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2008 Ducati 848 Shootout Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2008 Ducati 848 Shootout. 2008 Supersport Shootout VI

While the 848 gets blasted for being too uncomfortable on the street by the majority of the test riders there are a few who didn’t mind trading off the aching back for usable torque and those oh, so sexy lines.
There is still the standard list of obstacles to the 848 being a really good streetbike, including mirrors that don’t offer much view, an ass-high, rock hard and hot seat, too low clip-ons and not much wind protection.
Gather the latest 600cc Inline-Four racebikes from the Big Four, toss in a 675cc Triple from Triumph and a sexy 848cc Twin from Ducati and you get the lineup for our sixth annual Supersport Shootout.
2008 Supersport Shootout - Ducati 848
2008 Supersport Shootout - Ducati 848
Jimmy Moore: 'Unlike Japanese bikes, Ducati just have a feel of there own and once you get used to it, feel rich and soul stirring.'
Brian Chamberlain: 'The Ducati still steers a bit slow for my tastes, but once turned in it is one of the most stable and confidence inspiring bikes of the group.'
2008 Supersport Shootout - Ducati 848
One of the most significant upgrades to the 848 is the wet clutch that proved to be very durable through all our track days, dyno testing and the brutal drag strip that historically has claimed every Ducati clutch we’ve tested over the years.
For years the Ducati middleweight has been left in the dust by the higher horsepower In-Line powered motorcycles in this class but that’s not the case any longer. The 848 powerplant is the top performer on our dyno with nearly 120 hp and over 60 lb-ft of torque up for grabs.
The gorgeous lines of the new bodywork and visceral growl of its Twin-cylinder powerplant are key elements of the Ducati’s appeal.
Against this high-revving, track oriented supersport race replicas the 848 is the odd duck, requiring more shifting and more effort to manhandle in the tightest turns while rewarding the rider for their effort with rock solid stability everywhere.
On both the hp and torque charts the Ducati curve looks like a fire-breathing behemoth towering over the lowly In-Line curves as they scream towards their cute 40-something peak ponies like so many civilians scrambling to safety of the mall in a monster movie.
The biggest obstacle to taking advantage of that tasty power at either Infineon or Thunderhill is the constant shifting necessary to keep it off the rev-limiter.
Once the rider gets in touch with the 848 it requires a measure of self control mid-corner because it begs to push the front tire so hard at insane angles of attack.
320mm discs w Brembo 4-piston 2 pads
The Ducati 848 swept up in the horsepower production, although it ran out of revs quite early.
The Ducati 848 was top dog in torque production on the dyno.
The quick-launching Duc was tops at the drag strip.
The Ducati wasnt the fastest during our timed Superpole session, but it wasn't the slowest either.
2008 Supersport Shootout - Ducati 848
The Ducati 848 was smoking at the drag strip.
2008 Supersport Shootout - Ducati 848
The essence of Ducati superbikes fuels the 848: It’s rock solid in the turns, puts the rider in the attack position, doles out gobs of rider-friendly torque, looks identical to its open class stable mates.