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2013 KYMCO Scooters First Look

Monday, August 27, 2012
The Compagno 110i has a 112cc  4-stroke four-valve engine.
The Compagno 110i has a 112cc, 4-stroke four-valve engine.
KYMCO USA bolsters its 2013 scooter line with four new offerings, ranging from the lightweight Compagno 50i to the maxi-style Xciting 500 Ri ABS.

The Compagno 50i sports styling similar to the Like 50 models KYMCO USA already has on the market. Both take after traditional European scoots, but the Compagno 50i is now the most compact machine in KYMCO’s on-road line-up weighing in at an estimated 189lbs (dry). It comes equipped with a 4-stroke three-valve, 49cc Single. The fuel-injected SOHC engine claims a modest 4.1 horsepower peak, and is sure to offer fuel-sipping mpg figures.

The Compagno 50i features a seat height of 29 inches, 1.45 gallon gas tank and the standard front disc and rear drum brakes that come equipped on all of KYMCO’s small displacement scooters. Narrower front and rear tires (90/90-10), dual rear shocks and MSRP at $2,599 set the Compagno 50i apart from its KYMCO 50 kin.

For $400 dollars more, KYMCO offers the Compagno 110i – the 112cc, 4-stroke four-valve, 9.6 hp big-brother to the 50i. As with the 50i, the 110i comes with dual rear shocks, 29-inch seat height, and narrower front and rear tires. It also boasts an estimated dry weight of 198 pounds, making it the second lightest KYMCO scooter behind the 50i.

The Movie 150 has a 149cc SOHC 4-stroke four-valve engine.
The Movie 150 relies on a carburetor rather than EFI and has both an electric and kick starter.
Moving up the price, weight and displacement list is the $3,199 Movie 150. Equipped with a 149cc SOHC 4-stroke four-valve engine, the Movie 150 promises more get-up-and-go than either of the Compagnos. Its lines and styling are also much sharper and more aggressive than the smaller scoots. The Movie 150 relies on a carburetor rather than EFI, and comes with both an electric and kick starter, unlike the other three new additions to the 2013 line-up which all have EFI and come with just the electric starter. The larger Movie comes with a heftier claimed dry weight as well, at 250 pounds.

At the top of the heap of KYMCO scoots is the Xciting 500 Ri ABS. Listed at $6,899, the Xciting 500 comes with all the bells and whistles KYMCO has to offer. The only DOHC 4-stroke engine of all the models available in 2013, the Xciting claims peak output of 37.8 horsepower at 7000rpm and 30.5ft lb-ft of torque at 5500 rpm. It comes with new generation Bosch ABS and has a hand-pull parking brake. It also comes with a number of amenities like a lockable glovebox, a 12v accessory outlet, a clock, odometer, mulit-function trip meter as well as fuel and temperature sensors.

All models in the 2013 KYMCO line-up come with CVT automatic transmission and underseat storage. All models also come with a standard two-year warranty and there are plenty of accessories available.

The 2013 KYMCO scooter offerings total 16. They aren’t carring over significant models, including its 250cc lines. Also missing from the 2013 roster is the Quannon 150 motorcycle and Venox 250 cruiser.

The Compagno 50i comes in Black or White and both colors are highlighted by silver accents.
The Compagno 50i comes in Black or White.
The Compagno 110i comes in Light Blue or Metallic Mocha.
The Compagno 110i comes in Light Blue or Metallic Mocha.

The Movie 150 comes in Tangerine or Black.
The Movie 150 comes in Tangerine or Black.
The Xciting 500 Ri ABS comes in Grey or Gold.
The Xciting 500 Ri ABS comes in Grey or Gold.
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gregsfc   December 28, 2012 07:52 AM
Still looking for an OEM that will abandon the CVT in favor of something that will actually require little or no transmission maintenance for the life of the scooter, which will simultaneously add about 10% efficiency to products that are billed as fuel thrifty. There are only two examples I know of: (1)The Genuine Stella 4 speed manual, and (2)The Honda Integra, which is sort of a MC/Scooter cross with a dual clutch; not sold in the U.S. If larger scooters are going to survive the U.S. market, consumers are going to have to get something besides CVT. Even the $10K BMW Cs have them.
congolink   November 8, 2012 12:42 AM
Regarding the Kymco Movie 150: So strange that KymcoUSA should be importing the old 2008 model and call it a 2013 just to see if Americans could be interested in it. I'd love to buy the REAL new model if I could. But why don't they sell it? Just check the Kymco Taiwan site to take a look. They have several models normally called either just 'Racing' or 'Racing King' over there, ranging up to 180cc.
bikerrandy   September 2, 2012 06:14 PM
Kymco is making the BMW twin 600cc motors for their new maxi-scooters, so I don't know about that.
Poncho167   August 30, 2012 03:15 PM
Kymco forgot the mileage. I guess these things guzzle gas.