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Scotts Valley Police to Ride Electric Motorcycles

Thursday, January 6, 2011
Scotts Valley officers will now be able to patrol the streets in silence.
Scotts Valley officers will now be able to patrol the streets in silence.
The Scotts Valley Police Department became the first law enforcement agency in California to accept delivery of a Zero DS electric motorcycle to assist in local patrols and traffic enforcement. The acquisition serves as a benchmark for evaluating the performance capabilities of the Zero DS in law enforcement situations, such as responding through traffic and on local bike trails. Due to its remarkably quiet all-electric drivetrain, the Zero DS is the perfect motorcycle for patrolling in urban areas where noise may be a factor.

“We are excited to be the first police department in California to receive an electric Zero motorcycle because it will allow our officers to patrol more places, more often,” said Lt. John Hohmann of the Scotts Valley Police Department. “Riding a police motorcycle requires a very special skill set because the officer needs to be alert and keep the public safe, while simultaneously scanning the area for criminal activity. We anticipate that the upright seating position, dual sport configuration and silent operation of the Zero DS is the perfect combination for local patrols and we can’t wait to put it to the test.”

“The city of Scotts Valley and its police department have been very supportive of Zero Motorcycles and we are very pleased that they chose us,” said Jay Friedland, Vice President of Sustainability for Zero Motorcycles. “We hope this opportunity serves as the touchstone for other law enforcement agencies to see the benefits electric motorcycles have when it comes to community patrols and traffic enforcement. The silent operation of the Zero DS allows each officer to hear what’s going on around them, which enhances awareness and safety. Zero DS motorcycles also are a great cost-effective solution for small departments and we are proud to be able to support those who keep our communities safe.”

Built from the ground up using Zero Motorcycles' proprietary Z-Force power pack and aircraft grade alloy frame, Zero achieves an industry leading power-to-weight ratio that increases range and maneuverability. The Zero DS has a range of up to 50 miles (80 km) and is highway legal. Each model combines state-of-the-art Z-Force technology with an ultra-light frame design to make them agile and fast where it counts. Characterized by instant acceleration and lightweight design Zero’s product line allows riders to take on anything from city streets to off-road trails.

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andy -oooh Zippy...  January 21, 2011 03:26 AM
You got a very quirky view of the world , my friend !! Not all countries in the world are so medival in producing energy...pretty sure the US will catch up ;)
Zippy -Coal powered bikes  January 8, 2011 09:00 PM
Lets not forget the batteries only store the power, not produce it. Likley coal is burned to produce the heat and it boils water, spins generators that send electricty to be stored in the batteries.

Having said that, lets borrow billions more from the Chinese so we can mine chemicals in Canada, ship it to China, make batterys and ship them to the USA to build coal power cop bikes and all feel good about saving the Polar bears.

Everybody sing, hug that tree, hug that bee, save that whale save that snail...
B Dunk -Come On Guys  January 7, 2011 12:44 PM
Really? This is Scotts Valley, how many police chases actually happen there. They can put around giving speeding tickets to drivers on the way into town and parking tickets to tourists passing through stopping for lunch. They can off-road silently and check on fishing permits and see if under age kids have beer at campsites. Perfect little bike for the Barney Fifes.
D. A. -No light bar?  January 7, 2011 10:47 AM
He should put the light bar on his helmet. What a joke. Only in cali. You would think with all the debt they would be riding mountain bikes not overpriced electric waste.
Tessier -Dork  January 7, 2011 06:27 AM
As if they don't look dorky enough they now have to chase down master mind criminals on a mountain bike with a short range. Hopefully it works out for you but you should have chosen the Bramno Empulse then at least you would have a chance at respect!
shnapper -50 mile range?  January 6, 2011 08:38 PM
With only a 50 mile range I can't see the bike being very effective in apprehending anyone that isn't driving a golf cart that day...
stan -bad choice in brand  January 6, 2011 04:53 PM
Really? Zero? they don't even have brushless motors, And they are literally made from mountain bike parts.