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2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere First Look

Friday, February 26, 2010
Another awesome bike we can’t have.

The Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere is available only as a "first edition" in 2010.
Great news, Yamaha has released information on the groundbreaking 2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere. Bad news, it won’t be coming to America.

Ok, now that we’ve got that heart-sinker out of the way, there’s still plenty to be excited about with the new Adventure Touring bike from the Fork Tuners. This marks the only large-displacement Japanese AT machine aside from Suzuki’s V-Strom, which is not listed on its 2010 roster. The Super Tenere is specifically designed to tackle BMW’s R1200GS and GS Adventure machines. Without any testing to sample from it’s impossible to say whether or not it accomplishes that, but the MSRP certainly does with a reported 13,500 Euro pricetag ($18,210 USD) – double what Suzuki charges for the V-Strom.

Riders will expect some dang nice features on a machine this expensive, and the Yamaha looks like it won’t disappoint. At the heart is a 1199cc Parallel Twin using 98x79.5mm cylinders at 11:1 compression. A 270-degree firing rotation is claimed to put power down in an extremely usable manner, promoting traction in all situations. Speaking of traction, rider input is highlighted by the Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) which offers three-stage traction

Top; The Parallel Twin engine arrangement should be relatively slim, though the six-gallon tank section is pretty bulky. Bottom: Yamaha chose a shaft drive to deliver power from the six-speed transmission.
control. The TC can be disabled for off-road use, and the pilot is able to switch engine maps as well to provide alternate power curves.

When it comes time for technical off-road riding, the Parallel Twin will prove to be a good choice - for its physical profile if nothing else. We especially liked the thinner layout of the F800GS Parallel versus the bulky Boxer Twin found on the larger BMW. Judging from photos, the Yamaha looks to have a reasonably fit midsection. A 6.1-gallon fuel tank wrapped in radiators, fan, electrical components and bodywork shrouds is the bulkiest section – though the aluminum side boxes that come as part of the “first edition” package add additional width.

Yamaha’s new AT is carried by adjustable suspension. An inverted fork offers preload, compression and rebound settings, and the shock utilizes tool-less preload and rebound adjustment. Will the fork and its 7.5 inches of travel be stiff enough to prevent the bulky front end from diving, a common problem with big adventure bikes? Yamaha claims the bike weighs 575 pounds at service weight.

The exhaust exits to the right side down low, but wraps over to the left near the bottom shock mount. On the left side of the swingarm is the shaft drive. It will be interesting to see if it exhibits driveline lash like the BMWs are known for.

ABS is standard, and the XT1200Z uses a sophisticated linking system that allows the rider to control whether or not the brakes act independently. The cool thing is that it can be done on the fly. Yamaha’s Unified Braking System works so that the front brake actuates both the dual 310mm wave rotors up front and single 282mm rear. Tapping the rear brake first will disengage the system so that each brake is controlled independently by the rider.

The XT has some extensive electronics to go with the Parallel Twin engine. Unified Braking is one of the more sophisticated features.
Spoked wheels offer off-road capacity but the aluminum rims (19-inch front, 17-inch rear) are tubeless. Photos show the bike shod in pavement-biased Bridgestone Battle Wing treads. Plastic handguards and a beefy aluminum skid plate are standard equipment along with passenger pegs and an adjustable seat height from 33.2-34.2 inches.

The Silver option isn't quite as attractive in our eyes.
The XT comes in Silver Tech, though we have no idea why anyone wouldn’t opt for the ultra-sexy Viper Blue. It’s only available in 2010 as a special “first edition” which features aluminum side cases and mounting brackets, headlight protector, aluminum skid plate and first edition decals. It’s also only available by using online reservation, meaning you’ll have to go to www.super-tenere.com to reserve your bike. Reservation instructions become available on March 8.

Like the single-cylinder XT660Z Tenere, it’ll take massive amounts of effort and money to get one imported to the U.S. We need to convince Yamaha that there’s a place for these bikes in America. Let the begging and pleading commence...

Check out the video below courtesy of Yamaha.

2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
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2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
Engine type:
Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, Parallel Twin
Bore x stroke:
98 x 79.5 mm
Compression ratio:
Maximum power:
109 HP @7250 rpm (claimed)
Lubrication system:
Dry sump, oil tank in crankcase
Starter system:
Transmission system:
Constant mesh, 6-speed
Final drive:
Fuel tank capacity:
6.1 gal
Oil tank capacity:
4.4 quarts
Steel tube backbone
Front suspension:
Adjustable preload, compression, rebound;  7.5 in
Rear suspension:
Adjustable preload, rebound; 7.5 in
28 degrees
4.9 in
Front brake:
Dual 310mm wave discs
Rear brake:
Single 282mm wave disc
Front tire:
Rear tire:
88.6 in
38.6 in
55.5/56.7 in (min/max)
Seat height:
Adjustable 33.2-34.2 in
60.6 in
Ground clearance:
8.1 in
Service Weight:
575 lbs
13,500 Euro
2010 XT1200Z Super Tenere Accessories

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Old man Bogs -They are bringing it ! !  October 31, 2010 05:15 PM
I've been looking and waiting over three years for this moment. Yamaha is finally bringing the Supertenere 1200 to the good old U.S. of A. The MSRP is $13,900 and I've already shelled out my deposit. Arrival scheduled for May 2011 and can't wait to try it out, especially after the Aussies' tests and reviews. If Bridgestone tires are standard, will try to upgrade to Metzeler Tourance tires from the get-go. I am so looking forward to meeting the BMW gs on the road :D
Kent (KTM) -XT660Z Tenere  October 7, 2010 07:37 PM
The Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere Will start to kick BMW in the butt this year, great job Yamaha! Now Yamaha listen to me carefully and pay attention!! Bring the XT660Z over to the USA now!!! Don't change a thing, especially the way it looks!!! Are you listening????? I will buy one today if I can get my hands on one. Yamaha, If you want to see sales like never before bring it and we will come!! I guarantee it and I would bet your sales on it!!! I know this to be a fact!! Sometimes those closest can't see the real picture. I'll even pre order without ever riding one. I'll even put down a down payment. Put them on the boat and get them here!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting.
BahamaTodd -On its way  September 22, 2010 07:34 PM
Looks like its on its way to the US as a 2012.
george -yamaha super tenere.  September 4, 2010 08:50 PM
about time people start to realize the power of the super tenere. seeker of life. cant wait to ride one. dirt master.
Geoff -It's good value in Australia.  August 20, 2010 03:24 AM
This bike sells for the same ride away price in Australia as the BMW F800GS and is about $7000 cheaper than a standard BMW R1200GS. Maybe it doesn't have the same sort of aftermarket options available, maybe it won't have the fan base... but $7000 cheaper is a LOT. I've got a new bike on my short list to test ride :)
desmoss90 -I know jack shxt  August 16, 2010 07:19 PM
Too heavy, not enough suspension, too vulnerable, too expensive, butt ugly.... awasome job Yamaha If I wanted a jacked V-Strom I'd have built one years ago. Don't worry..It will sell just fine in the US.
Ken -We can only hope.......  August 7, 2010 04:08 PM
They already left the U.S. out with the XT660, we can only hope at some point Yamaha will make a larger dual sport available in the U.S.
russ -awesome  July 19, 2010 04:12 AM
guys listen up ive owned gs bmws my friend has owned them since 84 still does he has 3 gs bmws took the super tenere for a blast it is a very well balanced packaged and makes the bmw feel bulky and less agile.If you get the chance ride it bmw just lost another staunch supporter this bike is that good used in touring mode fueling
Steve -My prediction: It will get here - probably in 2011  July 13, 2010 03:09 PM
I think the holdout from bringing it to the States is calculated and will take about a year. The reasons are two-fold: one, it allows Yamaha to ramp up initial production in other markets while gauging popularity of the model design; two, it builds desirability and fervor--I WANT ONE!!! :-) I agree that the FJR1300 is probably a good parallel.
SRCBastrop -PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  July 9, 2010 08:12 AM
Bring this to America!!! I am ready to buy one as soon as it shows up!!!!!!!
chris -please  June 29, 2010 07:32 PM
please do bring this bike here, america has been needing something like this for a long time, i hope that the shaft drive works flawlessly looks like a beautiful bike, i would give every last dollar of mine to have one, currently riding around an 87ts 600 tenere and i love it
Jonny Colorado -Missing the Boat  June 10, 2010 01:12 PM
I agree with Jeff on shooting all of the Yamaha Management team if the bike is not brought over state side. The Tenere 1200 price point needs some adjustment to be more compareable to the BMW's, but when it comes to reliability, Yamaha wins. I think the Yamaha would have the most success in bringing the Tenere 660 over first. The 660 Tenere would instantly steal the market of the Suzuki DR 650 and Honda XR650L. After the Yamaha accountants (who proboly don't even know how to ride) see the revanue and market dominance, they may wise up and bring the 1200 over. But for now, Yamaha's head is still up there ass! I have money to spend, but I guess Yamaha doesn't want it...
RJ -Let the begging and pleading commence...  June 9, 2010 05:27 AM
Where do I sign on to beg and plead for bringing it into the US? I've owned 3 new Yamahas in the past 4 years and all exceeded expectations and performed flawlessly. I would not hesitate, and in fact, would love to jump into the A/T market on board another blue and white... Yamaha please give us the US option.
Torrey -missed out on the TDM 850  May 11, 2010 10:56 AM
bring this bike to the USA please got to put about a thousand miles on a TDM 850 in Colorado and loved it but was unable to have my cake and eat it too,had a new CBR900RR at the time,still have the double R but now have the room and finaces for a bike like this please YAMAHA listen up and bring it state side
Wessel Scheepers -Mr  May 1, 2010 10:33 AM
I have ordered mine - cannot wait!! Delivery time approx. 17 June 2010 South Africa Viva Yamaha!!
j r de wood jr -garuda courier - gracias for the email address to yamaha> here's what i sent  April 6, 2010 12:22 PM
2010 yamaha xt 1200 z super tenere adventure motorcycles need to be available in the usa, & worldwide, since these are such fine machines & can be brought up against the bmw gs models as well the ducati multis & ktm adventures, in addition to the suzukis & hondas & kawasaki versys, etc. yamaha is reaching much higher quality standards bikes with way more technical expertise involved via more deft engineering. it'll be good seller over long range as well shorts & mediums.
Greg -contact Yamaha Investor Relations & tell them you'd like to INVEST in one  April 3, 2010 03:42 PM
bring it to the US


j r de wood jr -this is just the start of a rash of these brutes - you watch..  April 2, 2010 01:21 PM
i suspect as more bikers get the picture re sturdy overall use & durability factors come into play, we'll see many variations from quite a few manufacturers developing & marketing these beastys. as more wandering souls want to run out there in the big reaches, too. as more diversified interests get more demanding about their machines, & as great optional tricking comes into the endeavor, we see all kinds. thing is i sense the makers still don't quite get how sophisticated most riding fools & aficionados are, nor estimate so well the research going on in their minds & putes, etc. these machines would be much better served on a platter each step along the way: so input & express is max! that way the entire process is cultivated & refined with previous & during & after & ongoing feedbacks. as honda finally did with their odyssey van: larger & both side doors, etc. asking people in parking lots of malls & supermarkets! this is a nudge in the right direction, for everyone. why not have the suckas scoring this shit be stokified?!!! not to go the route of weird elephants made by massive stupidity, yet to anticipate the needs & uses & wants & desires & facilitations & capacity of different sectors of the riding buyers. so yes, i already going super tenere: i'm passing on dakar & multi & gs & the other poss out there today. they did a great job. it will sell in usa & everywhere on globe. they knows thats the cases, alrits!
Ron West -DR650  March 29, 2010 10:29 AM
The U.S. market for Dual Sport bikes has increased measureably in the past 10 years. There is plenty of room, and need of new models. Reliability is at the top of the list for any Dual Sport. Performance would be #2, along with handling both loaded with travel gear as well as solo riding. Everyone has there own idea of personal fitment and equipment requirements. Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, are all in need of marketing well thought out Dual Sport bikes in the U.S.A. Using the European & Asian markets for a test bed before importing to the United States is smart. Get all the quirks worked out. Any new production will have some kind of problem to be overcome. The manufacture must be smart enough to be up front with the public and fix the problems before being forced by a law suit. The Dual Sport Market is here to stay. Quit spending so much time & money on the Cruisers. There are plenty of those to choose from!
Joe Blow -WOW Ducati Multistrada 1200  March 23, 2010 02:35 PM
Oh come on 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200 is so much better than this Yamaha or a GS BMW or a KTM. Ducati really made a great motorcycle!
Rod -our unlucky mates in the US  March 12, 2010 11:27 AM
Australia is getting it and in all the colours "colors" of the rainbow how lucky are we
SlverStreak -A Tour de Force  March 10, 2010 06:11 PM
The Super Tenere.
Practical. Versatile & typically Yamaha Bulletproof.
The kind of bike you would want if your life depended on it.
RKG -Bring to the USA!!!  March 7, 2010 06:07 PM
Dang...$18+K? 1st generation and practically cost the same as the tried, tested and proven class leading BMW?! IF Yamaha can't do something about the price, then I'll go for the BMW. Besides, the BMW customer support/service is UNBEATABLE...you get what you pay for!
Kevin S. -how disappointing.....  March 5, 2010 09:35 AM
Looks like the bike ended up more V-Strom than KTM Adventure......I'll pass.

What I'd REALLY like to see from Yamaha is a new version of the 660 Tenere, updated with a 700cc Raptor-inspired motor, 21st century suspension, and a price tag no more than $9k. Then ship it to the US!!!

What a pipe dream!
PonchoV -DS rider  March 3, 2010 03:38 AM
It is good to see another big bike for those wishing for something other than the GSA or the popular GS. The 575lb at first hurt my eyes, but consider it is w/ luggage & skid plate etc. I would trade directly across from my 09 GS for this interesting number from Yamaha.
I'm betting Yamaha will do better in QC, BEFORE selling it to their customers.
Simon & Tess Moore -BMW & KTM Rival?  March 2, 2010 03:08 PM
Both bike are already in Australia, & the the smaller XT660 Tenere has already sold its two shipments & now your on a 12 month waiting list. The super Tenere will do well. BMW just can't keep up with demand here, the R1200GS & F800GS just sell out. I purchased my V-Strom 650 mainly because I couldn't get a F650GS (Twin) KTM don't have many actual shops here so may need to travel to a major city to get one. Time will tell if they produce a BMW killer. I would say its going to come in some where between the R1200GS & 990 Adventure
skeesm -Hmmm...a GS Redo?  March 2, 2010 01:30 PM
That thing (and I use that complimentary term very loosely here) looks suspiciously like someone stole a Chinese copy of the BMW R1200GS and then changed their emblem over to the tuning forks out of shame. Yamaha is a great company with brilliance evident everywhere...except here.
SAMxrl -No biggie  March 2, 2010 12:04 PM
I personally don't see what all the fuss is about these overweight (dirt worthy) pretenders. The adventure bikes have a tall center of gravity, are heavy, and a handfull on anything beyond a dirt road. If I was going to spend 85%+ of my time on the street I'd pony up for a sport-tourer or even a maxiscooter like a Burgman 650. Having the "look" of an all-arounder can only take you so far. Eventually, you'd have to live with it day to day and there are just way better mounts to do that on. My 650L is glad it's the only bike in the garage; otherwise, it would be very nervous indeed!
Mcguire -sewer rat  March 1, 2010 11:52 AM
I went to Italy a few years ago and I did actually see a good many cruisers, but there was some kind of bike tour going on in Tuscany so that might not be the norm. You do see a lot of sport bikes there though I didn't see a single Hyabusa or many 1000s since the european riders seem to favor smaller displacments. I really didn't think about the desert when reading about this bike because Im from the southeast US and the closest thing we have to a desert is beach. This bike is probably 70% on road to 30 % off road which is about how I would use it. I haven't gotten stuck on a glacier yet.
themountain -honestly  March 1, 2010 11:41 AM
..I think the US are the only place where they could sell this fugly thing...lol
Bill -If only  March 1, 2010 09:50 AM
One can only hope that the folks at Victory will soon make a foray into this type of market and one can get something other than a cruiser made in America and keep some of our dollars manufacturing and jobs here instead of sending them overseas. Of the three American mfg's Victory is the only hope I see, Harley cannot see past the V-twin and Indian is still struggling and who can tell about thier future.
Michael -US bound  March 1, 2010 03:56 AM
Don't worry everyone...I have a sneaking suspicion that we will see this bike in the States by the first part of next year. Remember the FJR? Europe first...a year later it was a hit in the US.
Stephen_P -stp8@hotmail.com  February 28, 2010 11:31 AM
The panniers are not a big deal. BMW has been giving a set of panniers for the GS line for a year now. If this Yamaha was fitted the same as a BMW GSA it would cost a lot more. I'll take the GSA any day. It is proven and has a huge aftermarket supply. Also, the side mounted radiator is not a good idea. As any Honda Gold Wing owner. They overheat if you are riding slow. Honda added fans to them but it did not help much and the fans make a lot of noise.
Timo -V-Strom rider  February 28, 2010 09:58 AM
I hope Yamaha will bring this bike to the U.S. I will submit my deposit as soon as they say they will! Also, I'm not sure you can reliably translate Euro prices directly to U.S. dollars. Typically Euro prices include VAT (value added tax) and if this the case then you can take about 20% off the top which brings the first addition down to the BMW price range. However I think Yamaha would bring this bike to the U.S. well under BMW's pricing. There's no reason it should cost more to build than a FJR1300. Also, when you look at the details shown in the pictures, I can't believe this bike's curb weight would be 575 lbs. Somethings wrong with that number unless they put lead in the panniers.
Gregg -Desmolicious  February 27, 2010 09:41 PM
“Honda did extensive testing with the Goldwin before release and it still overheated”. I don’t understand what Honda’s cooling issues have to do with the XT1200. The XT1200 is a Yamaha and not anything like a Gold Wing. The Aprilia RSV4 has a recall for connecting rod failures. Does this mean the XT will have a connecting rod failure??? Sure you could drop it on the radiator side and maybe break it but you could also have a stone hit the radiator mounted in the front and puncture it.
Buster -If this is Motorcycle USA, then...  February 27, 2010 06:40 PM
why are you featuring a motorcycle that won't be available in the USA?
Desmolicious -575lbs?!!!  February 27, 2010 05:50 PM
Desmolicious -@Kash  February 27, 2010 05:46 PM
You're welcome for my insightful comments. Honda did extensive testing with the Goldwing before release and it still overheated. The overheating 'fix' did not work which is why in 2006 they re-designed the radiators/fans/bodywork. That's why I sold my 2002. Slow desert speeds is gonna make this bike overheat. That is if you haven't already dropped the bike and holed the radiator in a simple parking lot drop. Which would be likely given its 550lb weight and naturally high c of g. Basically Yam has built the ultimate poseur bike for people who like to just look like they are going places. Once they finish their latte...
Ken -I went travelling round the world on the old XT600  February 27, 2010 04:58 PM
And wrote a book about it, and there is NO WAY I would take the new super tenere, its just too heavy, too vulnerable with acres of plastic and not enough ground clearance. Its a poser bike like 95% of SUVs and 4x4s they will never be taken off the road. Elite riders like Tiff traded in their GS BMW 80s for 650 BMWs crossing the desert. Granted there was a team of Poles who took Africa twins to Magadan and back as well as the BAM road, but how many of these are compared to street riders?. Oh btw Africa twins overheat if you don't plumb in a second radiator, and the rad on this is so incredibly vulnerable you drop the bike on the side on an AT or a XTZ750 and the tank takes the shock and damage, same on the DRZ400 and BMW Xtchallenge and GS650s. You drop the bike with the side rad like that surrounded by plastics, you'll get a hole or bad warping. It is also a virgin bike: The XT600 (and all derivatives) DR200/DR350/DRZ400, TT600R, BMW X Challenge 650, BMW GSPD, KLR650, AT, and late KTMs ALL have been tested extensively and have by enlarge have surived. XT for example 7 of them were taken across Siberia last year I took one we experienced deserts, steppe, mountains, waist deep mud and every XT600 came back after being crashed dropped and submerged. In contrast the R800 BMW two didn't come back out of 7, the BMW650s have serious engine issues and fork shattering issues. 4 riders too 650s and had to take them to Germany for major repairs before they even left Europe.
Kashmure -@Desmolicious  February 27, 2010 02:10 PM
“This thing will overheat in slow going in the desert” Yeah right, like Yamaha didn’t do any testing on this bike in hot environments and chose one radiator because they can’t count to two. “My Honda Wing 1800 had serious heating problems in slow going and that had 2 side radiators”. Yamaha is not trying to cool off an 1800cc six cylinder motor now are they. Plus the over heating problem was fixed and had noting to do with the number of or size of the radiators. “The RC51 had side radiators but the race version dumped them and went to the traditional front mounted one” Well that’s go to know that if I want to go WSBK racing with the XT1200 I may have to change radiators but first I would have to generate about 40 more hp per liter in the XT1200 in order to match the heat entropy of just a stock RC51 and most if not all bikes use upgraded radiators when raced at top level racing. Thanks for your insightfully biased comments.
PenMan -Missed Boat  February 27, 2010 01:50 PM
I think Yamaha missed the boat with this one. I think the 660 Tenere would do well in the U.S. This 1200 is too expensive and the side mounted radiator might be a problem, plus BMW owns the 1200cc market with the R1200GS and GSA. The BMW has a excellent aftermarket supply and super resale value. It will be a tough one to beat. Why worry anyway. This bike will never come to the U.S. Our market is over 65% cruiser sales. With that in mind Yamaha will never spend the money to get the 1200 or 660 Tenere certified for sale in the U.S. In Europe cruiser sales are a very small portion of the market. I was in England and Europe for 8 months last year and I do not think I saw a dozen cruisers. Most Eruo's make fun of cruisers.
KarmaDog -another one we dont get  February 27, 2010 11:16 AM
Looks good but I don't think it would do well in the U.S. at that price point .One of the reasons the 800GS sells is price (and REAL off road ability). But as nice as this looks it would have to be better in some way than the existing market offerings and I'm not sure they have managed that thou some hard numbers would likely tell the tale. If Yamaha had put a real off road suspension on the TDM of long ago they would own the adventure bike market in this country. I personally would like to see Triumph make another run at the adventure market with a stroked version of the 675 motor with light weight and off road ability being the goals.
andy -no likey  February 27, 2010 10:41 AM
..at all....looks like the infamous Varadero in blue..heavy as fuuk and barely useble for anything(dirt or street)!!
Desmolicious -Will overheat  February 27, 2010 10:00 AM
One, count it, one, single side mounted radiator. This thing will overheat in slow going in the desert. My Honda Wing 1800 had serious heating problems in slow going and that had 2 side radiators. The RC51 had side radiators but the race version dumped them and went to the traditional front mounted one. Plus no radiator crash protection, so a walking speed drop on the left side will disable this bike. For more money than a BMW GS. Awesome.
Mcguire -sewer rat  February 27, 2010 08:15 AM
This is the bike who's time has come for Yamaha. I once owned a 74 xs650B and I toyed with the idea of making it a dual purpose sled, kinda like the old triumphs that used to dominate cross country. This new Yamaha would be a blast to ride
Hondaron -2old_2bfast  February 27, 2010 08:13 AM
….as a long time Vstrom owner – I must applaud Yamaha for venturing into a new model in today’s world wide economic condition (Helloooo Suzuki- are you watching or doing something???)- Maybe they (Yamaha) were too far along to stop –they need to work on selling price (if anything, inflation is headed our way here in the states – don’t see an easy answer to that one…start saving now guys) … like all the electronic vehicle enhancements, but on those long adventures – you need a great seat, GPS mount, outlets for heated clothing and excellent lighting (Big alternator with noise suppression, HID lighting, and a real bash plate, please Mr. Tuning Forks as you have the electronics background do achieve that)– Hopefully our European Adventure riding brothers can help Yamaha develop those “farkles” before the bike becomes available here in the states…(the USA Marketing types should play off the old DT1 series, as Yamaha invented the off road industry here in SoCal) – Nice Job Yamaha!
SilverStreak -A Super Tenere in the USA  February 27, 2010 05:46 AM
I'll place my order online March 8th.
My son studying in London will bring it to Florida by this summer.
There will be a Super Tenere here in America.
Steve -Wow  February 27, 2010 05:18 AM
Wow, the only thing they didn't copy from BMW was the telelever suspension and the pompous attitude that a lot (not all) BMW riders have.
Superbikemike -sharp...  February 26, 2010 09:29 PM
sharp bike, but this model is substantially more expensive than a bmw r12gs adv, if ya compare 13.5k to 11k euro's, but the gs adv doesn't come standard with panniers......
Jeff -Are you guys in the business of selling bikes or not?  February 26, 2010 08:48 PM
If both bikes don't come to North America all Yamaha management should be shot!
mark -You never know...  February 26, 2010 07:50 PM
Yamaha hasn't said they won't bring this bike to the US, just that it's starting out as a European model. It's also not clear what the standard edition of this bike will be, as opposed to this "First Edition" that includes everything to compete with a BMW R1200GSA. My guess is the base model to come next year will be equipped more like a standard R1200GS. And if enough Americans want one, Yamaha may bring it here. They did it with the FJR1300, which was also supposed to be a Europe-only model.
Greg -bring it to the US  February 26, 2010 06:23 PM
how many BMWs & KTM Adventurers & Vstroms were sold in the US? Bring it to the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!