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2008 OCC Production Bikes Picture 53 of 53

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Photo 53 of 53
While Sr. and Jr. put on their all-business, all-the-time faces, Mikey flashes his trademark easy-going grin.

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Gejza Jakab - mr  January 4, 2011 11:40 AM
Hi, my name is Gejza and im from Slovakia.I love you and I love your program,which I whatch every day on Discovery.I like your motors and Im your a big fan.Can you send me some letter of your photos and your autogramms or some book?Thank you .Your fan Gejza
Alicia - Hoping for reconciliation  November 12, 2010 07:32 PM
My husband and i watch the show all the time but it just breaks my heart that a father and son will fight and split up the way they do.
How can a father turn his back on his children the way he did. All of this for fame and money. Sr. says he loves his sons but he never shows it all he does is criticize and yell. A real father would wish his sons the best out on there own and give them what they deserve.
After all the money is gone what do you have without family you have nothing it is not always about who makes a better bike.or who makes more money. without jrs ideas for bikes occ would have never been what it is today and i have to give vinnie credit that he deserves. When i am watching sr all i ever hear is what jr does wrong and that he doesnt do any thing right.Just give jr his 20 percent and be a father and quit putting him down and having your whole shop put him down and not once do you ever back him up what a DISGRaCE. Thats not being a father just an enemy.
andrew - fan  September 28, 2010 11:14 AM
fan of the show hope it stay on the air go jr
jason campbell - hilljac jay  September 23, 2010 08:51 PM
jr. stop running over the past spider -venom-anti-bike is over make theme bikes for money make your idea bikes for fame.arlen ness......... makes his money and builds his wild and cool ideas!
carlos rodriguez / englewood nj - pharmacy tech  September 2, 2010 08:28 AM
big fan of occ, senior needs to make peace with his boys,
he needs to act like the grounup here.
wish paul jr lots of succes with his new bike shop.
ps, can some one give vince or vinnie the credit he deserve.
good luck.
carlos from englewood nj.
tim carr - mr  August 20, 2010 08:22 AM
hey man i really missed occ and the bike builds i am happy to see that its back and paul jr can now build a sweet ride on his terms his way with no interuptions from sr--- to sr you mean quite well but your attitude stinks sometimes PAUL JR AND CO did some incredible rides alng with yourself but no matter what old school vs. new school is always by ones choice you like old im 41 and i like new and wild in ending i sure hope that in the end all of you will settle your fighting and have a biker build off against each other old occ vs the new cc thats what what makes all of you so kool nothing better than a love affair with sweet rides good luck too both of you i wish you both well
Mike, Hobe Sound, FLorida - Dad  July 30, 2010 09:22 AM
Hope you all can work this out, we have enjoyed many of your shows over the years. My son Hunter, 13 and I watched your all weekend OCC special that was on during a bad weather weekend in Fl. I enjoyed his company as we enjoyed the show. Hope to be watching soon.
buck reynolds - wishing for the best  July 19, 2010 02:48 PM
t.v needs occ back on like bad my wish is to get vinnie involved in up-coming series with paul jr some way some how i think they all mean well but i think they could and should have gave rick and vinnie more exposer and public credit when they go to shows when bikes are on display after build. paul sr what can i say t.v is t.v and i know u say u be yourself but if thats the case i feel for your employers cause nobody deserve to be talk to like you do i didnt miss a show and i seen all the good you have done over the course of time on air and sure it didnt show all you have done but deep down at the end of the day i think you mean well and have a good heart but remember this saying if you dont get nothing else out of reading this dont ever forget where you come from cause you will never get where you are going and the comment that was made about vinne when left was way pass do of course im sure he was payed well but a low blow was a understatement and granted his roof repair on house was nice but had him baby sit mickey and be held responcible for his doing come on please and by all means paul jr wont no saint but i saw a epoisode where you were designing a ole school bike with rick help you were lost as hell so just fall back when come down to designs when allowing jr to do so over all i love the show and wish all well in future in whatever the direction the show may go im a proud owner of my race car business with 39 guys working for me and my heating and air business which includes 15 guys so i can relate in all aspects along with working with family members it can be hard but its a way in handling everything so in the mean time and between time be safe and ride on