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2010 AMA XR1200 Spec Class: It’s Real

Thursday, March 4, 2010
Introducing the 2009 Harley-Davidson XR1200.
Vance & Hines, Harley-Davidson and AMA Pro Racing have teamed up to bring the XR1200 spec class for 2010.
Announced today in Daytona Beach, Florida was the teaming up of AMA Pro Racing and Vance & Hines to introduce a new Harley-Davidson XR1200 spec road racing class, called the AMA Pro Vance & Hines XR1200 Series.

The new class will join the AMA Superbike boys for the June race of the championship in Road America, Wisconsin. They will run additional races in Ohio, Virginia and New Jersey, then finish the five-round championship at the final stop of the AMA Series in Alabama.

Vance & Hines has been integral in putting the class in motion and as the presenting sponsor, will also serve as the official race kit supplier for the class. The kit will consists of a Vance & Hines XR1200 exhaust system, Fuelpak fuel management system, race bodywork – including number plate, single-seat tail section and belly pan – 17-inch front wheel with matching front fender, steering damper, oil cooler relocator and race decal package. The cost for the complete kit will be $3500.

Along with the Vance & Hines supplied kit parts, teams will be allowed to upgrade suspension, hand and foot controls, front and rear brakes, and gauges. Like the rest of the AMA Pro Road Racing Series, Dunlop will provide the spec tire for the class and Sunoco will be the spec fuel.

Vance   Hines XR1200 AMA spec racer.
Vance & Hines race-kitted Harley-Davidson XR1200.
In addition, Vance & Hines will be selling a similar kit for those H-D XR1200 street bike owners that want to convert their machines in something along the same lines as the racing bikes.

Vance & Hines founder and former champion drag racer Terry Vance said: "We have racing in our DNA, Harley-Davidson has racing in their DNA and we are truly thrilled to bring Vance & Hines and Harley-Davidson back into AMA Pro Racing. The XR1200 has proven to be an exciting platform for spec racing in Europe and this class will be a perfect cost-effective platform to showcase new talent on a national stage. Many of the finest motorcycle racers all over the world got their start in the AMA Supertwins class of the 1990s."

"Adding another element to our events with a series of this caliber will be a great benefit to our sport,” added AMA Pro Racing COO David Atlas in the release. “The specification of the XR1200 package will put the premium on the rider's ability and will provide a great new class of racing that has ties to the past."

They also announced that the XR1200 Series will feature a $5000 purse payout at each round; $2500 to win, $1000 for second and $750 for third. Fourth and fifth place will receive $500 and $250, respectively. Nothing was announced in regards to there being a season-ending championship bonus of any kind.

For additional information, people can call Vance & Hines at (317) 852-9057, email plangley@vhmotorsports.com or visit www.amaproracing.com.

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Einstein -Stop the mediocrity...  April 21, 2010 11:26 AM
Will the pandering never end for this manufacturer of non-performance based motorcycles. Anyone who knows anything about bikes would never show up to watch 600lb., 70rwhp steel framed dinosaurs wallowing around in spite of themselves I don't care who is riding them. Incredibly this class was favored by the AMA over the Super Singles class, you know the 450's almost every has sitting in their garage just waiting to be converted into a super competitive RR bike. Instead we get $11k boat anchors with basically the same engines, sans the FI, that that Italians were manufacturing in the 50's and 60's. Wonder how much Harley paid Terry Vance to choke out the words "Harley-Davidson has racing in their DNA". I suppose if one includes the V-Porsche or 1974 spec XR-750 flat-trackers that statement holds true but let's face it HD was a miserable failure when trying to go head to head with companies who actually have a real R&D department, or at lead one that has higher aspirations than to develop new and improved chroming techniques. Please AMA, if you're going to give us a road racing spec class at least include bikes loosely based on a performance platform - SV650/Monster Duc/Aprillia SXV/Converted 450 motocrosser. Watching underpowered boat-anchors attempt to stay on 2 wheels around a road course may appeal to the Logo addicted crown but certainly not to any of us who actually may know a thing or two about REAL motorcycles.
Dude -WTF is wrong w/you all?  April 1, 2010 06:46 PM
"This is what American motorcycle racing has come to. Racing an overly expensive, overly heavy motorcycle, that has no new technology" pushrods are more reliable and consume less energy then ohc that's why you'll find them in Harley's and F1 race cars, liquid cooling cools unevenly causing bends and twists in the heads after a relatively short time (in comparison to reinforced air cooled heads) that's why you'll find them on a Harley, Delphi fuel management is as modern as you CAN buy, that's why you'll find it used in automotive racing across the board (as in two and four wheels) and every single Harley Davidson. so they LOOK old big whoop, that just makes those wonderful sleepers all that much more fun, they are modern and need no apology
Dusty Roads -Purse money-pitiful  March 17, 2010 05:55 AM
In 1948 the 200 winner got $2000 !!!!!!
Dusty Roads -XR1200 racing-yes  March 17, 2010 05:48 AM
I test rode one at Daytona...lots of fun BUT it really needs to be water cooled.The engine sounded hot(strange sounds) when I turned it in after a hot lap around their well laidout course.
This series might bring me out of retirement.
The purse truely needs to be doubled.$2500 for 1st each race,are you kidding?At todays prices and with what the rider must buy(race kit,the bike,gas,entry fees).
The purse is a joke.
But,sounds like a lot a fun.
Bubs -Racing  March 7, 2010 02:20 PM
Hey I have an idea, why don’t we start a class of old retro bikes from the 50’s but put modern rubber on the bikes. This would be fun…oh yeah they already do this in the AHRMA. Okay let’s make it so only bikes built nowadays that have the technology and performance of yesteryear are allowed to race but we will exclude the Royal Enfield leaving only the XR1200.
The racing will be close but so is lawn mower racing and you won’t see me spending time and money watching those races. For those of you who don’t appreciate modern bikes being raced at the top level go watch club racing; its cheaper, no factory involvement, close racing with bikes identical to the one you rode to the race on. You don’t need to bring a dumbed down irrelevant race class to the national stage in order to watch “good” racing. Remember the Moto ST series? Well that series is history now because most race fans want to see real fast riders on real fast bikes, not a bunch of mostly stock bikes doing a pace equivalent to the parade lap of a real race bike. And “real” means something built with technology and performance of today’s standards that is FAR above the bike you took to the race. Maybe Harley has it right this time. Instead of bending the rules much to their favor in a given class in order to give them the best possible chance to have a hollow victory they just decided to start a class where only Harleys are allowed. Now they are certain to have a national championship title.
Cory -WEAK!  March 5, 2010 12:40 PM
This is what American motorcycle racing has come to. Racing an overly expensive, overly heavy motorcycle, that has no new technology and a key feature on the harley's website for this bike is an two piece seat. What about this motorcycle screams "race me!" Why get rid of Buell if Harley wants to race. It was a legit racebike. Seems there is as much bipartisan politics going on in AMA as there is on Capital Hill.
Buzz -COOL!  March 5, 2010 08:42 AM
Bring it on! I have seen video of the BBQ series they raced in Europe and it looks like a lot of low budget fun to me...In my opinion any racing is good racing. Personally I am sick of high strung, unobtainable, disposable race bikes that are obsolete after one season. I just hope it's televised somewhere...
Tim B -Buell?  March 5, 2010 02:04 AM
This would have been a much better class if Harley had chosen something that handles, like Buells maybe? Oh wait. That's right, Harley made the dumbest mistake in their history by discontinuing Buells! Maybe we'll see an aluminum perimeter framed Sporty one day.

At least these bikes are awesome looking. I'd love that black thing for the street!
x2468 -so wait....  March 4, 2010 08:05 PM
What are going to be the rules in this class as far as modifications? Can they alter the chasis? change the engine internals? aftermarket suspension?
x2468 -mvagusta and ducati  March 4, 2010 08:00 PM
MVagusta and ducati could race such a series as well.
x2468 -okay  March 4, 2010 07:58 PM
Alright, i'll dig it. Could be fun for the racers, and make for some interesting racers. Plus it'll be like vintage racing, but with more reliable bikes (hopefully). I like the look of these bikes. It would be cool if they'd allow some other make and models. Like triumph or norton. They could call it the air cooled class.
Larry -Agree on something  March 4, 2010 07:35 PM
I have to agree with TG's comments about different models having different strengths being exciting to watch. This does indeed create different passing opportunities and strategies.

I know what! Let's get a bunch of bikes together which all turn similar (I mean the top bikes separated by tenths of seconds in qualifying) lap times, invite any manufacturer who wants to join, and let's take this series across the country!

The racing will be great...some bikes will be faster in outright speed, some will have better corner speeds, some will be harder on tires...the racing will be close and it will be awesome!

Uh, wait a minute...that was tried this year with Daytona Sportbike and so many of the super-informed racing public swore up and down that the Buell had such a huge advantage because of it's larger displacement. Lap times and race results be damned...this was unfair racing.

This made for some of the best strategizing American roadracing has seen in years! On some tracks the 600s had the advantage, while at others the Buell was better. In traffic the Buell could get off corners better than 600's when blocked in, but the 600's were lighter and easier on rear tires...

This was great racing between different machines with different strengths...and MOST of the press it got was negative. I just don't get it...do we watch to see a race or just to watch shiny bikes go roundy round? I prefer a good race.
irksome -Oh joy unbounded.  March 4, 2010 05:11 PM
This'll be just as exciting as the old 883 Class back in the '90s, better known as "Lunch-Time".
Larry -Everybody's Different  March 4, 2010 02:43 PM
I can't argue with The Other Larry on one of his examples....WSBK will be great racing all year long, every race will be tight, with great racing through the pack. I'll love watching the dynamics of V-Twin tractability vs. Inline Four shreik and attempts to meter horsepower to the rear tire...and the Yamaha's Crossplane crank versus Aprilia's V-4 technology. These things all conspire to make great racing...almost like spec bikes! There is tremendous parity in lap times even with all the different technologies and methods applied. This will be a great season.

MotoGP, not so much. MotoGP 125's will be great racing with multiple riders able to win each round and a blanket can be thrown over the top 5 most of the time. But the top-level MotoGP bikes will largely ride around. Please no one flame me on this, they won't be as bad as an F1 car race, but they won't be as fun to watch as many other series.

I agree with TG that a lot of other series' will have great racing. Club racing will be fun to watch this year. We'll have to see about AMA....

Moral to the story...Good close racing, no matter the series, is very fun to watch. It may be more exciting on faster bikes but as long as the competition is close I'm gonna be a fan!
The other Larry -Nope  March 4, 2010 01:55 PM
Just another reason I will be watching WSBK and Moto GP again this year.
TG -Fred's Right  March 4, 2010 01:35 PM
Wheel to wheel racing and passing is all cool and fun, but spec racing is boring as hell to watch, and they won't be fast. I am a huge Porsche nut, but the GT3 cup isn't near as fun to watch as a Speed GT race. Different models have different strengths, and therefore different passing opportunities. This is proof that American Road Racing is no more. Leave it to privateers riding bikes designed to be raced. I'll keep my eye on WMRRA, OMRRA, NESBA, and foreign series...thanks.
Rosscoe -+1  March 4, 2010 01:23 PM
Exactly my sentiments Larry ! ! !
Rosscoe -What?  March 4, 2010 01:21 PM
Such a silly comment Fred.
Larry -Can't Wait!!!!  March 4, 2010 12:33 PM
Yes, Fred, if what you mean is super-competitive, draft-passing, wheel-to-wheel and flag-to-flag excitement...then yes, just as fast as the Ninja 250's. If you mean close racing that won't be screwed up by "my Yoshimura Graves Jordan XYZ, etc. etc. etc. Superbike is so much faster than your privateer bike that I have no choice but to win" kind of racing, then yes, just as fast as the Ninja 250's.

The Ninja 250's, by the way, give a great show in their series out in Willow Springs. Ever watch a BMW Boxer Cup race? Awesome racing. Ever get to watch the old US Twinsports Series..racing 883's taught the Bostroms their craft and was awesome racing. Personally I can't wait to see them race the XR1200's.

It's gonna be the best show in US Roadracing this year!
fred -ninja 250  March 4, 2010 12:03 PM
so it's going to be just as fast as the ninja 250 racing class