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2009 Can-Am Spyder Roadster Owner’s Event

Monday, July 6, 2009
Spyder owners get VIP parking for Saturdays Universal CityWalk Spyder event.
Spyder owners get VIP parking for Saturday’s Universal CityWalk Spyder event.
This June, BRP Can-Am Spyder roadster owners from all over North America rode to Los Angeles for the Ryde to the Red Carpet event. This year’s annual owner’s event – the second for Spyder – was in celebration of the Spyder roadster role in this summer’s blockbuster hit, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Hollywood didn’t know what hit them, as 220 Spyder roadsters and 410 Spyder owners were parading around the Los Angeles and Hollywood streets for three straight days.

Most of the owners stayed at the host hotel, the Sheraton Universal. There was a buzz throughout the entire hotel as hundreds of Spyder owners were proud to spread the Spyder word. Roadsters even took over the parking garage as the whole first floor of the garage was for Spyder parking only! There were countless photos, stories and handshakes exchanged among the owners and their passengers.

The festivities started on Friday night, as more than 100 owners/riders on nearly 70 Spyder roadsters went to Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank for their famous car night. It was quite the sight as the Spyder Ryders expanded and took an entire section of the parking lot. Even Jay Leno made an appearance – not on his Spyder #001, but with a few friends in one of his many classic cars.
Can-Am Spyder roadsters and owners gather at Bobs Big Boy in Burbank.
Can-Am Spyder roadsters and owners gather at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank.

After a couple of hours at Bob’s Big Boy, a big group of owners rode to downtown Burbank – another hot spot for great food and good times. About half of the owners that were at Bob’s Big Boy wanted to head home to get an early start to Saturday’s events. But there were a number that stayed out to experience the sights and sounds of Burbank, Los Angeles and the other great surrounding towns.

Day two started early with owners heading to the festivities around 7:15 a.m. They were welcomed by the Universal CityWalk parking crew with VIP spaces, right next to the action! With the 200 plus Spyder roadsters parked together, it was an impressive sight.

Once owners were done promoting their custom paint jobs, aftermarkets parts and talking all things Spyder, they were treated to a hearty buffet breakfast at the famous Hard Rock Café.
BRPs Marc Lacroix acknowledges Spyder roadster owner Jocelyn Noreau for traveling the furthest distance to the Los Angeles Spyder owners event.
BRP’s Marc Lacroix acknowledges Spyder roadster owner Jocelyn Noreau for traveling the furthest distance to the Los Angeles Spyder owner’s event.

After breakfast, BRP held a welcome presentation for all attendees outside of the AMC cinema. Vice President of Can-Am, Yves Leduc, and Director of Marketing Marc Lacroix acted as Masters of Ceremony and announced the winners of the esteemed BRP Spyder Awards.

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s most prestigious awards shows – Oscars, Grammy’s, and Espy’s and last weekend played host to the BRP Spyder Awards.

The awards were as followed:

Best Personalized Spyder
PE# 443 Sharon Diezmo from Nevada

Most Mileage on a Spyder to date
Doru Ticsa – 38,650 miles

The owner who traveled the furthest distance to the owners event
Jocelyn Noreau traveled 3,009 miles/4,814 km from Quebec City, Canada to Burbank, California.
Sharon Diezmo in front of her F1 looking custom Can-Am Spyder roadster.
Sharon Diezmo in front of her F1 looking custom Can-Am Spyder roadster.

Owners who demonstrate true Spyder passion on the web
Lamont Bryden – SpyderLovers.com
Marc Pukos and Craig Deats – SpyderTalk.com
Lou Gutowski and Veronica Dunford – West Coast Spyder

Spyder Elite – Owners who have logged more than 25,000 miles on their Spyder
Doru Ticsa: Clearwater, FL
Lamont Bryden: Mosheim, TN
Mark Adams: Fanny Bay, BC Canada
Ken Miller: El Cajon, CA
TJ Fischer: Simi Valley, CA

Two Spyder roadsters units are parked along side the life size Bumblebee in front of the AMC Theater at Universal CityWalk.
Two Spyder roadsters units are parked along side the life size Bumblebee in front of the AMC Theater at Universal CityWalk.
After many applause and “Go Spyder” chants, it was time to walk the red carpet for a photo op, grab some complimentary refreshments and cheer on their Spyder roadster make its movie debut in what some critics are claiming to be this summers blockbuster hit, Transformers 2: The Revenge of the Fallen.

The Spyder roadsters, decked in the Phantom Black body kit, played an role in the government’s secret NEST force deployed globally to protect the human race from the Decepticons that were infuriating the world.

After the Spyder owner’s private screening, the 200 plus Spyder owners hopped on the famous Rt. 2: Angeles Crest Highway and up through the canyons for an amazing ride and some of the best views in California! Even with the difficult Los Angeles traffic, the group stayed together very well considering its size and even pulled over to stop at a midpoint for a nice photo op.
The 200 plus Spyder roadster owners park for a photo op midway through the Saturdays owners ride.
The 200 plus Spyder roadster owners park for a photo op midway through the Saturday’s owners ride.

In all, the ride lasted about three hours, with beautiful sunny weather throughout and plenty of smiling faces at the end! Owners went at their own pace, with plenty of people taking aggressive corners and others taking a nice, slow “enjoy the scenery” pace.

Saturday concluded at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, with a BBQ cookout and some final thanks to the attendees from BRP.

The final day saw many of the Spyder owners trying to get an early start home from an eventful week. But a nice size group stuck around to take part in a Spyder Poker Run and then for a special unveiling at the Peterson Automotive Museum.
Two Spyder roadsters owners parked in front of Berts Mega Mall in Covina  CA - one of the five stops during Sundays poker run.
Two Spyder roadsters owners parked in front of Bert’s Mega Mall in Covina, CA – one of the five stops during Sunday’s poker run.

For those that took part in the poker run, it started at 9 a.m. at the Sheraton Universal and stops consisted of five nearby dealerships: Jet World Powersports, Bert’s Mega Mall, Del Amo Motorsports, Honda of North Hollywood and Honda of Hollywood. Owner’s had a blast visiting the local dealerships which also had great sales for Spyder owners who were looking to pick up some parts and accessories.

Norm Marshall of NMA  Jay Leno and Yves Leduc  Vice President of Can-Am  talk all things Spyder and about the Spyder events this past weekend.
Norm Marshall of NMA, Jay Leno and Yves Leduc, Vice President of Can-Am, talk all things Spyder and about the Spyder events.
The Poker Run ended at the Peterson Automotive Museum where Spyder owners, BRP Marketing Manager Philippe Normand and Peterson Automotive Museum Director, Dick Messner gathered for the induction of the Spyder roadster used in the Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen movie. The actual unit, a P2 prototype, was donated by BRP to the museum. BRP representatives rolled the Spyder roadster into its place where it will now live as part of the museum’s cinema collection.

For three days, the Spyder roadster owners rubbed elbows with Jay Leno, were treated to a private viewing of Transformers 2, got to walk a red carpet and help induct the Spyder roadster into one of the most prestigious automotive museum’s in the world. All in all, the Spyder owners had a once in a lifetime experience and now understand what real celebrities feel like in Hollywood!
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Michael Wright Iam the Big Dog RED SE5 -Owners Event North Hollywood CA  August 17, 2009 03:13 PM
OMG the Owners event in Hollywood CA June 26,27,and 28th was by far the most fun ive ever had before. I met so many very cool people from all over the US and Canada,like Lamont from SpyderLovers.com and Mark from SpyderTalk.com and me and my buddys even had the pleasure of having Yyves Laduc sit down at our table for breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe and pick our brains on our Love of the Spyder he sounded Genuinaly interested in what we had to say bad or good and wrote down a few of our suggestions, I liked him right away :) I have a Red SE5 and i have a body wrap on the front of mine that says Iam the BIG DOG and I got alot of people who commented on it.Its simple and is totaly me.all I tend to wear is Big Dog clothing hehe. Transformers was a great Movie although I do wish the Spyder would have had a bigger part in the movie. I just saw G.I. Joe movie last weekend and the spyder was in that as well but only had a very small part in the movie as well :( oh ,I still really love this bike its brought me sooo much pleasure. the ride to Hollywood was the most fun ride ive ever had me and my buddy Don Leddy went the PCH route through Carmel 4and we stayed in Pizmo Beach the 25th the ride there we took lots of pics and saw alot of really beautiful country riding on the Pacific Coast Highway was a blast it was a bit on the cold side but well worth it, its a ride I will never forget and I got to spend it with a very good friend and bro. we left Pizmo Beach on the 26th and road the PCH the rest of the way and got into Hollywood around 1pm for check in at by far one of the nicest hotels ive ever had the pleaseure of staying at the Universal Sheraton very cumfy rooms and the room service Rocked,then breakfast at Universal Citywalk HardRock Cafe was tastey and then we all got to watch a good movie Transformers II Rise of the Fallen. and the Ride afterwards through the Hollywood Hills was hotter than u know what but was a blast lots of twistys, and to end it all with a OMG Fantastic BBQ put on by BRP was the best end to a Fantastic Weekend I want to personaly Thank Yyves Laduc and Mark Lacroix for there Hospitality and Im looking forward to seeing them Next year. The Ride back to Sacramento was WOW HOT HOT HOT I ended up riding home alone 411 miles of the hottest weather ive ever rode in ever temps got all the way to 114 degrees at near the end but shhh keep it on the down low i was riding between 85 and 100mph the whole way home I just wanted to get home at one point i wanted to see what my top speed was so i looked around and punched it and topped out at 115mph and im a big guy im sure it would have went faster with somone smaller on it but WOW I LOVE MY SPYDER and I will never forget the good times I had that weekend I hope eveyone who atteneded made it home safely.I will see yall next year. SPYDER RYDERS UNITE >)......................Michael
SpyderGirl -SpyderLovers & The Owners Event  August 17, 2009 08:33 AM
We had a terrific time at the 2nd Annual Spyder Owners event. It was great to finally put some faces to the names of those who've I've befriended at SpyderLovers and SpyderTalk. I can't wait to do it again and see some of those faces next month for Spyders in the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN. Spyders rock!!
Stuntman -One last thing!  July 14, 2009 12:24 PM
While I was on the spyderlover's forum I couldn't have asked for a nicer and more caring community to belong to. There are many great people on their from all ages who want to help you in any way they can. I have nothing but fond memories for this website!
WackyDan -SpyderLovers  July 13, 2009 08:37 PM
When I was new to Spyders I found Spyderlovers.com. They are a supportive group who offered the kindest advice in regard to my pre-purchase questions and every question I've asked since I bought my Spyder near three months ago. I felt immediately welcome and grateful to have a resource in that community. I can vouch for Magic Man's customer service, and based on my participation on spyderlovers so far, Lamont seems to be one of the most knowledgeable Spyder owners out there. He is a great ambassador for all Spyder owners. I live in the city, but if Lamont is a redneck then that must be something special, so please call me one too. Look, not every web community is to everyone's liking, and if not, move on. No need to flame someone on the internet who shares the same passion about spyders as you do. It only tarnishes the image of Spyder riders everywhere as well the Spyder itself.
Michael Liesno -I agree!  July 13, 2009 07:24 PM
I think Spyderlovers got a little off track and it seems way to personal for me to join. I also see the same people posting over and over again with no one else joining in. There are plenty of other spyder sites so maybe you are better off going to another one. Too much drama on Spyderlovers for me!