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KTM 450 Rally Replica Debuts in Morocco

Wednesday, November 3, 2010
KTM 450 Dakar Rally Replica
KTM's new Dakar Rally racebike is a 450 to comply with displacement restrictions imposed in Dakar 2010.
Not to be lost in the EICMA Milan Bike Show headlines, KTM debuted its new 450-based rally platform during October’s Moroc Rallye 2010. Factory rider Cyril Despres claimed victory in the five-stage rally, beating Yamaha’s Helder Rodrigues. Despres’ lead rival and fellow KTM-450-equipped comrade, Marc Coma, finished third in spite of 36 minutes worth of time penalties.

The Moroccan rally was the first competition test of the 450 Rally Replica, which the KTM riders will campaign in the upcoming Dakar 2011. KTM had a notorious split with the ‘Dakar’ Rally (which has ran in South America for the past two years due to security concerns), when the racing event imposed a displacement cap of 450cc. The Austrian marque had long dominated the African-based series with its 690 rally machinery, purpose-built for Dakar. Last year KTM supported “privateer” riders at Dakar on restricted 690s, including its de facto factory stars – Despres and Coma.

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This time around, KTM’s Dakar duo will campaign the rally on the 450-based racebike. Details on the new ride are hard to come by, but Coma noted the difference between the 450 and the marque’s 690 racer, saying after the first stage of its Morrocan debut: “…the feeling with the new bike has been very good. There are some adjustments to improve, and get used to riding in a different way – a more attacking style rather than just using the power.”

KTM’s press release on the rally dubs the 450’s debut as a “Perfect performance by KTM riders and the new 450 Rally Replica.” It goes on to say: “The six days of desert riding was the perfect launch pad for the new KTM 450 Rally Replica and the team reported not a single mechanical issue with the new machine in the hands of the two best rally riders in the world. The results were a triumph for riders, machine and the entire team involved in its development.”

Stay tuned for more updates of the new 450 Rally Replica as the 2011 Dakar approaches this winter.

Marc Coma on the new 450: The first stage of the rally has been quite challenging  but the feeling with the new bike has been very good. There are some adjustments to improve  and get used to riding in a different way - a more attacking style rather that just using the power.KTM factory rider Marc Coma placed third at Morocco on the all-new 450 Rally Replica.Cyril Despres - 2010 Moroccan Rally
Marc Coma (1) and Cyril Despres (2) stretch their legs over the new 450 KTM rally racebike during October's Moroc Rallye 2010.
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Howard P Coats -retired.[designer] sport fishing...  November 18, 2010 05:53 AM
Check this out and I [know] KTM can do this. I come up with some ideas that will work. KTM has a 0ne liter V-4 engine for motor bikes.
I have been wanting to take and hook three V-4 1000 cc engiges and run them inline [with] tow fluid dampners in between the V-4 engines,but that requiers, cutting the case's a little and revamp
the ends of the crank shaft.By doing it this way you could check different crank timing agles for a design of a compact [V-12]...
These ingines would be perfect for smaller sport fishing boats.
Plus these ingines would fit in the [floor] of a boat better, plus more room aft. Plus you can run a jet water pump [such] as jet ski type...
light weight metal boats, that have heaters, AC, GPS, plus a from
of little larger boat that would run two [3.0 liter V-12s] up to 30 ft.long. You would have to [run] a engine cooling system the same as a car,
for smog. Plus you would have to run a exshaust the same as a car, thats why you would use [a] all metal boat. But the design of the cooling system and vers's the older style of the water cooled exhaust, they
never reach recomended temps.ranges, and causing the rings on the older
cast iron engiges to wear faster. Then causing the engine to burn way
more fuel.[A] cast iron V-8 weighs about 750 lbs, and harder to maintane.Another thing that I my self will do is; hook a [Honda]
Gold Wing [the big flat six ingenes] and hook one to a honda jet ski pump and use it in twenty foot flat bottom boat, that will keep me busy for a while...
Thank you Howard
OH I was looking at some new bikes too...

Gads -Sweet but..  November 3, 2010 05:28 PM
Will KTM make one for the consumer??