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2007 Ducati 1098S Comparo Photo Gallery

Photos of 2007 Ducati 1098S Comparo. 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R vs Ducati 1098S

2007 Ducati 1098S
Just look at how aggressive looking the 1098S in this shot. Its lines are smooth and flowing and the technological goodies are bristling in the scorching sun.
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S rider accomodations are not a lot different than Ducatis of the past. Its wide, flat seat is great on the track but it gets a bit uncomfortable and hot on the street.
2007 Ducati 1098S - Wallpaper
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S
2007 Ducati 1098S - Wallpaper
The 2007 Ducati 1098S rear wheel may look great but unless you have an air-ratchet and the exact tool necessary to remove the axle nut - you will never be able to get it off the swingarm.
2007 Ducati 1098S
The view from the cockpit is rather nice. Though the mirrors look good they dont provide a very good view of anything but the riders elbows.
2007 Ducati 1098S - Wallpaper
Monobloc 4-piston Brembo calipers are a hot ticket these days and the 2007 Ducati 1098S is one of the first production bikes to offer such braking goodness to the public.
2007 Ducati 1098S features a fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock as one of the many top-shelf components in its bag of tricks.
Ducati top clamps have been fairly stylized in recent years but the 1098S unit is more basic than expected. It still features an Ohlins stabilizer and a super trick dash though...
2007 Ducati 1098S - Wallpaper
The backside of the 2007 Ducati 1098S is something to behold. The tilted dual exhaust cans, single-sided swingarm and sculpted bodywork combine to provide some serious eye-candy. Not that Hutch's tail isn't nice too...
2007 Ducati 1098S
Who is this guy and why does he insist on looking at the camera all the time? Oh yeah, here's the 1098S on one wheel.
With the Ohlins fork near completely compressed while hard on the brakes, the 1098S looks even more sinister than usual.
We understand that wheelies are for lame idiots who just want to be the center of attention - but what can we say? We like how easy it is to get the 1098S to strut its stuff.
Whether you are behind, beside or underneath a 1098, the view is quite good.
Check out Heed as he modulates the front brake with just one finger.
Buttonwillow Raceway has become a favorite among MotorcycleUSA's test riders. The track is both challenging and entertaining and with a little more practice we might actually figure ut how to get around it pretty good.
The new dual underseat muffler arrangement is just one of the styling cues taken from the 916-era. The single-sided swingarm is another.
With the exception of one brief moment on the Torque chart around 5000 rpm, the 2007 Ducati 1098S has the 2007 Aprilia RSV1000R Mille covered by 15 lb-ft across the spectrum.
Once in a while a comparison of dyno results doesn't always reflect how different two bikes feel in the real world but that is not the case here. The Ducati 1098S has the Mille covered from start to finish and once the revs climb past 7K the Ducati leaves the Mille in its dust.
The hit list is long on the 1098S. In this picture alone the radial-mount Brembo monobloc caliper, massive rotors and single-sided swingarm are on full display.
Looking sharp is one of the key elements to the immediate success of the 1098. The sick lines start with a pair of slim headlamps, integrated blinkers in the mirror housing, dual ram-air intakes combined with a lot of techno-goodies to complete one good looking motorcycle.
You can't tell from this picture - but those wheels are some of the lightest we have ever felt. Though we didn't take the time to weigh them they are significantly lighter than the Mille's hoops.
The 2007 Aprilia Mille feels a bit wider and stretches the rider out a bit more than the 1098. That makes it a better fit than the 1098 for taller riders like Adam.
The 2007 Ducati 1098S is a sportbike rider's fantasy bike. Its sexy, hauls ass and is good enough to make Hutchy feel like dropping to a knee and giving thanks.
The Ducati 1098S is most at home when bent into a turn with nothing between it and motorcycle nirvana except another dozen corners and the setting sun.
Sure the 1098S looks good in motion. This angle showcases the svelte new tail section as well as the fully adjustable Ohlins steering damper located at the top of the triple clamp.