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2010 Can-Am Spyder RT First Look

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
BRP Adds Touring Model to its Can-Am Spyder Roadster Line-up

In response to consumer requests  Can-Am revamped its popular three-wheeler  the Spyder  with full touring accoutrements.
In response to consumer requests, Can-Am revamped its popular three-wheeled roadster, the Spyder, with full touring accoutrements for 2010.
Can-Am shook up the three-wheeled motorcycle world two years ago with the introduction of its Spyder Roadster. Not only did it have a different wheel arrangement than the standard trike with its two-front, single-rear arrangement, but its angular, aerodynamic bodywork and Rotax V-Twin engine gave it an aggressive sportbike-like attitude. Last year, the big news out of the Bombardier Recreational Products’ (BRP) camp was the introduction of its Spyder SE5 model with a semi-automatic transmission that shifts using your thumb and forefinger, ala the Yamaha FJR1300AE. For 2010, Can-Am continues to innovate with the design of its popular roadster and is releasing a full-fledged touring edition of its three-wheeled phenomenon called the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT
The new Can-Am Spyder roadster touring model’s front end features angular bodywork similar to its predecessors, with a few subtle changes. The nose is scooped out more, and its lighting system has been revamped, including new headlights and larger mirror-mounted turn signals. The front windscreen is also taller than before and is electronically adjustable. But the rear end is totally reworked. It features two hard saddlebags that integrate cleanly into the bodywork. The bags have a purported cargo area of 26 liters each (6.87 US gal.) to go along with a stylish topcase that adds 43 liters (11.36 gal.) more of storage. Integrated into the front of the topcase is a comfy-looking passenger saddle and backrest. The passenger accommodations include a set of
Can-Am aims to shake up the touring world with the introduction of its 2010 Spyder RT  complete with saddlebags  a topcase  plush new passenger accomodations  and an optional trailer package.
Can-Am aims to shake up the touring world with the introduction of its 2010 Spyder RT, complete with saddlebags, a topcase, plush new passenger accomodations, and an optional trailer package.
floorboards, while the driver seat now comes with a lumbar rest. The new bodywork does come at the expense of added weight, as the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT’s claimed dry weight is 230 lbs heavier than last year (699 to 929 lbs). Total vehicle load allowed is up 85 lbs from last year, too, for a maximum capacity of 525 lbs.

But that’s not all the surprises BRP has in store. Can-Am received plenty of requests to convert the Spyder Roadster into a full-scale tourer, so it developed a new trailer to complete the 2010 Spyder RT traveling package. In what is being billed as an industry-first, the optional RT622 trailer package provides an additional 622 liters (22 cu. ft) of storage. The trailer’s towing capacity is said to be 400 lbs and the system is compatible with the Spyder’s complex three-tiered vehicle stability system. It appears that the lid lifts up for easy packing, it’s color-matched to the RT, has large, highly-visible taillights, and an aerodynamic design to cut down on drag.
2010 Can-Am Spyder RT Specs
Like what you see  The 2010 Spyder RT roadster will be available for test rides at authorized Can-Am Spyder dealerships this fall.
Engine - BRP-Rotax
Type – 991 V-Twin DOHC w/ 4 valves per cylinder
Displacement - 998cc - (60.90 cu. in.)
Bore/Stroke - 97 mm X 68mm (3.82 X 2.68 in.)
Max output
- 100 hp @ 7500 RPM
Max torque - 80 lb-ft. @ 5500 RPM
Compression ratio - 12.2:1
Ignition type - Electronic ignition
Exhaust system - 2-into-1 with catalytic converter
Cooling - Liquid-cooled
Injection - Multi-point EFI w/ 57mm throttle bodies
Gear box - 5-Speed manual (SM5) with remote electronic reverse interlock  or
5-Speed semi-automatic (SE5) with remote electronic reverse interlock 
Final Drive - 28/79 ratio final drive with Kevlar-reinforced drive belt
Clutch - Wet, multi-plate, manual operation through a hydraulic piston
Electric Equipment - Magneto - 650 Watts
Starter - Electric
Front suspension - Double A-Arm with anti-roll bar
Front suspension travel - 5.94 in. (151 mm) gas shocks with 5-position cam adjustment
Rear suspension - Swing-arm with monoshock
Rear suspension travel - 5.71 in. (145 mm) with pneumatic adjustable preload
Chassis - SST Spyder (Surrounding Spar Technology) 
Front tire - KR21 165/65R14 
Rear tire - KR21 225/50R15
Wheel size, front - Aluminum 14x5 (355x127)
Wheel size, rear - Aluminum 15x7 (381x178)
Brake Type - Foot-actuated, fully integrated hydraulic 3-wheel braking system
Front braking system - 4 piston calipers, 31.75 mm diameter, 250mm x 6mm disc
Rear braking system - Single-piston sliding pins caliper 38.1mm diameter, 250 mm x 6 mm disc
ABS - Anti-lock Braking System
Parking brake - Electro-mechanical park brake system with actuator on the rear caliper 
Dry weight - 929 lb. (421 kg)
Front max load capacity - 30 lb. (15.9 kg)
Total vehicle load allowed - 525 lb. - (240 kg)
Trailer towing capacity - 400 lb. (181.4 kg)
Fuel capacity - 6.6 US gal. (25 l)
Oil capacity - 0.9 US gal. (3.5 l)
GVWR - 1,188 lb. (540 kg)
Ground clearance - 4.5 in. (115 mm)
Vehicle overall height - 45.1 in. (1,145 mm)
Vehicle overall length - 105 in. (2,667 mm)
Vehicle overall width - 62.3 in. (1,582 mm)
Seat (top) height - 29.5 in. (750 mm)
Wheelbase - 69.8 in. (1,773 mm)
Wheel track, front - 54.5 in. (1,384 mm) 
Storage Capacity 
Total - 40.95 US gal. (155 l)
Front - 15.32 US gal. (58 l)
Glove box - 0.53 US gal. (2 l)
Left cargo - 6.87 US gal. (26 l)
Right cargo - 6.87 US gal. (26 l)
Rear cargo - 11.36 US gal. (43 l)
Dual analog and color dot-matrix display w/speedometer, tachometer, engine temperature, fuel gauge, gear position, odometer, trip meter, hour meter, ambient temperature
High windshield with electric height adjustment, driver wind deflectors, electronic cruise control, electronic parking brake, heated driver handlebar grips, RT premium saddle with passenger backrest and driver lumbar rest, passenger peg, passenger armrests, Roadster Electronic Command Centre (RECC) with LED accent lighting, auxiliary 12V power socket in rear top cargo, trailer lock (barrel)
Two-year warranty

“The introduction of the Can-Am Spyder RT now provides options for sport and touring enthusiasts alike,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager, International division. “BRP’s superior design and innovation continues to deliver paradigm-shifting vehicles that push the envelope, and the RT model is no exception. The new platform goes well with what touring riders demand and there is no doubt in my mind the Can-Am Spyder RT is going to forever change the touring motorcycle category.”

The 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT will still source a variation of the Rotax V-Twin found in Aprilia sportbikes, a liquid-cooled, 998cc V-Twin with multi-port, electronically fuel-injected 57mm throttle bodies. The Spyder RT’s Rotax 991 engine has been retuned to handle the demands of the additional weight of the touring package and a passenger, with three lb-ft more torque coming on at 750 rpm lower in the powerband. To go along with more grunt down low, its gasses will be squeezed at a higher compression ratio of 12.2:1 compared to last year’s 10.8:1. But peak horsepower has been trimmed down, with its top numbers ringing in at six ponies less and coming on 1000 rpm earlier in the rev range. (Claimed 2009 Max Output 106 hp @ 8500rpm - 2010 Max Output 100 hp @ 7500rpm)
For riders looking to put on some serious touring miles  the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT has an optional trailer package that has 622 liters  22 cu. ft.  of storage.
For riders looking to put on some serious touring miles, the 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT has an optional trailer package that has 622 liters (22 cu. ft.) of storage.

The 2010 Can-Am road tourer is available in three versions. The 2010 RT comes in one color, Full Moon Silver, and has a manual transmission. The 2010 RT Audio & Convenience version is offered in Orbital Blue and Full Moon Silver and comes with a choice of gear boxes, either a manual tranny or the semi-automatic SE5 version. The RT-S has a special Timeless Black paint job that isn’t available in the other models and comes with a choice of transmissions as well. The Premier Edition Spyder RT-S roadsters can be pre-ordered with deliveries scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2009.

Besides that, the song remains pretty much the same for the remainder of the Spyder’s specifications. The Spyder RT will continue to feature the three-part, BOSCH-engineered Vehicle Stability System (VSS) incorporated in its forebears, including traction and stability control systems and ABS. And those who want to roll on a more sport-oriented version need not fret because Can-Am is also offering the 2010 Spyder RS (roadster sport) that has the streamlined appeal of the original.
“The Can-Am Spyder RS is already a resounding market success, although, clearly, its full growth potential is only beginning to materialize,” said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, Can-Am Division and After Sales Operations (CAS).

The Spyder RT roadster will be available for test runs at authorized Can-Am Spyder dealerships this fall. The three-wheeler extraordinaire has been embraced by more than 50 countries to date, according to Can-Am. No price has yet been listed, but the 2009 Spyder stickered for $16,199, while the SE5 version sold for $17,699. Keep an eye out for a first ride review soon on the new touring three-wheeler as Motorcycle USA’s Road Editor, Adam Waheed, will be attending the official press introduction in Quebec on Sept. 9-10.

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Wingrider820   May 22, 2011 09:33 PM
Lots of folks that otherwise could not ride will now be able to do so. Great idea. Power sounds a bit weak for the touring model, same weight as a Goldwing with only a bit more power than a Harley. Even so it will likely be a lot more performance oriented than the cages a lot of folks are spending so much time in. This bike may not be for me yet but it is obviously going to see lots more action than the driveway and garage ornaments some of the "real bikers" on here have. The only real knock on the bike is the poor fuel mileage from what I have been hearing.
Saleen Guy -First motorcycle/trike  November 15, 2010 12:13 AM
I purchased a Can Am spyder about 3 months ago, within these 3 months I have put about 8,000 miles on it. Riding a Can Am spyder to me is a pure joy. I also have a 2007 Saleen Mustang that I have not touched since I got my spyder. The only draw back is that if you purchase one it's a good ideal to stay somewhere close to a Can Am dealership, being that these trikes have only been on the market for a couple of years it has a few recall parts.
Saranadeau@yahoo.com -can am 2010 rt  September 15, 2010 09:22 AM
Just purchased a 2010rt spyder has only 1000 miles on her and just changed the oil and now the engine light is on and of the book says bring it into the dealership that's not a good thing. more money and no fun
conrad cyr -resedence  September 14, 2010 11:48 AM
where can i get a can-am spyder three wheeler in connecticut
Tall Lady from the Low Country -Had it two hours and fell in LOVE!  August 31, 2010 12:37 PM
Went into the dealership to see about selling my 2007 Yamaha V-Star 1100..an hour later I had signed the paperwork for a 2010 White RS-S Spyder! It is the best thing that I have pruchased since my Corvette! Wow it almost knocked me back when I took off at the light. I don't care what anyone says the Spyder is #1 for those of us who are tired of holding up a motorcyle...I ABSOLUTELy LOVE IT!!!

Texas Bob -Pissing on the parade  August 23, 2010 08:50 AM
There's always a few people have to look down on something/someone to make themselves feel better. I say f**k 'em. I've been riding since I was 16 (over 30 years), and love it on two wheels or three wheels. As soon as they start mass-producing motor-unicycles, I'll buy one of those too.
Joe -Human  June 14, 2010 07:55 AM
CanAm Spyder: all the disadvantages of a car mixed with all the disadvantages of a bike. lose/lose.
Silver & Black -Black Betty  June 7, 2010 11:47 AM
I now have two Can-Am Spyders. I have a 2008 Silver Spyder roadster and a new 2010 Black Can-Am Spyder RT-S. I love Silver Charlotte and Black Betty equally. Two totally different rides! The sound system is awesome and the cruise is gonna be great for that trip to Colorado this fall from Indiana.
Kathy Demaray -W.Women of the Web  April 22, 2010 10:45 AM
I purchased my very first motorcyle that being the 2010 RTS Automatic Spyder in Florida and within a month I put 1200 miles on it. I am a very short person and I love the thrill and excitement that the Spyder has given me. Ladies it is a head turner. The semi-automatic is wonderful and the breaking system is supreme. I just can't stay off of it and I have recommended it to several other friends - two of which have already ordered theirs. Amazing ride!!! This weekend I am having to go for my road test and unfortunately I have to ride a two wheeler. Wish me luck.
Just do it. I guarantee you will not regret purchasing the 2010 Roadster.
Comments from a new rider!!
Kenneth Lane -Can Am rocks!  April 6, 2010 02:15 PM
Test road an SE for a lady friend who bought. Best motorcycle I've put my butt on! Before all the wanabees start slamming--I've owned 67 motorcycles of various makes and this was the very best to date. Own three Harley's that are for sale! Read a posting found above that states it's under powered----------pure BS of the highest order. Pushes like a Vrod I owned at the time that dynoed at over 150 hp rear wheel after mods. Kick ass fast and smooth, smooth ride. Besides Harley's big dog just got a raise--to over $6,000,000,000.00 so Harley can suck off!
Michael T -more toys...  March 13, 2010 11:45 PM
I have a Harley, and I love my Harley, but give me a break, this is about pure enjoyment, and opening up to even more folks being able to enjoy another great toy on the road. My friend's much older Mother got one of these and jokes that it is her "Power Chair". I think that's just awesome and the whole concept is 'thinking outside the box' a bit. Since when did bike-lovers need "rules" anyway? In any case, the more of 'our types' of vehicles on the road, the more awareness there is, and the safer we ALL potentially are as riders, so that alone gets my vote. Beyond that, fun is fun and these things look like a blast to me.
Life loving Andy -Cruise cruise  January 9, 2010 01:59 PM
I toured Canada and the U S from east to west and west to east on an 1800 Goldwing with a Bushtech quantum trailor and the boss and I loved it.
Today I ride around on a H D Screaming Eagle street glide and I enjoy it. The boss says that I have traded a motorhome for a tent trailor.
I am getting her a 2010 RT and looking forward to ride with her.
Roberto A. Diaz -Can Am 3 wheeler  October 10, 2009 06:43 PM
I purchased a new 2009 Can Am Spyder, great bike and ride.
I Am an above knee amputee from the Vietnam War, and this
bike is great. Good luck.

Roberto A. Diaz
Bronze Star for Valor
Purple Heart recipient
Vietnam Combat Veteran

Harlingen, Texas
benroe -spyder  October 8, 2009 07:44 AM
This thing has the potential to be great. I would much rather have one of these than a goldwing trike. It would be great for people like my dad that love to ride, but has shot knees. He has dropped his wing twice b/c his knees just let go. I also rode one of the spyders at a demo day and I was highly impressed. Some of my friends rode it that have bike experience, but no real atv experience and were let down. They were missing the experience. You have to ride it like an atv, not a motorcycle. If you ride it like an atv you can have a ton of fun on it. Hang off the side, let the g's push you up against it, and rail the corners. Switchbacks are great. You need to climb all over this ride like a "spyder" monkey while riding it. If any of you have experience in riding atv's aggressively, you will love the spyder line. If not, then you don't really know what you are missing.
UKRocketman -Another great option.  September 23, 2009 08:31 AM
For the 'apes' out there slagging this new vehicle - maybe think of those less able to handle two wheels, who would love to get on the highway & away from the sidewalk!!!!!!! Then maybe, MAYBE, you'll see why this is such an important innovative addition. You don't like it, fine - not everyone falls on their knees to a leaking Harley, but we appreciate other folks choices. My concern like other comments posted from serious posters - the power. Who needs a posted 'top speed'................ it's a touring machine. I do have doubts the detuned power unit will cope with all that weight, I'd hoped for the addition of a 1200cc unit at least for the new RT. Lets wait & see I guess.
A Ruiz -? what a slug...  September 21, 2009 06:47 PM
It's amazing what people will pay good money for. This thing is such a slug they won't even publish a Top Speed for it. Typical Canadian powder puff, 'hey!' Have riden both 2008 and 2009. A lot of fluff, hey if you can build a fast bike... why call it a motorcycle? Just another example of how Canada is sucking the money out of our economy and adding nothing for it. You can purchase so much more of a bike for half the money. But then... there is a sucker born every minute isn't there. Yeah, put 22K and more into this.... That Really sounds like a Smart Move! See if you can buy some 'AIG' stock while your at it why don't ya! Let's see who is going to bail you out once you have bought one of these over priced trikes, that have handle bars just the right diameter for a little girl... Mirrors that should be on a Revell model car... and a shield that will make sure that your head is taken off your shoulders because it is at just the right height to protect everything except your head.... Yowsa... stand in line for one of these. Either ride a bike that you can make move or stay on the sidewalk.
Francisco -YOU TRY IT YOU'LL BUY IT.  September 12, 2009 05:40 PM
I never owned a bike before. I think they are too dangerous but when I first saw the Can-Am Spyder I said to my self,I have got to get me one and I sure did. Now that I saw the 2010 model I am thinking on trading mine in for a 2010 model.couple of issues here and there but I still love it.

Darrell -Spyder  September 9, 2009 08:30 AM
It's not for me, but I'm glad so many people are finding enjoyment on them. A couple in our riding group bought one last year. They love it and they've added really nice aftermarket saddlebags. My only problem with the new touring version is that the older model had just adequate power for two-up riding. To take away 6 horsepower and add 230lbs. plus offer it with a trailer that can be loaded up to 400 pounds doesn't make sense. With a trailer at max capacity, the entire machine would weigh over twice as much as the original and have less power.
Tom Sabatula -Dont know what you are missing  September 9, 2009 06:02 AM
I thought it would never happen. Test drove a spider Saturday. Bought it on Monday Fast ,it has the looks , handles like nothing I have ever driven Do your self a favor quit complaining and start riding.
SWMBO's Boy -Me likey!  September 8, 2009 09:51 PM
SWMBO likes it too! Should not be hard to mod that trailer for a dog restraint system so me two mutts can come too. Does it come with highway pegs? ROFL. But, no, seriously, me likey!
milwaukee mike -can/am  September 8, 2009 07:01 PM
Hey, how about next year, putting on two rear wheels as opposed to one?
Maybe a hardtop, airconditioning, reverse, power steering, power ABS brakes?
Doors and seatbelts, airbags?
California Kev -Can-Am 3 wheeler  September 8, 2009 04:55 PM
How about side by side seating, convertible top, bitchin' stereo and a trunk. A 21st century Morgan it would be. And a blast to boot.
California Kev -Can Am 3 wheeler  September 8, 2009 04:17 PM
They are really missing another segment. How about a Can-Am Spyder with side by side seating, like an old Morgan, a convertible top, but with the style and power to have loads of fun. And the carpool lane to boot. Isn't that what the Italians intended when they invented Spyders?
Smokey -Can Am 3 wheeler  September 6, 2009 05:54 PM
I began riding 52 years ago. I've had many types of bikes, and currently ride a 2007 Kawasaki Nomad, wich is the best and most comfortable travelet I've ever owned. BUT, in the aftermath of an accident and five subsequent surgeries, I have been looking at triking the Nomad...............UNTIL I saw the RT with the trailer. I have always been a hardcore cruiser guy, but I rally like this weird contraption. I really don't give a rodent's sphincter whether other riders like it or not. That's never been a consideration with any bike I've owned. At age 66 and crippled-up now, I may very well end up with an RT. Strange, but FUN!
BRUNO -CAN-AM SPYDER  September 5, 2009 10:19 AM
tina -can-am spyder  September 4, 2009 04:35 PM
After an accident my hubby still had the passion to ride and not being able to hold up a 2 wheeler anymore we searched our options not interested in a trike we came along the CAN-AM SPYDER, after the test ride my hubby was absolutely stoked!! well we bought one its the best thing since sliced bread, we can't go anywhere without the curiousity it creates, we park it near other bikes and people don't even look at theirs they swarm to our spyder, my husband has become quiet a salesman!!!, we did a charity ride a month ago with about 300 bikes we were the only spyder in the pack when we got to our destination all the other riders came to check it out taking photos, asking questions, on the way back there was some really tricky bends and not 1 bike could keep up to our spyder because of its fantastic corner handling. We have done 10,000kms in 3 months and loved every second of it, nothing compares to it. So do yourself a favour and take 1 for a test ride YOU WON'T REGRET IT.
Mad Max -It's brilliant  September 4, 2009 09:01 AM
The media has mis-characterized this vehicle. It's not a bike, or even a trike. It's a snowmobile with wheels. If you know and love sleds, this is your ride. The touring version is that much better, and I hope they sell well. The original design is popular in SoCal. There are several in my area (socal), and both sound as good as any Ducati or HD.
steve -criticism unneeded  September 2, 2009 01:59 PM
We all ride different rides, have different tastes, like different looks and have different needs. I've been riding for over 40 years and I stick to "different strokes for different folks". It's a sad person who loses sleep over someone else's ride.

Bring 'em all on!

fazer6 -MORE POWER, PLEASE!  September 2, 2009 12:58 PM
What it needs is more power, esp. with all the added weight, and a TRAILER, with that motor? Be prepared to get passed by EVERYBODY.
Saluda -Spyder  September 2, 2009 09:46 AM
Don't knock it until you've tried it. Second year and we still love ours.
Guy -Poor Gas Mileage Though...  September 2, 2009 09:21 AM
These things are defiantly different, not my taste at first for sure. But a friend of mine has one, he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Cheaper than a converted Gold Wing or Harley Davidson by thousands. (Try four or five grand.) I have ridden it and pondered having one, a hoot to drive and the storage in front is great. (Getting past it's looks is tuff though.) I used to ride a bike with a side-hack in the winter, through snow and slush. This bike would extend my riding season all winter long. I just can't, however, get past the poor gas mileage. My friend gets around 28 miles per gallon around town, and maybe, if he's lucky 30 on the highway.
Bob -Great Alternative  September 2, 2009 08:59 AM
I've only done a demo ride on the roadster at the IMS show, not much seat time, I know, but I enjoyed it once I got used to it. As an avid tourer who puts on 20k+ miles a year and races on the weekends, I moved from cruisers and race reps to sport tourers on the street years ago for more fun, versatility and a higher performance daily ride. Also as someone whose health isn't getting any better as I age, I see myself needing an extra wheel and a more relaxed riding position in possibly 15 years if I want to keep riding. I hate trikes and sidecar rigs. Ill handling and sometimes dangerous crap as they don't handle like a motorcycle should. This touring version would definitely satisfy my sport touring needs and do it in comfort. Gotta say that the 1000cc mill needs to be stroked a bit. 100 HP on a vehicle this heavy is insulting and isn't going to cut it for long. I see no reason a stroked 1200 couldn't make a useful 130 HP, 100 lbs of torque and return about 50 mpg.
Ken McMullen -Great Idea...even for parochial 2 HD Owners  September 2, 2009 08:10 AM
While I love 2 wheels... for many, the Spyder is 'the most fun I've had on the road in years' (Couple from Wisconsin I met last week). I'd like to see them up the HP and drop a 1300 with 150 ponies into a rig like this for the really weird types like me who want to relax when riding, but haul *** with the big boys.

CanAM... keep on creating wild, weird and fun vehicles. There are many of us who think this is a great 'proven' concept that grows as 'we' age.
GRIZ -Can Am 3 wheeler  September 2, 2009 03:59 AM
I'm considered to be one of the hard core 2 wheelers, Things have changed over the past 35 years - namely ME. Bad back,bum leg and a few other problems has me looking at trikes. While I don't admire the snowmobile appearance, there are many plus points over the traditional trike. First, a huge amount of HP in the Can Am. Second, a huge load capacity at 525 lbs. Third, You don't need arms like Paul Sr. to steer this thing compared to traditional trike which require E-Z steer( $1000 ) to make it acceptable.I'm guessing the RT will be in the $21K range. Compared to a NEW traditional (don't want to name any brands) trike, you'd most likely be saving alot of cash. The plus points are all there in my humble opinion.
Jason -Mike's hurled again!  September 1, 2009 10:45 PM
Start living out of the box Mike.. And that Goldwing you referred to is still a BENCHMARK for the Milwaukee firm to build their tourers on but they fall short everytime..
Rob -sound?  September 1, 2009 09:51 PM
What? No stereo?
Paul L -Denis, this Can-Am It's a ridiculous piece of stuff  September 1, 2009 09:25 PM
It just looks terribly weird, however you try to look at it. Why don't they just put 4 wheels on it, what's the deal? Good comment Mike (very funny too), it really looks like the child of a Goldwing with a Snowmobile. You see Denis, this site is called Motorcycle-Usa (a motorcycle is that vehicle with 2 wheels and a motor) so I think that we, the bikers, have the right to fully criticize this piece of weird crap. ps: i'm sure Mike isn't a Harley freak.
Dennis T -Not sure why you bother Mike  September 1, 2009 09:05 PM
Seeing as your only input is either to trash anything that isn't a Harley, or lavish praise on anything that is, why bother reading this site? Just go to the HD site and be happy. Are Goldwing riders really dropping their bikes at stoplights Mike, or do you just have a deep need to be obnoxious, bigoted and intolerant? As to the Can Am - I'm not fond of any full rig touring bike / trike, but I rode, and was really impressed with, the original Roadster. It's a clever concept and a heck of a lot of fun to ride, surprisingly quick in the twisties too. I can't see any hard core motorcyclists switching, but the well heeled may add one to their garage. Nervous or disabled riders will love the Spyder and if it get them on the road that's a good thing. I wish Can Am all the best and, while it's not my cup of tea, it's good to see them adding to the range.
milwaukee mike -Can Am 3 wheeler  September 1, 2009 06:46 PM
Yuk! Makes me want to hurl!

It looks like some genetics experiment gone horribly wrong.
Kind of like a that Goldwing raped a Snowmobile, and this is the bastard child.

I guess a few Goldwing types won't drop their bikes at a stop light anymore.