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Four Yamaha Electric Mounts for Tokyo Show

Monday, November 11, 2013
Yamaha will debut four electric motorcycle concepts at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. The lithium-ion battery-powered designs include a street and dirt bike, as well as an e-scooter and kids minibike.


The PES1 acronym stands for Passion, EV and Street sport. The prototype is powered by a DC brushless motor and lithium-ion battery. The power pack is dubbed the Yamaha Smart Power Module – described by Yamaha as a “monocoque structure that also functions as the frame.” The power pack appears to have cooling fins up front – probably to keep the batteries in check. Yamaha also promises the battery is removable for easy replacement. A belt final drive runs to the rear wheel, with the press release announcement claiming a transmission that is switchable between manual and automatic modes.

The rest of the chassis features a liberal use of carbon fiber, in subframe, front fender and tank area. The latter of which sports a hole clean through – the negative space enforcing the fact that this bike ain’t using no gasoline. Inverted forks are up front, while the rear shock is mounted horizontally underneath the motor and power pack. A single disc front and rear provide the stopping power.

No hard data for range, top speed or motor output is listed. However, Yamaha does say the new PES1 weighs under 100 kg (220 pounds). Unless the Tuning Fork engineers figured out a breakthrough in battery technology of flux capacitor-like stature, the light claimed weight won’t equate into range or power stats comparable to the existing Zero and Brammo models. But the PES1 looks to be one of the more production-ready EV street mounts to be teased by a major OEM this year.



D stands for dirt in this next Yamaha EV concept. The PED1 shares the shame Yamaha Smart Power Module monocoque structure as its S model sibling, but from there it sheds all but the basics and then some – as the teaser pic not sporting a seat and a naked subframe. The PED1 transmission also promises auto and manual settings, but unlike the S-version it transfers power to the rear via chain final drive. The rear shock also appears to be placed in a more conventional location. The EV moto bike also sports plenty of suspension travel up front and off-road friendly knobbies. Claimed weight for the D is lighter than the S at under 85 kg (187 pounds). The PED1 from Yamaha is analogous to the KTM Freeride, an electric dirt bike with a 2.1 kWh power pack (good for a claimed 30 minutes of riding) and 95 kg (209 pounds) curb weight.



As the name suggests, the EVINO is an electric send-up of the Tuning Fork brand’s small-displacement scooter. It carries over the Vino’s retro-themed lines, but with some bright blue e-power flourish. The motor is a DC brushless design. Yamaha states the battery is removable. The EVINO also sources a regenerative charging system. No further technical details are offered, but presumably the regenerative effect is from the braking system and reversing polarity on the motor – which appears to be hub-mounted. No weight or range claims are listed in Yamaha’s teaser PR.



The EKIDS prototype is billed as an electric-powered learner for kids. It looks just like Yamaha’s PW50, but sports the electric powertrain and hub-mounted motor. The press release states little hard data on the system, except to say it “mounts a modularized “EVINO” electric power unit.” Yamaha also promises the gas/oil-less EKIDS is so clean running it can be ridden indoors.

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MCUSA Bart   November 13, 2013 09:45 AM
The energy density, recharge and cost concerns are all valid criticisms of electric vehicles, but those areas have all shown marked improvement as the technology develops. The PED1 won't be a very good trail bike, maybe. But what if the 2.1 kWh battery (which is in the KTM Freeride, not the Yamaha, whose capacity is still to be determined) was easy to swap out? There is real potential there. A major breakthrough will definitely have to take place for a true shift away from internal combustion. One potential is the development of grapheme supercapacitors, which will resolve the charging concerns and potentially the energy storage. At some point there will be a shift away from internal combustion engines - maybe soon, maybe not... They will always stay with us, but as a novelty like the horse and buggy.
weitzman   November 12, 2013 11:40 AM
Are you kidding? With a 2.1 KWh battery, it might get you 15-20 miles at best. And then how much is it going to cost? $10K? Stop with the electric bikes as batteries are not a practical energy storage device for transportation. They don't have the energy density (short range), take much to long to recharge and cost way too much. The only way an electric vehicle can enter the marketplace is because of government coercion by mandates, loans and subsidies. When you buy your next R1, FJR, FZ-09, Star or whatever, you will be paying for these electric bikes