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2007 Honda CBR600RR Shootout Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2007 Honda CBR600RR Shootout. 2007 Supersport Shootout V

It's the fastest CBR600 ever, but it's also a vastly improved streetbike.
Okay, guys, enough with the dated turnsignals!
2007 Honda CBR600RR front tire
2007 Honda CBR600RR exhaust
The CBR presents an user-friendly instrument cluster, with an easy-to-read tach and digital speedometer. Our only request would be for a gear-position indicator.
It truly is impressive how Honda has been able to build a stable bike with such radical geometry.
The Honda's aggressive rake and trail numbers (23.7 degrees, 96mm, respectively) closely mimic those of the GSX-R600, but nothing in the class can touch the CBR's ultra-stubby 53.8-inch wheelbase.
Proving that perfection is but an abstract idea is the single glitch in the CBR's excellent powertrain. Reapplying throttle mid-corner can result in a bit of abruptness.
Honda engineers have endowed the RR with the raciest chassis geometry of the group.
Honda found a way to lop off a colossal 32 lbs just since the 2003/2004 version.
Previously an upholstered ironing board, the seat on the '07 bike treats a butt with a little respect and makes all-day rides much more hospitable.
The CBR600RR is a responsive, confident handler with our favorite ergos of the bunch.
It doesn't hurt the Honda's case that this is, in our eyes, the coolest looking CBR ever. The tightly tailored bodywork looks both sleek and minimalistic at the same time, and we love how the designers have let us see some daylight peek through when looking at a profile of the bike.
In this class, you'll always be looking over your shoulder.
It's a breakout year for the CBR. It’s not only the lightest in class, but it also possesses the most muscular powerband.
The new CBR600RR proved more than capable of putting up a good showing in this year's Supersport Shootout.
The CBR has had to fight hard to stay out of the shadow of the pesky and potent R6 since it had its coming-out party in 1999.
The new CBR weighs in at just 381 lbs with an empty tank, making it the lightest middleweight ever, and even less than the anorexic Triumph Daytona 675's 390 lbs.
This reinvigorated CBR is ready to get back to its old butt-kicking days.
Previously an upholstered ironing board, the seat on the '07 bike treats a butt with a little respect and makes all-day rides much more hospitable.
Part of what makes the CBR appealing is its ergonomics and riding position, which received top marks from our testers.