP -Victory Cross Country.  September 29, 2009 10:21 PM
Sure wish Victory would release their Cross Country test rider's opinion on the scoot. Also, does someone know how to obtain a Victory motorcyle poster? I sent a inquiry to Victory; however, I just received the standard form letter response to my question.
Dave -Size does matter!?  September 13, 2009 03:45 PM
I have ridden sience I was a teen.(so many different kinds, probably some that most of you have never heard of) I am now in my sixties. The last bike I owned was a Suzuki Boulevard CT 90. I would rather have a "Victory". Reason I am over six feet and I don't like feeling like I'm on a crotch rocket. Comfort,power and handling is what does it for me. The CT90 fit me, I bought it because of price. I couldn't afford the bike I wanted and my grandchildren too! I never liked the childish bickering ie. mine is better than yours etc.etc. If you can afford it get what makes you happy, period!! Don't worry about the other guy. just state the facts not feelings.
Nate Daug -Vic vs Hd  September 11, 2009 11:02 PM
Victory is making great m/c in such a short time.Lets be proud it`s an american product.I`ve checked out several models would like to see lower prices they are still sort of a new kid on the block.One big concern is slower sales and number of dealer networks a big price reduction would really boost sales.The present economy is making big ticket bikes hard to sell.This is why Harley need big price reduction as well.H.D does need to also rethink it`s technology and become more progressive with styling and engine designs.H.D is a american legend with a lot more dealers and networks.THE QUESTION IS FOR HOW MUCH LONGER.*****
BAT -Victory  August 25, 2009 12:32 PM
First everyone said Victory wouldn't last 3 years. Now they are saying "well they lasted 10 years but it still isn't a HD". True, it isn't. It is 50% better then an HD as far as price, performance, quality, warranty, dealer attitude etc.
Victory will be here for a long time. Join the movement and "test ride" a Vic.
Be open minded and stop with the HD mentality.
Colton -First Ride?  August 23, 2009 11:01 AM
Hey Adam any idea one when you guys are goin to get to test ride the new Vics?
Chris -Solid Line of bikes  August 21, 2009 07:09 PM
Victory filled in a much needed category with the two new touring bikes. I see and hear what everyone else you read of or see on the street are hearing about the victory they are riding "THAT'S A NICE BIKE" I live in the heart of HD country, on every weekend at the gathering spot for cyclist or week day bike night at the local sports bar I hear that! I have a 2007 Ness Jackpot with alot of goodies added and as I pull in all eyes are on it, I park it walk away and watch from a distance and its like a magnet - they point, they study, they talk to each other then circle it and walk back to their groups then those people come over and repeat.

HD are master marketers, they pump millions into advertising and branding - they have to they are a public company that sales one thing. I work for a public company and its the same deal - month end, quarter end & year end and up to recently have been doing well. Facts are facts - look at how many HD's are on eBay, Cycle Trader and on used car lots. Check out how many HD's are for sale at "Hometown Honda" in Marietta OH, the Harley dealer is 200 yards away and have a 1/3 of that for sale. WTF???

That being said Victory has been good for Harley riders, they have had to improve there bikes but the engine and transmission stays the same (not a true 6 speed)Victory is keeping Harley from being totally stagnet. Victory has benefited from HD but not until 2010 with these new touring bikes (Harley themed)

Actually if they merged it would be a perfect world: HD would have a better performing and more reliable motorcycle and Victory would have a dealer network and aftermarket support they could be proud of.
Chris -Solid Line of bikes  August 21, 2009 07:08 PM
Victory filled in a much needed category with the two new touring bikes. I see and hear what everyone else you read of or see on the street are hearing about the victory they are riding "THAT'S A NICE BIKE" I live in the heart of HD country, on every weekend at the gathering spot for cyclist or week day bike night at the local sports bar I hear that! I have a 2007 Ness Jackpot with alot of goodies added and as I pull in all eyes are on it, I park it walk away and watch from a distance and its like a magnet - they point, they study, they talk to each other then circle it and walk back to their groups then those people come over and repeat.

HD are master marketers, they pump millions into advertising and branding - they have to they are a public company that sales one thing. I work for a public company and its the same deal - month end, quarter end & year end and up to recently have been doing well. Facts are facts - look at how many HD's are on eBay, Cycle Trader and on used car lots. Check out how many HD's are for sale at "Hometown Honda" in Marietta OH, the Harley dealer is 200 yards away and have a 1/3 of that for sale. WTF???

That being said Victory has been good for Harley riders, they have had to improve there bikes but the engine and transmission stays the same (not a true 6 speed)Victory is keeping Harley from being totally stagnet. Victory has benefited from HD but not until 2010 with these new touring bikes (Harley themed)

Actually if they merged it would be a perfect world: HD would have a better performing and more reliable motorcycle and Victory would have a dealer network and aftermarket support they could be proud of.
Norris Youngberg -1999 victory crusier  August 19, 2009 11:55 AM
I bought a new victory in 1999, had it for 10 years. I loved the bike. I sold it for over half of what I paid for it. So I would have to say I think it holds it value quite well.
I am now going to look at a 2010 cross roads. I'm 63 and love to ride.
Mike in WV -Cross Country  August 14, 2009 01:22 PM
As I stated in my previous comment...I have an 08 Vision and an 08 Jackpot and love both bikes. My next bike however will be the Cross Country. I love the lines, the bags have tons of room, the bike is set to cruise or tour. I'll add the sissybar and the luggage rack for my wife and touring...I just can't wait for the bikes to hit the showrooms! There have been a lot of comparisons to the Cross Roads with the Road King and the Cross Country with the Street Glide...but again...what's in a name? When you put the 2 bikes side by side, HD's can't compete at any level. Several of my friends who have been die hard HD owners for years are very excited about the Cross Roads and Cross Country. Look at it this way HD fans...you know those old bumper stickers you still see for Clinton and Gore...times change...get with the program and be brave enough to say I have the right to choose a bike independent of what all my T-shirts, boots, jackets and other crap says. Look at all the Harleys out there and everyone trying to sell or trade theirs...does that seem like an exclusive crowd to you? Harley could easily slip back to the days of AMF...I'm not saying I want to see that, but just behonest and stop trying to convince everyone that HD is the best bike out there because in reality...it might come in a distant 3rd or 4th. Volume of sales does not say quality...it says someone smarter than the engineer who designs the bikes is doing a good job in marketing. Maybe send that guy to engineering school and you might be back in the running! lol
WessPhilly -2101 Cross Country  August 13, 2009 03:58 PM
I have been him hawing about which bagger to purchase, and HD "WAS" at the top of the list. No longer, I have already put down my deposit on a new Victory CC. Nuff said.
Lorin Troy -5 year warenty  August 11, 2009 04:35 PM
I must say for the money Victory is the way to go now, with the 5 year warenty they cant go wrong-Harley wont do that and Yamaha only has it on 1 bike and all the othere only 1 year also and yes victory bikes have some problems, but in just a few more years you Harley riders are goin to get blown off the road
mark -Victory Kingpin, Harley Ultra classic owner  August 11, 2009 06:35 AM
Have 07 Kingpin Tour love it my wife wanted something more comfortable for longer rides. Bought 09 Ultra Classic after spending top dollar have to give HD another $375 for 1,000 mile check up. Whats wrong with that picture? Rear brake on Harley is weak and power is sluggish. Can't afford to have both but can't turn loose of the Victory. Tried the Vision not my cup of tea, but wish they made full dress that was not so futuristic would buy in a heartbeat.
dsaladar -Vegas 8-Ball  August 5, 2009 06:36 AM
I recently bought a 2008 Vegas 8-Ball, and I absolutely love it! It is customized exactly the way I want it. My first bike was a '98 Harley Davidson Sporster that I owned for 4 or 5 years. It was great for just tooling around town. After a few years with that, I was ready to move up to something bigger. Of course, at first, I was sticking with HD. But after searching around on the internet, I came across Victory. I could not get over the lines and just the aesthetic appeal. I kept looking and researching these bikes and could not stop drooling over them. I test drove them twice. Even though they weigh much more than my Sporty, it felt so much lighter and rode more smoothly.

So finally, I bought the 8-Ball and couldn't be happier. I did the whole Harley thing and was happy. No disrespect to HD. I live near Milwaukee, and there is definitely a Harley mystique. But after studying Victory's, test-driving them, I know I have the bike for me.

I've had all sorts of comments to "nice ride" to just simply "wow." I love my Victory.
Frazer -HD VS Victory  August 5, 2009 02:08 AM
I ride a heavily customized 07 HD Sportster. I have put a lot of work into my HD and I love that bike way more than I have ever loved any of my other bikes. It's set up exactly the way I want it, from looks to performance. I saw the 07 Victory lineup in a magazine and really liked the Vegas 8 Ball, so I went to a dealer near me for a test ride. I was really impressed with build quality and the ride, but I wasn't sure if I would actually buy one. I realized why I wasn't sure the next day when I got back on my Sporty - the Vegas just didn't make me feel the same way. That's not to say that they're not good bikes or anything - they're great bikes, but for me, it just didn't grab me the same way as my HD does. I think it's a personal thing though, and to all the Victory owners I say good luck and you have great bikes - but I'll stick with HD for the foreseeable future.
Bob Mathison -Ultra vs Goldwing vs. Vision  August 3, 2009 08:09 PM
I owned a 2005 Ultra-classic but was tired of starting fires in Eastern Washington when it backfired going down hill. I tried out a Vision and was going to trade the Ultra in for it, but he just didn't want to have it setting next to the all the Victorys that were sitting there getting dusty. So I went to a dealer that sold both Harleys and Goldwings in Kennewick. They loved my Ultra and sold me a Goldwing, I put an after market torque loop and new mufflers but it still didn't sound right so I bought a 2009 Hertiage Classic to ride around town. I put on it a screaming eagle mufflers that are legal and so I don't start fires anymore. I wish I had the Vision but I like the Goldwing on long trips and the Harley around town.
I know... my wife spoils me. But she has a goldwing trike and a new Harley Trike so I guess we're both spoiled rotten.
David -Vic vs. HD  August 3, 2009 10:50 AM
I ride a 04 Kingpin with a 92 cubic motor and 5 speeed tranny. It has a K@n filter, vented air box and slip on pipes. My brother has a 105 anniversary street glide with full pipes along with some other modifications. We went riding Saturday and he could not even get near me. He is all HD and he even told told me that when we crack into them I just start pulling away from him and he can't catch me. His is a 96 cubic inch. My father has 105 screaming eagle ultra. It has been back twice for recalls and twice for just not running right.
Jim -Victory TC  August 2, 2009 08:41 PM
bring back the Victory TC !!!
John -Owned both a Vic and a HD  July 31, 2009 06:10 PM
Just sold my 04 Vic Vegas and bought a 09 Street Glide. It is hard to compare the two because not only were they two different makes but two different models. Victory Crusier/HD Tour. I have positive and negative things to say about both. As far as engine performance its not even close, the Vic wins hands down and I had the 92 cu 5 speed. I will have to spend another 2.5k for the 103 kit and hope to get the same performace as the Stage 1 92cu Vic. I have no expectations that it would ever be as strong as a stock 104 cu or 100 cu Vic. As far as comfort and the HD wins but that is to be expected tour vs cruiser. Victory's down fall is its dealer support or lack of dealers and customizing parts. When it came to customizing my Vic I had to order parts over the internet and keep my fingers crossed about fit and real life appearance while most HD parts are stocked by dealers. And if I don't like the service of one dealer I can easily find another close by. I put 11k miles on the Vic and only had one problem with rear brake wear even though I didn't use them ( 3 sets in 11k ). I think it was a design issue, the brake line is close to the exhaust which heated the fluid causing the pads to rub more. I can't complain about quality though no break downs and it always started. The stock Chrome on the Victory seems to be better as well. Some Chrome screws already rusting on my HD.

All said and done I like both bikes if Victory had a tour bike other than the Jetson bike I would had considered it. The tunes,storage,fairing, and ride are great on the HD. As for me the Cross Country came a year late and a dealer short, no regrets on the Street Glide. The only thing I hate other than my 96 cu HD being weak (not as strong as the Vic cu to cu is the HD idiots that say they are true bikers but don't even look at anything else. Those are the true posers. Its embarrasing sometimes.

Can't go wrong with either make, I'm really tired of the whole Victory vs Harley thing and vise versa, get what you like don't worry about others, its all about the ride anyways.
batmoss69 -Get a LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  July 30, 2009 07:29 PM
GB -milwaukee mike  July 30, 2009 01:24 PM
i love listening to you HD sheep. you have never even rode a Victoy and yet you slam them. go ahead and make up all the stuff you need to make yourself believe your own crap. people who do know motorcycles know that HD are dinosaurs and that madison avenue is the only reason they are still selling bikes. what's HD gonna do when they need another goverment tariff to protect them from the competion when the competion is another american motorcycle manufacter?
Kelly -Cory ness jackpot  July 29, 2009 08:40 AM
I have a 09 cory ness jackpot white/black color, been told by many riders that it's the nicest stock factory bike that they have ever seen. Looks like 2010 model went to a red color not sure i'm digging that as much.

Saskatoon,Sk Canada
Colton -Mike in WV  July 29, 2009 08:28 AM
I agree 100% well said my friend.
Mike in WV -No Comparison  July 29, 2009 06:03 AM
First of all...I've ridden every make of motorcycle and nearly every model of HD's. I can afford to ride any bike I choose and when I want a new bike, I go out and check all the models of all the different manufacturers to find "the" bike I want. In every case when looking at HD's I walk away because I know I can have a better bike. For example...I really like the look of the Softail Delux with the whitewalls...but looks are as far as it goes with the bike. I can get more power, better construction, more reliability from other manufacturers. I have 2 bikes that I love...an 08 Victory Vision Comfort Tour and an 08 Victory Jackpot. No other manufaturer out there is designing bikes like Victory. I've let several HD owners ride my bikes and they have all loved them and most say that they would love to buy one, except everything they own says HD on it. That was actually HD's best innovation, their marketing...make people loyal by selling them other merchandise to lock them into submission. I'm amused by the people who say that the various Ness models are tired...if Ness models are tired...HD's are in a terminal coma! lol What other manufacturer gives you custom oprtions like Victory? HD's are starter kits...they sell you an overpriced bike, then sell you a ton of extras to bleed your pockets further. Look at the Vision...heated grips and seats, telescoping windshield, stereo, cruise control, anti-tipover side wings...all standard! Last time I looked...HD didn't have a bike with all of that standard...you had to pay extra! HD likes to say that their bikes hold their value longer...well look how long their customers keep their bikes...look at the low miles on the bikes being traded...an 05 Road king with 3K miles...why...they really don't like the bikes so they trade for something they hope to like more! Look at the engine vibration...watch the handlebars jump at idle...they think that makes the bike look powerful...get real! People say...I like the sound of the HD...that's the pipes! The smallest engine Victory makes (100 cu)is still bigger than the standard HD 96cu! Now of course you can pay several thousands more for the Screaming Eagle package..but that's HD's mentality...make the customer pay through the nose. HD's are a dime a dozen...no offense to Ford owners...but having an HD is no different than driving a Ford...you're not exclusive, it doesn't mean you're better or you have more money...it just means you've bought into the myth that HD has sold you. There's no reason to compete with HD because in the end, there really is no comparison.
Doug -My view  July 28, 2009 06:09 PM
First I ride a 2007 victory jackpot why you ask I like to ride my bike not work on it all the time like a HD my whole family ride victorys mine has 4000 miles and no problems my brother rides a 2007 hammer and he has 11000 miles and he has had no problems look on the Internet at the recalls nither bike has any then check any HD there is atleast 2 per bike most of the time there's more I love the new models all the victorys go like mad my wife's aunts bought a 2009 HD screaming eagle springer it starts at $27,000 alot more then my Vegas and they still can't pull away Harley davidson is a dieing line few parts are still made in the USA in short save money buy a victory and you will not have to worry about the HD oil leak
jocko -who cares  July 28, 2009 11:24 AM
If u like victory buy it, their sales was down 47 percent in the bike line. THEY AREN'T SELLING FOLKS. I still see now 07's sitting in our local Victory dealership.

harley sales are down 30% Victory over 43%, duh???? Victory will be lucky to sell 5000 units this year. Nice bike, but so was the edsel!1 Buy um if you like um. Personally If I couldn't own a harley (which I have bought 13 in the last 15 years) I would probably buy a victory, at least it is made here, but I question their survival, when they celebrated the 50,000 victory being built in 10 YEARS. now u do the math folks..
Canada Cruiser -Milwaukee Mike - 2010 Vickies  July 27, 2009 10:31 AM
Come on Mike. There is life after H-D. Try to free your mind from the bondage of H-D [Herd Driven] mentality. Victory makes beautiful, powerful, stylish, dependable motorcycles. They are prepared to thik outside the box that a Harley comes in. In fact most metric motorcycles are way better designed and made and a way better bang for your buck than Harleys. Don't get me wrong, I respect Harley-Davidson and their place in motorcycle history. I'd even own a Dyna as a second string bike if I could afford two. It's really Harley owners that are the problem - they sufer from motorcycle racism. The only reason Harley are where they are today in terms of quality is because other marques have forced them to lift their game.
xknuts -2010 Vic models  July 27, 2009 02:38 AM
The more I look the more I like! The CC & CR design fills the gap nicely between Vision & the rest of the range. The KP Tour buyers have found the next step up! Personally I can't go past the Gold Vegas, a highly rideable production chopper.
michael -Arlen Ness  July 26, 2009 06:56 PM
I think the cross roads is a good looking bike. the arlen ness styling is really dated in looks. All the 8 ball designs look good. I'm not a cruiser rider but would consider a victory before I would buy a HD. I'm not sure it is smart business to limit a motorcycle company to retro cruisers but what can HD do. Their loyal following won't let them build anything else. Just look at the sales of the xr1200. A total bust in the US and europe.
Victory24 -For all of you Harley Riders  July 26, 2009 02:24 PM
First of all I love all bikes. But I am all about the facts, Harley Davidson is a dying breed. They have cut back production by 30%, they layed off I do beleive 2,300 workers and recently someone had to stick millions into their financing bank just to keep it going. If you ask a true Victory rider they will tell you that Victory Motorcycles is not building bikes to beat HD, but they are building bikes for the future.
Colton -Questionable Reliability???  July 26, 2009 10:49 AM
How can people still question the reliability of victory motorcycles they've had the best costumer satisfaction for 4 years running as well as the best in class warranty. The way I see it is that hd riders are feeling starting to feel a little threatened by victory. I mean I would to if i were riding a bike that cost me 25,000 and still has the same technology for the last 40 years but don't get me wrong I love all bikes I just think people need to stop bashing Victory they're probably the all around most badass cruisers on the market.
Derek - 2010 Opinion  July 26, 2009 09:11 AM
I am so Happy to see the Harley Riders are so bored of their own websites they seek out the Victory sites to read up on ... Also one guy pointed out that Victory is non original have you looked at the Harley line up that has remained unchanged since what 1903? The Rocker last year was Harley trying to keep up with the Muscle cruiser market they missed with the V-Rod attempt all power and no looks (balance is the key). Last time I looked Harley was sitting on as many or more unsold inventory then a Victory dealer but hey it may just be the hard times or the over priced units? Now to be fair the Skull theme on the new Victory Cross Country along with the name, front fairing and rear tail light need some work they just to do not flow " sorry but true" Some of the color theme's since 2008 and up have been a little off at least not my Taste but I am glad to see the 8-ball black out theme is being carried into other models as Black is always a winner in the show room to potential buyers. The New Arlen Ness Vision well at least the High Voltage Pink is gone the machine (Vision) itself is the most comfortable touring bike I have ever ridden but I would not be an expert on this just my opinion. But the real 2010 bike I like and will be ordering once my dealer is back from the Dealer Meeting this month will be the Vision 8 Ball, I think I can get over the smaller saddle bags and I never would use the Tour pack since I have a decent T-Bag already, blacked out and lowered all I need to do is install the 21" front Rim and tire and I think the bike will have a real unique look out on the road. Anyways I ride a 2007 Hammer tricked out to the point I need another to start on, All in all the Victory drive train system is well proven and I as many would agree that Harley has been pushed thanks to Victory to start advancing it's product lines and drive trains to keep hold of it's ever shrinking Market dominance of the Motor Cycle Market . Just my opinion...
Bob Hamm -new bikes  July 26, 2009 05:49 AM
just saw the new cross roads and cross country on the computer very cool looking I'm almost 51 years old and have been looking at a harley, do you know when they will be out in Regina,sk Canada
Bob -Vicyory is moving in the right direction, Harley is dieing quickly, look at their 2nd quarter numbers  July 25, 2009 08:28 PM
The party is over in a major way for HD. Only the loyal will buy their machines that are totally outdated and underpowered. All Harley riders want one thing after they get theirs, more power! Get a sport bike in the first place and forget about the baggers, your not going that far any way.
Jay Mack -New Victory Cross Bones  July 25, 2009 07:41 PM
I think Harley already thought of the 'Cross X' nomenclature for their motorcycles. How about something original?

I don't care for VIctory's nomenclature generally. 'Kingpin' is a stupid name. It's the only Victory motorcycle I rather like but can't buy it because it has such a stupid name.

The new VIctory Cross Bones is kind of nice. But I don't like the name.

The Nessie bikes have worn out their welcome. When something is real swoopy and aero dynamic, like the FOrd Taurus, it gets old real fast. Victory ought to be competing with BMW and build a nice, light weight sports tourer with a modern multi cylinder engine, v-4 or opposed 4 or six.

Did Victory sell any motorcycles last year? I haven't seen any.
jty -nice picture  July 25, 2009 02:19 PM
I really like the girl in the picture - what is this site about again?
milwaukee mike -2010 vickies  July 25, 2009 02:14 PM
When are they just going to give up?

Just walk into any of the victory dealers that are still open, and just look at all their unsold inventory. Most have a lot of non-current models littering their showrooms. Why? Styling, price, questionable reliability, no resale value, metrics, etc.

Just look at the goofy new for 2010 styling, and they still haven't significantly lowered their prices.
sofjr -CORE concept  July 24, 2009 02:58 PM
Absolutely stunning! And so is the bike...
Nick -Vick's  July 24, 2009 01:20 PM
1) The Core concept is ca-ca. Upside down forks and a hardtail rear? So the front half of the bike handles well and the back end doesn't?

2) The Tequila Gold Jackpot is beautiful.

3) The Cross Country is the best of the lot -- so long as you can get it without the stupid skull paint job.
TNT -New Victory models  July 24, 2009 09:51 AM
The Vision platform is a style that takes time to get use to. There's to much overkill on the plastic. But they did nail it on the Core concept. Raw, basic, and you can see all of the bike.
Dub -One down, one to go  July 24, 2009 09:04 AM
Jaime, not to flame, but can you give me the specific differences between ABS vs Linked? I've never quiet had it defined for me, and truthfully wonder if ABS is not just a sales gimmik on two wheelers???
Colton -Arlen Ness  July 23, 2009 08:17 PM
I want to start off saying that i love these bikes I've ridden every bike in the '09 line up and i love all of them even though I ride sport bikes. But I have to agree with Adam and socalmoe about the Arlen Ness packages I mean some of them work like the '09 green jackpot but other I'm still not feeling like the new gold jackpot I'll have to wait and see it in person.
motousa - adam -arlen ness  July 23, 2009 12:21 PM
yeah i agree with you socalmoe--i'm not too fond of the arlen ness "limited" edition package either... i think it looks gaudy...adam
motousa - adam -arlen ness  July 23, 2009 12:18 PM
yeah i agree with you socalmoe--i'm not too fond of the arlen ness "limited" edition package either... i think it looks gaudy...adam
Joe -New Cross Roads looks great.  July 23, 2009 06:54 AM
I like the new baggers. Old meets new and with a better drive train than the comp with good pricing. Couple factual errors in the story though. only 8 ball to get the 106 is the Vision. Hammer 8 gets 100/5 I believe and the warranty on 2010 bikes is different too.
Jaime Cruz -One down, one to go.  July 23, 2009 03:51 AM
Well they've FINALLY offered ABS on the Vision. Now if only they'd fix that IDIOTIC and USELESS saddlebag design they might be on to something...
socalmoe -Why!!!  July 22, 2009 10:01 PM
Why so much Arlen Ness influence on these bikes! That style is tiresome to look at.