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2010 Honda Fury Project Bike Part One

Friday, January 22, 2010
Honda threw its hat into the factory-custom chopper ring with the release of its 2010 Fury.
Honda made quite a stir last year in the cruiser segment when it introduced its first factory chopper, the 2010 Fury.
Honda made waves in the cruiser segment last spring when it announced that it was releasing its first factory chopper. Using the proven performance of the VTX1300 engine as the motorcycle’s foundation, Honda built a high-necked frame, pushed the front wheel out at a 38 degree rake angle, beefed up the backside with a 200mm rear tire and called its latest creation the 2010 Fury. Better yet, Honda’s new scoot sported a very reasonable $12,999 sticker price. Punching in at almost $10K less than most factory production bikes, the Fury’s low price point means there’s enough change left over to convert the stock bike into a cool custom chopper.

One of the grievances we had while testing the stock Fury is the modest power of its 1312cc engine. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not a bad platform to start, but most of its torque comes on and signs off early. Just look at the dyno numbers - 56.23 hp at 4300 rpm and 71.32 lb-ft of torque at 3100 rpm isn’t going to make anybody shake in their boots. Smooth and reliable, undoubtedly, but also fairly tame.

So when we learned that Jim Guiffra of AFT Customs had a high performance piston and cam kit for the Fury, we knew where we were headed for the first step in hopping up our Fury project bike. Guiffra has two World Champion titles in
Looks like fun  right
If the rear cylinder wasn't so close to the backbone, this job may have been possible without pulling the engine. But it is, so the mill had to come out first.
the Metric Class at the AMD World Championships in his name and specializes in customizing metrics. Hoping to get more out of the VTX1300 engine, we delivered the Fury to his shop in Martell, California and let him work his magic.
Jim started off by stripping it down. For do-it-yourselfers, Jim recommends using the factory manual, but this isn’t a Shop 101 job. Jim put in over 12 hours of labor into the engine upgrade, and he’s a pro. It’s a top-end overhaul, so unless you know what you’re doing, have the work done by a professional.
Getting the engine out was the hardest part. If it weren’t for the rear cylinder being tucked in so tightly to the backbone, the job could have been a lot simpler. But the fuel injection and other wiring runs internally so the conversion is a time-consuming process. One tip Jim offers is to take off the front cylinder completely first which makes it lighter and easier to maneuver.

The Fury’s engine upgrade begins with new lightweight, high-performance 11:1 flat top pistons and hard-weld racing cams, but that is only the beginning. We also sought to boost air flow, so Jim installed a Roger Goldammer G Force
The new stainless steel Goldammer air filter is a big improvement over the bulky  plastic cover it replaces.

The new stainless steel Goldammer air filter is a big improvement over the bulky, plastic cover it replaces.

Fury engine with stock air cover.
Smooth Air Filter for us as well. Goldammer’s air filter was built for Harley Big Twins, but an Accutronix air cleaner adapter (Drag Spec. #1010-0758 $104.95) solves that problem. Goldammer originally made the air filter to fit a D&M adapter, but he plans on drilling out a few to match the Keihin CV adapter plate used by Accutronix to fit the Fury, so if you like the look and plan on ordering one from Roger, be sure to specify.

To put on the air cleaner adapter, remove the four screws holding the stock air cover and filter in place, remove the bolts for its housing, and remove the two breather hoses from the air cleaner adapter but leave the throttle body boot attached to the throttle body. Next, begin installing the Accutronix Air Cleaner Adapter and Bracket by feeding the adapter’s threaded inner ring onto the throttle body rubber boot flange, thread two button head screws into the inner ring lower tab holes, then install the bracket onto the inner ring. After that, bolt on the air cleaner and gasket, install the breather hoses on the 90-degree elbows and tighten everything down.

The new stainless steel air filter is an instant improvement. The bulbous, plastic air cleaner is replaced by a streamline, stainless steel handcrafted Goldammer original. The smooth tear-drop shape mirrors the slim, tapered design of Fury’s tank. It even has a thin ridge down the middle that matches the ridge running down the middle of the bike’s tank.

As far as engine modifications go, the AFT Customs High Performance Cam and Piston Kit gave us a 10.24 hp and 4.78 ft-lb boost in power, with peak numbers of 66.47 hp @
Fury Dyno Chart with Engine Modifications
The AFT Customs Cam & Piston Kit was good for a gain of 10.24 hp and 4.78 ft-lb of torque.
5100 rpm and 76.18 ft-lb @ 3600 rpm. It injected the engine with a little soul and now it runs more like the way it should have coming from the factory. It has more hit from the get, more pop on top, a richer sound from the pipes and a deeper pulse at idle. Before even getting the Cobra Speedster Swept pipes on, my wife said she could hear me a few houses away, which was a first.

Now that we’ve got the engine running more the way we wanted, new Cobra pipes and a Fi2000 install is next. Tune in next week to see what numbers adding new pipes and a fuel management system provides.

The smooth tear-drop shaped air filter mirrors the slim  tapered design of the Furys tank.
Goldammer's smooth tear-drop shaped air filter mirrors the slim, tapered design of the Fury's tank perfectly.

AFT Customs High Performance Cam and Piston Kit - $995

The complete kit from AFT Customs lists for $995 + shipping. There is a separate core charge that also applies unless you can send Jim the OEM camshaft.

Roger Goldammer G Force Smooth Air Filter - $350

Accutronix C1627-C Air Cleaner Adapter and Bracket
(Drag Spec. #1010-0758) - $104.95

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AFT Customs Cam & Piston Kit
AFT Customs High Performance Cam and Piston Kit
Pistons – 11:1 flat top piston
3.524 X 4.106 bore/stroke
Comp. Dist. 1.050; Actual Weight 308
Cams - Set of 2 Honda VTX 1300 C/S/R Model
V-Twin SOHC – hard-weld racing cams
(2) Head Gaskets, (2) Base Gaskets, (2) Exhaust Gaskets, (10) O-rings, (1) Cylinder Pipe O-ring, (2) Head Pipe O-rings, (1)Spark Plug Pipe O-Ring, (1) Air Valve (in head) O-ring and (4) Dowel pins.

Complete Kit - $995 + shipping
* There is a separate core charge that also applies unless you can send Jim the OEM camshaft.

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coloradobikers   November 24, 2012 06:04 PM
I'm very interested into modification of my vtx1300 engine. Would like to see and listning to the Fury with the modified engine in Youtube!
Furyous -Not Really  February 14, 2010 06:33 PM
I have really enjoyed reading all your comments about what’s wrong with this bike or what’s better about that bike and so on. It was better than going to the circus as a kid, very similar but better. People should own and ride the bike that appeals to them and be proud of it. If you want to impress someone else, buy the bike they like. If you want to go fast, buy the fastest bike. If it’s handling you want, buy the best handling. If it’s looks you want, buy the best looking. I’ve got some disappointing news for all of you. There will never be a bike built that everyone agrees is the best. Why can’t you all just tell one another “Hey nice bike, glad you’re a rider”. I have owned crouch rockets, dirt bikes and now a cruiser. Can you guess which one was the best? They all were. As for the Fury, These are the changes I made to mine. I installed the Honda short sissy bar and pad so my wife is more comfortable and I added the Honda leather bag below the headlight. The only other thing I plan to add is gas. I like a lot of other bikes and will own other bikes in the future but for now I am going to enjoy this one. If you think your bike is better looking then that’s great. I’m glad you’re proud of it. If your bike is faster. That’s great too. If bashing other people’s bikes is what gets you off then keep bashing away but I won’t ride with you.
Low and Mean -Performance  February 8, 2010 07:14 PM
Looks like another great article about the Fury. The Fury is a great bike for anyone that wants to look cool and not have to worry about breaking down. If your that guy that needs HP then this is not the bike. We like the Fury for what it is, narrow, tall and sexy. Just like we like our women, hahah. Anyways, there's lots of products coming out for the Fury, Low and Mean's air cleaner kit covers up all the ugly wires and throttle body. Low and Mean also has Front fenders, rear fenders, we also have a Air ride shock coming soon and lots of other new items coming for the Honda Fury.
Big Ron -Not big on choppers  February 2, 2010 03:51 PM
I have seen this bike and it is a great looking bike however I would get the wide glide or a street bob instead. Bigger engine with a bigger upside; you can get about 100HP out of the HD for about 2K. The bob isnt raked so it will handle better on the streets and highways. Lastly, you can pick up either HD for about $2k more than the Honda. I owned an 07' fatboy and never had any reliability issues; I think these are past issues that have been resolved. FYI, before I get any greif about selling the bike it was a divorce casualty; she hated me having that bike.
Lumbre 911 -What The!!!!  February 1, 2010 11:08 AM
I own a 2006 1300c Honda VTX, don't use it much but I like it. I went to check out the Fury and yeah it's a nice looking bike, but no I'm not selling and then buying the Fury. Same bike just a chopper instead of a cruiser (whats the dif?)Hey every biker out , buy and ride what you like.... don't fall for the penis envy!!! (Sorry girls)
Be happy with what you got if not then buy what you really want and enjoy that ride!!!!!
Mike -Test rode 20 something cruisers in 2009  February 1, 2010 08:18 AM
I test rode this bike up against almost every other metric cruiser and several HD models before trading in my 2004 HD DWG on a Yamaha Raider 1900 (113 cu inch). I was amazed at how it beat out everything in just one test ride. My stage two dyna was very very weak against the Raider..

Back more on subject, I liked the Fury very much for an around town bike, and if i was in the market for a sportster, I wouldnt hesitate to buy the Fury instead as its better in every way. It had [enough] power to be quick intown with my 260lbs frame, and was very lightweight and nimble. It would take a line in a turn easily and zip in and out of traffic being so lightweight.

As I was looking for a very large engine, with some rake, nice curb appeal, but very comfortable on 300 mile day rides, the fury fell short.

I generally buy a new bike every four years, starting in 1987, although Ive frequently owned two at a time to have a bar bike and a tourer. Most of those have been harleys, but honestly, lately, they are just falling short of the big three metrics. Always have in quality but now in styling and engine size which is sad.
boneman -HD and its imitators  January 30, 2010 09:23 AM
As what was written in my title by one irksome writer ...that says it
all " HD Imitators"...and for the jaboney talking about boomers buying there last bike before the grave...step off!

Chief Waldo -Wrong Bike  January 29, 2010 07:58 PM
If that's the look you want, just buy a Victory Vegas. Honda copied the look for the Fury, and you get more power and torque from the start.
Nick -Wuddabout  January 28, 2010 10:58 AM
I wonder how much more it would make without breaking into the engine.

t -1k for 10hp is cheap  January 27, 2010 11:56 AM
and they proved it on a dyno! most do pipes,a k&n and tinker with mapping or jets to get 3-5hp? so when they get the pipes on the fury maybe a total of 15 possible hp gain,thats pretty good for no head work. i would be interested in seeing a air-cooler cylinder kit and 2-300 more c.c.s,eliminate the water jacketing and you have a lot of room for bore enlarging.i have a vtx13 and the piston kit sounds interwesting elmer!
Ryan -Disappointed  January 26, 2010 11:36 PM
that is kinda a bummer that the engine upgrade is only 10hp, Hopefully its being held up alot by exhaust now and not being tuned completely. Hopefully the bike will come together nicely. Would be cool to see the bike get a little more respect. Had mine out at work and guy was looking at it liking it then realised it was a honda and hated it. People not as into the Cruiser Chopper scene like the bike though. I cant wait to get my exhaust on though because the stock is ugly and quiet even though i opened up the baffles a little. Overall im happy because it was relatively cheap is comfortable and gets around we
GABE -Snot nosed kid  January 26, 2010 04:27 PM
Milwakee Mike, What's being done to this Fury is no different than forking over 18K for a new Harley and then having to put another 2K into it so a snot nosed kid on a ragged out 600 won't eat it's dinner!Harly is known for selling vanilla. And, once the "Faithful" do the engineering and make one fast. The Motor Company comes out with a "Factory Option!" In Literature this is called Plagurism....
NoHairScott -everybodies got one... opinion that is.  January 26, 2010 03:50 PM
I love the passion we "bikers" have. I remember being 10 years old and nobody could convince me that the Suzuki RM wasn't the best bike made... certainly not those green or red bikes.

I have since grown up a bit... I'm like a 12 year-old now... and I've learned that different bikes serve different purposes. And if I had my way I would have a barn full of options. I will probably never trade in my fatboy... but I want to a Street Glide for long roadtrips... and I want a FURY for runnin around Hollywood looking cool (the uninitiated can't tell if its a Harley or Honda, all they see is cool) and that is what the Honda designers have created. This bike speaks volumes of cool and it does it for around 13K... that is amazing.

My recommendation, quit whining because BMW and Harley didn't come up with it first... and just admire it for what it is.
Fatbob -brotherhood of bikers  January 26, 2010 02:17 PM
I ride a Harley Fat Bob and I don't look down on any bike out there. We all are brothershood of bikers. So lets just ride and be free.
Doug -Bug  January 26, 2010 01:39 PM
The Fury is a beautiful bike. Very narrow. Very light to pick up. Comfortable to sit on, and the steering is very light. I think it would be a lot of fun to ride. Relaxed and looking cool.

The BMW S1000RR is made for someone that has short legs, a small brain, a big wallet and no balls (because they get in the way).

Perfect for a girl on a race track.
Tom -oh  January 25, 2010 01:50 PM
... And give me a good shaft-drive any day of the week. I wanna ride tens of thousands of miles a year, say hello yo yhe trouble and dirt free shaft drive. (belt is fine too, but I'm not hating shafts just for the fun of it because motorcycles 20 years ago didn't have shafts... Some of us aren't stuck in 1960)

And I saw a Fury in real life, and I must say I'm impressed with the effort they've dispensed in making the shaft look unobtrusive and good looking on this bike. In fact, on this particular bike I like it even better than a chain of any kind. It's just much cleaner, subtle and minimalist showing the rear wheel.

Same goes for the 'plastic haters'. Other bikes have had it for years and years, but looks like cruisers just can't have plastic? Nicely painted plastics don't look any different than tins. But it is lighter, doesn't dent and cheaper to repair, also doesn't rust.
Tom -@Milwaukee  January 25, 2010 01:41 PM
Djees, get it through your thick head for Christs sake... I wouldn't buy the honda because it's just not my kind of bike. But most of us would be downright embarrassed and ashamed riding a 'hog'. Anyone under 40 that is. Proud about owning a piece of junk? Riiiight...

Just take a look at the sportster 48 article and the comments there. HOG'ers have created an image for themselves that no sensible man wants to be part of. A phony brotherhood, making a fool of themselves, loud and ignorant. If I told any of my riding buddies I bought a Harley, they would laugh for days, never see the end of it.

Besides, a stock harley would have trouble outrunning this 1300cc honda bike. Wow, that's something to be proud of. Just taking a look at that other thread shows in how much trouble harley will be in the next ten years if they don't radically shape up and start delivering the goods for the young upcoming market with the cash. And don't give me crap about not being able to pay Harleys, I don't even have to work hard as some other douche stated previously. It's us they should be targeting, not all the babyboomers who have bought their last bike before taking it to the grave. Aside from the fact that I could buy the SAME bike all over the internet for half the price.

Also, it's not that we younger people don't like cruisers. In fact, a lot of us do, but a Harley is just too embarrassing, safe for a V-Rod perhaps. In fact, as a 25 year old, my only bike could be a cruiser... The only cruisers I would consider are Triumph thunderbird, M109, VN2000, a Raider if they would sell those in Europe, and MAYBE a V-ROD. (if they were priced somewhere closer to reality). Besides, I could buy two M109's for the price of one similarly spec'd HOG. And have decent brakes to boot.

As I said before, I was a huge Harley fan as a kid, but now I know better. And that's about the audience harley's going after. Big kids, easily impressed with lots of chrome.

Harley needs to shape up and quick. I'm very curious what they can come up with after killing Buell (retards) The last time I was truly excited about a Harley it was when they showed the Vrod for the first time. There's a platform to build off, now evolve goddamn. The V Rod hasn't changed a bit since it first rolled of the line almost TEN YEARS AGO.

2011-2012 will be the year for standard traction control and ABS on most bikes. Will be funny to see what they put against that, maybe another 11000 sportster with a slightly different fuel tank, lol... Can someone spell ignorant please?

milwaukee mike -Waste of time and money  January 25, 2010 01:17 PM
Lets get this straight; $350 for an ait cleaner and another $105 for an adapter, plus another $995 for a piston/cam kit plus labor to get 10hp and 5ft/lb torque. All that money on a $13K metric toy that has virtually no resale.
OK, tell me why would you throw your money away on a plastic pseudo chopper when you could just buy some CVO or Sreaming Eagle HD model that you would be proud to own and ride?
Matt -Fury has no real compatition.  January 23, 2010 01:55 PM
At first the 1300 motor and shaft drive made me wonder what Honda was thinking and what chopper lover would buy this thing but then it occurred to me that as saturated as the chopper market is right now there is much less competition in the budget mid sized engine class. Even though I am sure the Fury wouldn't be anyone's pick as their "dream ride" there are no small amount of 20-30 somethings out there that want a chopper style bike but are newer to riding, not mechanicly inclinded, and/or on a budget and I think this fits that bill more or less and from what I have heard seems to be a stead seller for them.
John -Why people!  January 23, 2010 10:22 AM
I thought political post were off the deep end, why would any one post but a Honda Fan. Choppers are choppers every brand was chopped in the 60's & 70's inline 4's!!! Honda fooled on this bike thought it was to late to try this but was wrong, it is a big seller, people want looks but better yet RELIABILITY!!!!
Tom Brooks. -No more Honda for me!  January 23, 2010 08:48 AM
Don’t forget to upgrade the front brake so your dumb ass can stop. It’s so sad that Honda followed HD and put style above performance.
irksome -HD and its imitators  January 23, 2010 07:37 AM
I will never understand two things: Why anyone would put up with HD rehashing the same antiquated design year after year (after year...) and why any other company would imitate it. Having just turned 51, I'm deciding to sell my dearly beloved Speed Triple and buy a Triumph Thunderbird with the 1700cc kit. Or maybe a Rocket III Roadster. ANYTHING but yet another V-Twin.
Tim B -Bimmer  January 22, 2010 11:13 PM
When BMW makes a cruiser let us know. Oh and be sure it's as reliable as a Honda (very unlikely) before you pick up that phone.

Honda's big mistake is making everything plastic and giving it a weak motor. I wonder if anybody will ever offer aftermarket "tins" made of steel or aluminum?
Fury -Another Simple Question  January 22, 2010 05:10 PM
What the hell does a BMW S1000RR have to do with anything regarding factory custom cruisers? Jesus, people are retarded... please, just shut up
Bimmer -Simple Question  January 22, 2010 04:51 PM
With all the money you have invested in that lead sled you could have bought a BMW S1000RR with 200HP.