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2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe First Look

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
2010 Yamaha Star Stratoliner Deluxe
2010 Star Stratoliner Deluxe.
According to market research, Yamaha’s cruiser brand Star has seen a growing trend in the market for what they call “casual full dress touring” machines. More specifically, this means a bike with a full front fairing, hard side bags, but no back rest or trunk. Harley-Davidson dominates the market currently, but Star has now joined the ranks with a new flagship model called the Stratoliner Deluxe – and it’s a ringer. Beautiful, sleek and sexy styling makes it the best looking Star cruiser we’ve ever laid eyes on. In fact, it’s one of the sexiest cruisers on the horizon. Period.

Based on the existing Stratoliner platform and featuring the same 1854cc V-Twin engine and chassis, the Deluxe gets a stylish front fairing and matching streamlined hard side bags. The front fairing also features speakers and integrated iPod connectivity with handlebar audio controls. While this pretty much sums up the changes, it turns what we consider a basic-looking cruiser into an extremely attractive machine that we can’t wait to get our hands on! It will be available in January 2010, in black only, with a retail price of $17,490.

Courtesy of Yamaha…

2010 Yamaha Star Stratoliner Deluxe
Sleek and sexy styling highlight the new casual full dress cruiser from Star.
Think all baggers are created equal? Think again…..Star is pleased to introduce the 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or crosstown, this new bagger is one of the most powerful and stylish ways to go.

The Stratoliner Deluxe features a distinctive, wind shearing fairing that includes a handlebar-mounted audio control system with integrated high fidelity speakers, connectors for an iPod® jack and ultra cool shorty windscreen. To compliment the fairing a pair of large, color-matched, locking hard sidebags with handy one touch openers provide spacious storage for long hauls and short trips.

The powerful and beautiful 113 cubic-inch (1854cc) air-cooled, pushrod V-twin has massive looks and performance. The computer controlled twin-bore downdraft electronic fuel injection with 12 hole injectors ensures optimum engine efficiency and throttle response in the widest possible range of conditions. Combined with the four valve cylinder heads with dual spark plugs, ceramic-composite-lined cylinders and 2 –into-1 exhaust with O2 sensor and three way catalyst to reduce emissions, maximum torque is reached at just 2500 rpm for performance second to none.

2010 Yamaha Star Stratoliner Deluxe
No matter what the angle. the Stratoliner Deluxe just plain looks good!
The long and low aluminum frame provides great looks and light handling unlike any other full-size cruiser with very few welds for a smooth, clean look and a near 50/50 weight distribution between both wheels. The light, Controlled-fill swingarm casting compliments the streamline style and reduces unsprung weight to assist in the great handling. Additional features such as 46 mm fork tubes with slant cut chrome covers, a tucked out-of-sight single shock with adjustable spring preload, a richly chromed 1.25 inch oversize handlebar and large front discs with monolock brake calipers add to the unmatched functionality of the chassis. A strong and light belt final drive routes power smoothly and efficiently to the rear wheel while the floating floorboards and adjustable heel/toe shifter provide a comfortable, low effort ride.

The Neo-streamline design gives the Stratoliner Deluxe a completely distinctive look which is accented by a level of fit and finish that is second to none. Details such as the switchgear wiring being routed internal to the handlebar, a flangeless, teardrop fuel tank, 12-spoke wheels, chrome front brake master cylinder with integrated lever, a sculpted seat and special custom machining of the cooling fin edges give a jewel like appearance to the engine as light hits it from different angles. Additional details like Star quality paint and chrome, bright multireflector headlight, LED taillight and amber turn signals behind clear lenses complete the custom look.

The 2010 Stratoliner Deluxe will be available in Star motorcycle dealerships nationwide beginning in January in a Raven finish with a starting MSRP of $17,490.

The Star® Accessories Catalog is packed full of high-quality parts that invite Star owners to fully express their individuality.

Full information on all Star models can be found at www.starmotorcycles.com.
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MarylandRider18yrs -TEST RIDE THEN DECIDE  October 27, 2010 09:31 AM
As long as you're on two wheels you should be happy and maintain that motorcycle fellowship no matter what people are riding. Harley, Yamaha, Victory and others now do more test rides. I have taken advantage of demo days of Yamaha and Victory and ridden several. I have test ridden a number of Harleys trying to see if It is the brand for me and was ready to buy if I felt good about one. I now know that it is not. For me the Yamaha's win in so many categories and that's where I will stay.

But, I am able to make an educated and fair decision about that because I have tried them. Test ride them even if you don't plan to buy one so at least you'll know what they are about. You can then speak fairly about you're riding experience of a bike.

I currently ride an 07' V-star 1300 and an 08' YZF-R1. I've had honda's and Kawasaki's as well. I will be upgrading to the Stratoliner Deluxe just for the larger engine, hard bags and audio system. I test rode it at the last demo day in my area with about 4 other bikes. I may keep the V-star to commute to work.

Ride safe folks!
Ted -My 06 Roadliner for play and my 2010 Electra Glide for work  June 7, 2010 10:06 PM
My 06 Roadliner has huge torque and hp-yes it is 113 CI or 1854cc and it is smooth. For work I ride a new 2010 Police Harley and it is powerless at Highway speeds but great around town. As a Motor Officer I would never ride anything but a Harley for work but for play you simply cannot beat the Roadliner or any variant of it. There are not many people who can make a bike do what a Motor Officer can do with a bike and it is even easier to do on the Roadliner. That said, I would also love to have an 09 Street Glide, they are just a cool bike-I guess I would have to get over the fact that they are gutless-that said I still want one, I just won't ever get rid of my Roadliner.
harleychain -whoa whoa and wow  April 29, 2010 01:09 PM
Come on bikers, and that is who we are-bikers. No mater if you ride a HD,Victory, BMW, crotch rocket, bagger, forien bike, Indian,we are all bikers. I ride HD, have had since 1994. I have had 3 CVOs as well. I have also owned forien bikes. I have been riding since I was 12 and now I am 54. The new Star motorcycles looks good, the new Victory looks good, but I like my Street Glide. if you want power, buy it, if you want chrome-buy it, if you want paint-buy it. We ride because we want to. We customize to make it ours. We ride what we can afford, and enjoy it. Are some better than others? yes, are some worse than others? yes. But the reason we ride shouldn't hinge on what we buy. At 12 years old I had a Sears moped, I was hooked. Would I ride the same thing now-no. Do I have dream bikes in mind- yes. Do I turn my nose up at you? no. We are those people who enjoy motorcycles. I lke a lot of brands and models, sometimes we have to settle for less than what we want. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy it just as much as the next guy who has more or better. Instead of heckling each other over what we ride, we should focus on EPA regulations, helmet laws, rider safety issues, public awareness. I am more concerned about the 16 year old kid with zero driving experience not looking at me as he/she approaches a stop sign,than I am with what kind of MC I am riding next to. That kid driving and talking on a cell phone is going to take us both out and the pavement won't care what you ride when you hit it. We always have to put in our two cents, and we all have our own opinion of what we like or don't like, but that is why we are individuals with our own minds. Instead of slamming each other why not support one another? If Mr. X likes his Star MC, then tell him, glad you enjoy it, I like my xyz brand too! Wanna ride somewhere together? After all, that is what it is all about- THE RIDE
Frank -Franko  April 5, 2010 05:03 AM
I own a '96 Heritage soft tail and an '06 Stratoliner. I love them both for what they are. I did what I had to to make them feel right and fit me. I have had good luck with both of them with no major problems. Probably because I take maintenance seriously. What the hell's the difference what you ride as long as you are in the wind. There's probably more guy's on this forum that have more miles on their computer than they do on their bikes! "Nuff said!!!
Joe-CT -07 Roadliner S  March 13, 2010 09:10 AM
I own a 07 Roadliner S bought it new, has 10K miles on it now run great no problems unless smiling is a problem, super smooth tons of torque 48 mpg, Still has original tires on it. LOVE IT! Enjoy the ride!
R Morris -08 STRATOLINER  March 7, 2010 11:36 PM
Love my 08 stratoliner,I've been riding for 40years and have never had a better all around performing bike.Bought it new in feb 09 and have 29,000 miles in just over a year.My friends and I call it a gorilla (as we know goriila's are powerfull and agile).The power and torque of this V-TWIN is amazing,when you put this machine through some S corners and lay it over and roll on the throttle you better be hanging on because your going to have some fun coming out the either side.Best bagger I've ever owned.P.S. NO PROBLEMS NO WORRIES.
2008 Owner Stratoliner -Math conversion  February 28, 2010 07:58 AM
Mike - you can easily convert to and from metric as follows using the basic math we learned in gradeschool. Since 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (check it out on a ruler).
Since we are talking cubic that is 2.54 X 2.54 x 2.54.

113 X 2.54 x 2.54 x 2.54 = CC's
1854 /2.54/2.54/2.54 = CU IN

Can you spell GED?
Blueliner -Stratolounger again  February 24, 2010 02:54 AM
Matt, I meant to answer your question on mileage. Reviews claim they got up to 38MPG, I have gotten as much as 47. It depends on terrain and rider style. I go comforably 150 miles on the main tank, but beware the 3qt reserve goes fast. I also incorrectly said someone was correct when they said it should be called the Stratoliner, I meant STRATOLOUNGER. Most comf. bike I have road to date. Enjoy it!
Blueliner -Stratolounger  February 24, 2010 02:31 AM
First I must say, there are a lot of people out there knock metric bikes. I can tell their mentallity challenged HD riders by the way they type, or think by their statements, and spelling and lack of punctuation. I had a 02 Road King for 28K miles, it was in under warranty 4 times with major powertrain issues, they finally got permission to replace the entire power plant from HD corporate, should have taken it back under the lemon laws. AT that point with anal service; maintenance and care; little to no wet weather riding, the chrome was flaking in several spots, the seat was broke down, The paint was getting thin in spots from the constant polishing as an attempt to make it shine and the amount of oil going from the breather tube on the heads into the carb got to smell so bad it was embarrasing. I just purchased a used 07 Stratoliner (someone was correct when they said it should be called the Stratoliner) that had 1900 miles on it and in 4 months have put on another 6500 miles. The bike is a dream to ride, handles incredible, if you stay out of the throttle which is really hard to do with this monster, you can get 48 to 50 MPG. The bike floats down the road incredibly smoothly. You can stretch the mileage out on the tires by staying out of the throttle, the low profile tires are a bit harsh on small square edged bumps but the radial design makes it handle like a dream and that more than makes up for it. I belong to a group of riders (80+ members) and all of the makes have their little idiosyncrities. All of them have made comments that it is one if not the most beautiful bikes they have ever seen. I am not biased towards any brand, I am biased against some of the riders mentalities out there though (usually they are HD riders I hate to say). I have had most makes of bikes and from Yamaha's record for reliability, this I hope will be my last. As far as the uncomfortable seat on long trips, I had a local upholstery shop take off the vinyl and install a universal cut to fit Saddlegel pad, total cost for part and labor less than a 100.00. Yeah, the little annoying whiring whine the engine makes is just that, it can get to you and there is no known cures. But then again the silky smooth running esp at idle of the engine more than makes up for it. Prob the smoothest running V-twin I have ever been on, especially for a bike with a single crank pin. For those that complain of the little harmonic vibrations from 2800-3400 RPM, if they would read brochures and reviews, they would see it does not have rubber vibration dampners but huge counterbalancers bolted on in their place. It has an incredile pulse to it just as a big V twin should have. The Road star doesnt have the counter-balancers and it vibrates like a paint shaker (so do HD's) The liners engine is solid mounted it is so smooth.

About the only stock bike out there (vtwin) that can take it is the Vulcan 2000 but it handles like a slug (the new ones dress out at 950+ pounds). Sit on a liner then a Vulcan and move it side to side, feel how top heavy the Vulcan is. If you like the stock torgue curve, leave on the front exh pipes with the EXUP system and put on a D and D slip on. If you want a broader torque curve go with Vance and Hines. I tried both, you retain the strong torque hit with the D and D and maintain decent mileage. The V&H must use a fuel controller as it flows so much and the mileage drops no matter where you set it. I had mine Dyno tuned with a Dyna Jet controller, I still dropped 4-8 MPG. But it has 12 ft lbs more torque and 8HP more at the rear wheel than it did with the D and D. I cannot compare it to the stock system as it had the D and D on it when I got it. The tank is too small yes, but plan your stops accordingly. Heck, I went cross country on a '86 VT700C Shadow, that is a short range tank!
All and all, if you want the reliability, ease of finding parts or a dealer (Note, most dealers I have chatted with have not seen any or sold any Statoliners), I haven't figured out yet if it is lack of sales or incredible reliability. Most I talked to only would sale them spec order because of the cost. Almost every little poe dunk redneck town has metric dealers, go Metric, if you want the "prestige" buy American. As far as retaining resale value, with the economy out there being what it is, I have seen more Harleys for sale dirt cheap than other brands lately. hmmm, wonder why, is Harley pressing so hard to sell bikes that they are taking on risky loans? Often makes me wonder. How many Japanese bike makers have gone bankrupt? I have had 3 Honda's; 2 Yamahas; 1 Suzuki; 1 Kaw and 3 Harleys in the 40+ years I have been riding, All of the metric bikes I just plain wore out 150k+ miles and with the age the manufactures had stopped making alot of parts for them. The Harleys I cannot say what the life would have been or parts availability as I had so many issues with them, I only kept them 25-30k miles total. HMMMM "Metric Junk?" All and all, we ride for the same reasons, the open air, the comradory, the fellowship and the fun. Enjoy what you have, dream about what you do not or cannot have, enjoy or sport.
Matt -Mixed feelings  February 16, 2010 04:40 PM
The Deluxe looks nice and has a great engine but I have seen photos from bike shows and the hardbags don't appear to have any more capacity than the regular bags and seem to be some what flimsy. My main concern besides lack of cruise control though is the fuel capacity. What is the average miles per tank some of the Strat owners are getting?
Confused -You Traded in WHAT??? For a pyle of PLASTIC.  January 31, 2010 06:42 PM
So you said- "harryl lehman - yamaha stratoliner December 19, 2009 06:40 PM
just traded my strato for victory cross country mainley because of irritating engine noise"

Now everyone else is irritated because we have to look at the ugliest bike ever! What an idiot good luck with all the shorts your gonna have once the bike starts getting wet I'm a mechanic at a dealer we sell both I do regular service on strats and repairs on victory worst bike ever!
40+ year rider -For all riders that wasted there money on the so called AMERICAN bikes...  January 31, 2010 06:33 PM
If it's to say "I'm part of the club" - "HARLEY" (LOAD) or "I ride American" - "VICTORY" (JUNK!!!)(Does Vision mean UGLY???) The ride is what it's about and I rode the Yamaha and I have never ridden a better all around performing bike ever!!! I've ridden hundreds of bikes and own a Harley and I'm embarrassed! By the way Victory should be embarrassed how their in business I don't get it. See you at the local Yamaha dealer while I'm buying my new Stratoliner Deluxe and trading in my junk.
Rick -Old bike are best  January 30, 2010 08:01 AM
As far as style goes, the old bikes win hands down.
Why wont Yamaha create a bike that looks good from front to back?
There is always some part of their bikes that look gaudy or stupid.
Road Liner front fender (stupid)
Gas tanks with seams (stupid)
Raider exhaust pipes (stupid)
I do not want to buy a bike where I have to change half the parts on it to make it look correct.
If Yamaha wants to hire me to help them out with this, I will be glad to help.
STRAT OWNER -HDEATER  January 28, 2010 05:05 PM
Be Original -I'm just sayin!  January 5, 2010 07:28 AM
Hopefully these links will show so those who haven't seen all three bikes can see the similarity between the Harley Street Glide, Victory Cross Country, and this piece of Jap Crap! Now I happen to like Harley and Victory but on this one I think Victory clearly won by creating a better looking bike with more speed, torque, comfort, longer boards, and my personal favorite more storage space at a lower price. Plus I like that you can hook up your iPod and control it with the hand controls. And it just irritates me that Yamaha would pretty much just copy the Cross Country without adding anything new to the game. Every cruiser is taking from Harley a little bit but please at least bring something new/better to the table than the last guy. But in the end to each his own. You be the judge. I'm just sayin! http://www.harley-davidson.com/en_US/Content/Pages/2010_Motorcycles/2010_motorcycles.html?locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US#/model/flhx http://cds044.da1.hwcdn.net/y5b8k2i7/cds/prod/VIC/MY2010/gallery/wallpaper/crosscountry_skull_2_1280x1024.jpg http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/44272/Motorcycle-Photo-Gallery-Photo/2010-Yamaha-Star-Cruisers.aspx
harryl lehman - yamaha stratoliner  December 19, 2009 06:40 PM
just traded my strato for victory cross country mainley because of irritating engine noise
Mr. Nobody -harley vs. yami  December 13, 2009 04:43 PM
To me this is the bottom line.

HARLEY - $30,000 for bike with 50 yr old technology
- $5,000 on clothing to make you look like a billboard
(NOTE: if you were in a coffee shop and saw 4 Italians wearing all red clothing with a little gold horse, what would you think of them? F*&s)
- Reliability??????


Yamaha - $20,000
- Great paint
- Bigger engine
- Better handling
- Better braking

- Less clothing options
- You can tell your friends "My bike looks like a Harley"

Big Ron -Street Glide vs Stratoliner Deluxe  December 9, 2009 11:58 AM
Unbiased comparison ---- HD Street Glide/Road Glide ($18999) vs Stratoliner Deluxe ($17500). Engine - The Liner wins, I have ridden a liner and the engine is fantastic and much stronger than a stock HD 96 inch. The speed limit is what it is but the liner can pass at will. They both use a pushrod air cooled engine but the liner is a beast and a pleasure to ride. Given they use a push rod air cooled engine it makes you wonder why the HD is so down on HP and torque. It is time for HD to improve on the engine. Price - HD wins; you get alot of extra for the $1500 dollars. On top of it you can negotiate the HD price. Yamaha dealers do not have as much room to negotiate unless the factory gives them some incentives or you wait to by a 2010 in 2011. Handling - HD wins; yes I said it. Read the review of the Road Glide Custom. Frame - Draw - yes the yamaha is aluminum but the bike isnt any lighter so there is no advantage. Looks - HD wins by far! Instrumentation - HD wins; the HD has a speedo, tach, oil pressure, air temp, volt meter and something else and they are all in the fairing so they are much easier to read. Music - HD wins; Harmon Kardon stereo. Finish - Draw; they both have great quality and chromed steel as opposed to chromed plastic. I prefer the looks of the HD but we are talking about the quality of the finishes. Resale - HD wins. Accessories - HD wins. Stock seat - HD wins; you will never have to replace this seat as it is very comfortable stock. Too sum it up if the motor is your deciding factor by the Yamaha; If you look at the whole package and what you get for the extra $1500 buy the HD (Stereo, guages, seat, looks). The 96 inch engine can be uncorked with a slip on, air box and a power commander which are modifications that almost every body makes even to sport bikes that make at least twice the HP.
Rudy V -Stratoliner  November 1, 2009 04:50 AM
As far as I'm concerened, it's all about the rider,, not the ride. Buy what you like. Bikes these days are made much better. You need to get out there and sit on them. When it "fits" buy it and get out there and enjoy the road. I have owned many bikes and currently own a Stratoliner. I love it!! I put in a fuel pak and Big air kit and I usually am out in front. Handling is buy far the best!!!!! Remember.... when you can't beat the bike... beat the rider. lol
tom again -yamaha tourer  October 31, 2009 04:17 PM
I think the last great Yamaha tourer happened about 20 years ago with the advent of the Venture Royale, Yamaha tourere have been downhill since then. If you want a good tourer get a Goldwing or a K1200LT.
tom -'06 stratoliner  October 31, 2009 04:02 PM
Bought the '06 Stratoliner s the day they came out. with 100+ HP and a ton of chrome, I get more "great looking bike" comments than you could imagine. Oh by the way, those comments are mostly from Harley riders. Ride what you like and like what you ride, that's my philosophy.
bigbearr6642 -jap vs hd  October 24, 2009 05:22 PM
look this argument has been going on almost since the first bike rolled off the assembly line. all i ever owned so far is jap bikes ive owned a 95 yamaha virago 750 which i rode like a tourer there wasnt a place too far i wouldnt ride it then in 2005 i bought a 2001 roadstar. i bought these bikes because they had the styling characteristics of the hd i wanted a harley but couldnt afford the one i wanted and i wasnt going to buy an hd just to have one. im looking at getting another bike soon and i want a tourer and im looking at all my options i know what i want in a bike and i dont care whether its a jap or a an hd its gotta be commfortable it has to have a radio and cruise because im planning on some real long rides.may the best bike win
FlatTop -Blah Blah Blah  October 24, 2009 08:49 AM
I have a Harley Ultra, Honda VTX1800 & 1300, Victory Vegas & Honda 1100 Spirit. All of these bikes were bought for different reasons that are to many to describe here...each has its own personality and use. I ride with a vary diverse group of folks that have every bike you could think of and hear the same crap that I hear here. Ride what you can afford and like. I would n ever try to compare a Harley with a Victory or a Victory with a Honda. All of thes bikes have their own pros and cons...How many times I have cussed my Harleys are to many to mention as well as Hondas, Victory's, Yamaha's etc. I have oowned over 46 bikes in my 36 years of riding and hated and loved every brand out there. I ride quite a bit...everyday I breathe air into my lungs. Ride what you want and do it with pride...even when it leaved you beside the road.
skeeter -SDS  October 12, 2009 04:39 PM
You are an idiot, and you are WRONG. Do some research on the difference between SAE and Metric. An example would be how Harley's displacement is based on "cubic inches", and Victory bases the displacement on "cubic centermeters", like the Japanese motorcycles. Victory and the Japanese "cruisers" market their bikes with displacements listed in cubic inches to copy Harley and to appeal to American buyers.
SDS -Victory  October 12, 2009 12:23 PM
The Victory is NOT a metric bike, if you say it is than no more than a harley.
Woodman West-Skeeter -Roadliner Deluxe?  October 8, 2009 03:25 AM
Skeeter, there is no bike called the Roadliner Deluxe. Assuming you mean the Stratoliner Deluxe, the prices will drop fast.

For 6 months the dealers will hold price as the "new model droolers" get thier bike night bragging rights. By this time next year they will be overstocked to the gills. Come on, $18k for a metric cruiser.

That is basically $10k for the fairing, you can buy new and very slightly used Strato/Roadliners all day long for $7-9K.
skeeter -SDS why?  October 7, 2009 04:38 PM
Victory is considered METRIC because it uses metric parts, nuts, bolts, etc., like the European and Japanese bikes. Also, Victory does not use more American parts than Harley. Both companies, use outside sources for parts, and the other metric companies do as well. As far as the Vision goes, I don't like the look of it at all, but I don't like Goldwings either. To each his own! The Roadliner Deluxe, Harley Street Glide and Victory Cross Country are all in the same price range. The Harley gives up some horsepower to the other two, but it's smooth and will top out at close to 115mph stock. It also has classic styling, better gas mileage, a HUGE aftermarket, and a better resale value. Used Victory's can be purchased for next to nothing. Why is that?
SDS -Why?  October 6, 2009 04:28 PM
Why do people keep calling Victory's metric? They are made right here in the USA, and have more american parts than an HD. I just rode a Victory Vision with a 106" motor, it blows an Ultra classic out of the water! It handles better, is cooler (I live in PHX), it felt much lighter than it looks. Im in the market for a bagger, it will most likely be a Cross Country. Why pay more money for less (HD) bike.
Woodman West -Star Styling  October 5, 2009 03:27 AM
You can find Stratoliners/Roadliners 07/08 new for under $10k all day long locally. (Central Florida). I belive the reason is this funky "neo styling' Yamah/Star is trying to force on the buyers.

The they drop the V Star 1100 line, their best sellers, even though the V 1300 and V 950 sit unsold and heavily discounted. Roadstar models are cut back also.

Classic styling is what drives sales in the big cruiser market. Not this goofy "Madonna bra" blinker look. As many journalist have labeled the Road/Strato look.
'06 "S" LINER -RIDICULOUS PRICE  October 4, 2009 03:08 PM
My local dealer has 2008 Stratoliners (S) in stock for $9995 because THEY DO NOT SELL. I own a '06 Liner "S" and love it but it has several shortcomings that were simply not addressed AGAIN...FOUR YEARS LATER. FOR THIS RIDICULOUS PRICE: WHERE THE HELL IS A SIX-GALLON TANK so we can see that "imaginary 200-mile cruising range"? LOL that was a good one Yamaha! WHERE ARE CHROME or BLACKED-OUT rims? WHERE IS CRUISE CONTROL? WHERE IS THE ABS? WHERE IS A MORE COMFORTABLE STOCK SEAT? (CAUSE STOCK SEAT SUX!) AND HOW ABOUT PULLING BACK THOSE HANDLEBARS SO WE DON'T HAVE TO REACH OUT LIKE APES?! Like I said, I have a '06 Liner and do enjoy it. But unless Yamaha pulls their head out of the a$$...I'm going VICTORY Cross Country next time!
'06 Stratoliner "S" -OVERPRICED "WANNABE" DELUXE - NOTHING NEW TO IT!!!  October 4, 2009 02:58 PM
kerry -2010 Stratoliner Deluxe  October 4, 2009 12:56 PM
Come on guys, you only go part way, where's the ABS, where's the heated grips and NAV and one final thing, why the wimpy fuel capacity for a bike this size. You come out with a good looking bike but fall short. People have complained before about the pathetic fuel capacity. For the price your asking I would of expected all the above plus cruise control. You only have to do these things to hit a home run with this bike.
HDBreeze -Stratoliner Deluxe  September 30, 2009 05:02 PM
I just got a great deal on an 09 CVO Road Glide. When I seen and rode my friend's, I just had to have one. He has the silver dust/titanium dust, which I love, but I ended up with the Harley orange/black color combo. Prior to this purchase, I was really set on buying a Stratoliner Deluxe. I was just wondering if the chrome spears on the tank can be removed? Are they just mounted with double-sided tape? I really love the bike, and still hope to buy one, but I think it would look better without the spears. I would also lose the turn signals. Maybe mount some flush mount led's in the saddlebags and the fairing. The front fender looks terrible with the little duck tail, so I would probably cut it down in the back, or replace it with a Corbin fender. Other than those changes, there's nothing I would change. This bike is hot, and already set to accept my sattelite radio!
RJ -Star Liner  September 30, 2009 02:40 PM
I own the a first year '06 Roadliner bought as a year end leftover with 23K great miles now throughout New England. Before that I owned a RSWarrior that ripped like a rapped ape as well. While the art deco styling produces some love hate responses, I can honestly say the Liner is the best motorcycle I have ever owned. Reading up in the forum, there has been no significant powertrain problems and these bikes run strong. I even owned an HD FXDWG with the '88 ci motor at one time but prefer the power to weight handling characteristics of the Liner. Until you ride one you'll never know or fully understand. Plain and simple. Add in the humbling effect it is to smoke all those metric haters out there, on a bagger full of chrome from highway bars to saddlebag guards to even a sissy bar and luggage rack, AND on bike that costs considerably less and it's real a hoot. They want to cut attitude, well, we feed them a good dose of the junk right back. These are extremely good bikes but if you want something different, fine, just makes my bike appear more unique.
bigbear -scottie  September 30, 2009 07:10 AM
where are you shopping for your Harley? back in the 80's i wanted to buy a honda civic...talk about an attitude! they would not come down on the price one red cent and treated me like trash. i have had good experiences with the harley dealers over the years. when the demand was high and production was low, it was a tough time being on waiting lists and such but it was no better when i wanted to buy a civic in 1986! as far as handling...my softail handles fantastic and feels much lighter than its size. Its nothing like an r1 but its not meant to be. if you read any of the comparisons from cycle world magazine or motorcyclist the road king and heritage are not the fastest but are always the best handling. get the facts straight before talking out of your a**! lol i don't knock the other brands at all, but harley is building and selling the bikes that their customers want. its pretty stupid to think that with their resources, harley cant build a more modern bike. if thats what you want...buy an inline-4! also...its not just older men buying harleys anymore. i see more women and younger people riding harleys. i believe that with the prices of metric bikes creeping up...the choice to go with harley is easier. for those of you that are harley-haters...maybe you should blame it on the metric companies for jacking up their prices. $18,000 for a yamaha? $19,000 for a victory? $22,000 for a honda? just some food for thought...
Strat-Rider -critter  September 28, 2009 07:32 PM
If its even true that the parts are back-ordered from tokyo, why would it matter? The Stratoliner Deluxe isnt even in the dealers yet! According to everything I have read, the Harley Street Glide and the Strat Deluxe are almost the identical weight. Where are you getting your info from? I dont know about the rest of you, but I dont think critter even owns a motorcycle. He is just another poser! LOL
HDBreeze -critter, scottie, Bikendad  September 28, 2009 06:48 PM
First of all, the Stratoliner Deluxe has a claimed weight of 802 pounds, and the Harley Street Glide has a claimed weight of 810 pounds. Even if those numbers are slightly misrepresented by their makers, I doubt they would be off by 100 pounds. I think if you put both bikes side by side, the Strat has a much more custom look. There are things on both bikes that I would definitely change, but that's what "making it your own" is all about. As far as MSRP and Harley dealers, I would need to disagree. I purshased my 2007 Springer Classic for $18,600 out the door with some small extras, and just bought a 2009 CVO Road Glide for $28,700 out the door. The msrp on my Springer was 19,400 before tax, title, and mv fees. The msrp on the SE Road Glide was $32,000 before tax, title, and mv fees. I don't know where you guys are shopping for bikes, but I don't know anyone that's paid over Harley msrp since 2001. Shop around and negotiate, and if that fails, call a New Jersey H-D dealer.
Bikendad -Stratoliner deluxe  September 27, 2009 12:29 PM
I really like this bike even though it's overpriced for the lack of equipment on it. However if it's discounted like the Strats have been over the years it could be a best buy. I really want a Harley or a Vic, problem is everytime I go into one of those dealers the price gets bumped several thousand over MSRP by the time they get thru adding on all their BS. Harley and Vic will turn an $18k bike into well over $20k. Star on the other hand will probably discount heavily off the MSRP.
Scottie -Be reasonable  September 26, 2009 10:27 PM
Listen, let's reason here. H-D and its dealers got a little nutty with attitude in the 90s and even early 00s. As late as 2007 I went to the dealer here in nearby Long Island City and he had an FLSTCI on the floor for $22k without an itemized invoice and gave me some mumbled explanation for why it was $4,000 over MSRP. I so want a Heritage or Road King that has handling and power!!! Please give me what I want. I got a great price on a leftover Stratoliner and helped out a USA dealership that wanted to sell me a motorcycle. My other vehicle is an F-150 Supercrew. What percentage of Harley owners own foreign auto. I bet you'll see a bunch of overseas brands on the "other brands owned" on warranty registrations.
bigdaddysdaddy -Wannabes  September 26, 2009 12:55 PM
Once again, "Charlie" is trying to match the looks of the original. Charlie is a very sneaky lad, he's come close, but, "No Cigar". I feel less aggravated if an American buys rice, based on their original ideas, but, to see Americans go out and pay top dollar for a "Wannabe" look alike, well, they're in a class by themselves.
critter -strato-what  September 25, 2009 01:43 PM
the mpg sucks; and the fuel range; 100 lbs heavier than the harley;parts back ordered from tokyo-
critter -stato-what  September 25, 2009 01:38 PM
looks like something off star trek-
critter -strato-what?  September 25, 2009 12:09 PM
it"s fugly looking and to goddy;looks like something from star trek!thank god for h-d.
HDBreeze -Harley haters...  September 20, 2009 12:40 PM
Let me start off by saying that I love the Stratoliner Deluxe, and will most likely buy one. The price seems a little steep for today's market, but I'm sure the price can be negotiated. In general, I love motorcycles, period. I own several bikes, including a 1949 Indian Scout, a 1951 Vincent Rapide, a 1959 Harley FL Panhead, a 2006 Suzuki SV1000S, a 1997 Kawasaki ZX7RR, a 1996 Ultra Kustom Groundpounder, a 2000 H-D Road Glide, and a 2007 H-D Springer Classic. Harleys are my first love, but as you can see, I am not prejudice. My Road Glide is the bike that I ride most. It has some performance mods, and a Baker 6-speed tranny. At the time of this posting, it has been ridden 174,662 flawless miles. The motor has only been opened one time, and that is when I first bought it, and had 95" jugs installed. That was back in September, 1999. I went to Sturgis last year, putting 6200 miles on the clock with no worries and no issues. I am planning that same trip next August, and have no fear of any reliability or breakdown issues. Harley technology is way behind the times, and they have not changed much since 1936, but I think it's what people love about them. Even with that, Harleys are extremely competitive in the cruiser market, and are mimicked by nearly every metric company out there. I have seen modified Boss Hoss's with over 600hp, and it's cool, but when and where can you use all that? My oppinion is that if you want to buy a cruiser, get what you like and can afford, make it your own and enjoy it. If you want handling and speed, buy any inline-4, and keep it on the track. Also, my springer has amazing handling for a large bike, and I would have no qualms putting it up against any cruiser out there.
Mr_SDS -New Stratoliner  September 16, 2009 07:15 AM
They say that imitation is the greatest form of flatery, so harley hit on a popular idea with the bagger, thats a given, they started it. So, as in every other segment, other manufacturers are following suit, as usual, trying to get some market share. This bike is no worse or better, now, than anything else, just a different manufacturer. Owing a harley is like joining a cult following, which is fine. I like the street glide, I like the Stratoliner Deluxe, I like the Kawi Vulcan 2000, thats a strong bike, and I really like the new victory. I am in the market for a nice bagger, I think my choice will be victory mainly because of the warranty, price is good and its comfy for me, I am 6'3" and 230 lbs. If you plan on going to the billet bar every weekend and parking your bike with all the others and marvel over each others harley tatoos, get a harley. If you want to spend your time riding and enjoying the road get something else.
Mike Marshall -ho hum  September 15, 2009 09:25 AM
one word: Valkyrie
Scottie -Styride  September 12, 2009 02:42 PM
Styride - I'm 6'2" and 200 lbs. and the Stratoliner is the most comfortable and responsive cruiser I have ridden. Owners will tell you that they aren't perfect. Could use a bigger tank, and the supplemental tank prevents any crossover exhaust. Some think it needs a sixth gear, and I think the air box is odd. Oh, it also wears out tires quickly, but isn't that's going to happen when have a so much power at hand? What I will say is that I rented Harleys for five years before buying the Strat. I love looks of the Road King and Heritage, but I could never really commit to counter steering because they were slow to respond and pushing the bar toward the guard rail was unnerving so I ended up wearing myself out muscling them through turns. With the Strat all it takes is an nudge and I'm leaning confidently into any turn.
Josh -Tommy buys (assembled) in us  September 11, 2009 08:44 PM
The CVO my friend is far more than 18K. This is the bike in reference.
Tommy Buys US -HD's Street Glids is $18,000  September 11, 2009 05:42 PM
Hey Big HD Hater - it's not three times the cost, it's about $1000 less. With no heritage, its just another job, another dollar, another profit center not making it into US payrolls. I'm sticking with my 09 Street Glide.
big hd -harley hater  September 11, 2009 05:03 PM
i own a harley the biggest piece of crap i ever owned whats realy funny is that harley has been at it 106 years stars been around i realy do not know but what a bike they can build the only thing harley is good for is looking into there past and maybe make it alittle better than they did 25 years ago but at 3 times the cost hey i am looking for that sucker to buy my street glide any out there!
Josh -milwaukee  September 10, 2009 09:35 PM
"And for those Harley haters out there,....it has a 110 cubic inch motor, not a 96 incher".

Yeah, and even with the premium price of a CVO it is STILL smaller and less powerful than the Yamaha. What a rip off.
milwaukee mike -Imitation HD CVO Street Glide  September 10, 2009 06:35 PM
Yamaha is copying the HD CVO Street Glide.
Checkout the 2010 HD website.

And for those Harley haters out there,....it has a 110 cubic inch motor, not a 96 incher.

Remember, copies are never as good as the originals.
Ned -But wait Howie  September 9, 2009 06:10 PM
Harley owners DO care about power! How often do you see a stock Harley on the rode? Most Harleys have at least one or all of the following: intake, exhaust, big bore kits and cams... etc. Harley owners want the designer label and lifestyle that goes with it but power is an extra $$$ option.

Why would Harley put a 113 cu. in. motor in their bikes when the people who buy the bikes are happy to pay $$thousands$$ more just for a few more HP. Harley Davidson is an expert at marketing their demographic for every cent possible to extract from them.

Look, Harley even charges extra $$$ for a reverse on their trike…Duh! Who would not pay for this option on a trike, especially considering most likely the customer buying the trike may have a physical reason for why they can’t move a heavy bike around. À la carte my friends, restaurants make big money off it too.

Howie -nice  September 9, 2009 05:06 PM
Rode with a guy who had a Roadliner and that cruiser HAULED...didn't keep up with my CBR1100XX but it sure as hell tried! If you want a cruiser with POWER, you buy Japanese (or Victory maybe). If you don't care about power but want to pay for a name, you go Harley I guess. Me I'll take the power.
Wishbone -milwaukee mike  September 9, 2009 02:40 PM
Hey M. Mike, aren't those girly little Harleys only 96 cu. in. But this new, and beautiful Yamaha, is 113 cu. in. According to my math this makes the Harley "big twins" not so big. LOL

And resale is not so important with an import bike because with these bikes you actually want to keep the bike; unlike the Harley where once you realize what a mistake it was buying this turd you want to sell it to the next sucker about to make the same mistake.
Rocket Scientist -Math for Milwaukee Mike  September 9, 2009 02:14 AM
Mike, that "new" math is correct. 1 inch = 16.387 cubic centimeters. Multiply 113 x 16.387 and voila - 1,851 cc's. If you hate the Star bike because it's Japanese, that's your call, but don't bother questioning their engineering - this bike will clean any stock Harley's clock. On the other hand, the Victory might give the Star a run for its money.
Bob -milwaukee mike  September 9, 2009 01:50 AM
milwaukee mike rides only iron crap... So don't mind him!
Styride -Strato/Star  September 9, 2009 01:35 AM
A beautifully finished bike, as most Stars are. Really no faults BUT you have to be big guy to ride this baby ..she is huge.I have some mixed feelings about the deco signal/turn lighting but it is part of the theme. Friends who own them swear by them, I have ridden it over 500 miles (2 different bikes) on a swap for the day rides .If I were over 200 lbs and 6'+ she would be in play.
Tai Nguyen -Street Glide Copy  September 8, 2009 09:03 PM
It looks like a Harley Street Glide copy.
Scottie -revised  September 8, 2009 08:28 PM
Scottie - Deluxe September 8, 2009 08:23 PM A few months ago I bought a brand new, left over '07 Stratoliner for under $10,000. I'll ride her until she's done, so resale is not an issue. On Sunday I rode a very technical ride - 175 miles, through the Catskills - and she forgave all my mistakes. Back in April I rode a Heritage up into the Berkshires and didn't have a very fond experience. I love the look of the new Victory bikes. If they are as roomy as the Liner, Yamaha may have to look for the next best thing.
Woodco100 -New Stars  September 8, 2009 07:50 PM
The local dealers still have 07 and 08 Stars they cannot sell. Unless they are below costs witht he Yammie rebate.

So they raise thier prices and drop the most popular model, V Star 1100 series.

They are trying to force us away from the classic styling of the V1100 Classic and the Roadstar (both which should come with this fairing) into the ugly neo styling of the V1300 and the Strato/Roadliners.

A huge market has built up converting Stars into HD styled bikes. Yammie is a day late and way overpriced for 2010!
milwaukee mike -Just another cheap copy  September 8, 2009 06:39 PM
Just another cheap copy with a price twice what it is worth.
The article stated that it had a 113 cubic inch motor. Well the japs must use some form of "new math". Every kid knows that a "cubic centimeter" is far smaller than a "cubic inch". This just shows the lengths the japs will go to fool potential buyers.
Desmolicious -$17500?  September 8, 2009 03:32 PM
that's the same money as the new Victory Cross Country....

Seeing how these Yam cruisers are heavily discounted off the bat, I think Yam's pricing needs to be revisited.