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2005 BMW K1200S Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2005 BMW K1200S 2005 BMW K1200S

The K1200S features state-of-the-art engine efficiency and low emissions to meet strict EU environmental standards.
The EVO Paralever rear suspension works with the Duolever front suspension to deliver a smooth ride and some seriously sporty handling.
Delivering 142.5 horsepower at the rear wheel, the K1200S is the most powerful motorcycle BMW has ever built.
The 16-valve 4-cylinder engine was derived from BMW's Formula One technology gives the K1200S a lot of muscle on the road.
The K1200S can adapt to changing road conditions with the push of a button, thanks to the Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA).
The K1200S features a partially integral braking system, where the brake lever distributes braking force between both front and rear wheels, while the foot brake activates only the rear wheel.
The K1200S provides the rider with protection and comfort with its full fairing and screen.
Ken gives the K1200S a thumbs-up during the photo shoot.
The K1200S combines the power and speed of a sportbike with a comfortable riding position.
The K1200S posted some impressive numbers on Hansens dyno. 142 horsepower and almost 83 lb. ft. of torque feels as good in reality as it looks on paper.
The exposed version of the K1200S.
Take a peek at the informative dash of the BMW K1200S.
Here's a look at the vital internals of the K1200S motor and tranny. 16 valves, DOHC actuating rocker-arms - four high-compression pistons and a slick 6-speed gearbox.
The slick turnsignals integrated into the mirrors really cleans the bike up. The mirrors work very well too.
The low-maintenance enclosed shaft drive of the EVO Paralever rearend in the K1200S is just one hi-tech piece of the big picture.
The BMW Motorrad Duolever front end is an absolute gem. Plus, the EVO braking system has enough power to slow a frieght train down. Good thing too.
The bars are pretty high and the front cowling/windscreen combo does a decent job a keeping the rider safe from the elements.
Check out the sculpted recesses in the tank that allow for a full range of movement with the bars and a thin feeling between your legs. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter, pal.
The massive headlamp sheds some serious light on any situation.
Passenger accomodations are top shelf as well. Thick seat, formed grab rails and the rear pegs aren't too terribly high.
Even Ken can touch flat-footed on the K1200S thanks to the easy to reach rider step length.
Notice how the reflection in the mirror is clear in the picture. Yeah, its that smooth.
The K1200S is super-stable, thanks in part to the long wheelbase and fairly agile, despite the long wheelbase.
Approaching the horizon the K1200S looks like any other bike. Until you get a closer look. But you better have a fast ride because this beast flat hauls ass.
The K1200S carves up asphalt like Hannibal does brains. It's crazy!
The big exhaust can has amazing ground clearance, and it helps the K exceed the EU2 environmental standards.
If you ever see this dude with the glasses - beware. He rearended RRW's Steve Atlas (In the blue) - No, not that way silly. He rammed him... with a K1200S. Scary.
Coming at 'cha. The K1200S is a thrill to ride. Sure, there's plenty of badder bikes out there but this one has class.
The lines of the K1200S are smooth and flowing. Check out how cool that Paralever rearend looks in motion.
Check out the wheelbase on the K1200S. 61" from axle to axle: Do you need a long-load permit when crossing the county line on this bad boy?
Even when you're on the brakes, as Ken is in this picture, the Duolever front end resists diving. Very cool.
Although the K1200S proved difficult to classify, combing elements of both sport and touring bikes, it was an excellent ride.