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Adding clickTAG Tracking to Flash Banners
STEP 1.} Set your file to Actionscript 2
Under file > publish settings (fig. 1.1) > select the flash tab (fig. 1.2) and make sure actionscript 2 is selected .
STEP 2.} Create Invisible button
Create a new layer on top of all other layers > Draw a shape over the entire stage > Convert that shape to a Button (right click > convert to symbol) > Double click that button and drag the keyframe to the "Hit" state (fig. 2.1) make sure the other states are empty.
STEP 3.} Add Actionscript
Open actions panel (window > actions) With the button selected in the timeline add the following code (fig. 3.1)

on (release) {
STEP 4.} Publish and send us your .swf file.

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