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Play Fantasy SX - Win Tickets to Vegas Finale

Friday, January 7, 2011
Fantasy SX graphic
Win tickets to Vegas for the Supercross season finale on us! Play Fantasy SX Racing and test your knowledge of racers, tracks and teams.
Would you love to attend the Las Vegas Supercross finale in person? How does winning a pair of free tickets sound to you? Motorcycle USA will be awarding two tickets to the Las Vegas Supercross grand finale to the person who scores the most points in each round of our Fantasy SX Racing game. That’s 16 chances to win tickets for you and your best riding buddy to the ultimate showdown in Vegas.

It’s free to play, so what are you waiting for? Score points by picking one rider from the A-list group, two B-riders and one team each round. Riders earn you points depending on their finish, 25 for first, 22 for second and so on down the line. An extra five points is awarded to the rider who snags the holeshot. The catch is, you can only select each rider five times, so using your picks judiciously will pay off in the long run. It also means you can’t pick Ryan Dungey every week. Your knowledge of who’s strong on certain tracks can mean tickets in your pocket. In case of a tie, which invariably happens, the winner will be decided in a random drawing.

Motorcycle USA’sFantasy SX Racing kicks off on January 8, so sign up now. It’s free, it’s fun and you could win a Leatt GPX Club II Neck Brace just for signing up. At the end of the season, the player with the most points will win a full-on Leatt package of a GPX Pro Brace, an Adventure Pro Chest Protector and a Leatt Team Hoody. Las Vegas Supercross finale tickets, a free Leatt neck brace, a Leatt schwag bag and a chance to prove to your buddies that your Supercross knowledge reigns supreme are all up for grabs. All this for free no less, so there’s no reason not to play. There are no restrictions on age to play the game, but rules state you do have to be 18 or older to win prizes. Sorry teensters, maybe next year.

With former Supercross champion James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Villopoto and defending champion Ryan Dungey all contending for the title this year, we’re anticipating a thrilling season. Teams have been shaken up, new venues have been added, everybody is healthy and racing should be epic. Game on.

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PC -Count Me In!  December 22, 2010 12:10 PM
Thanks guys! This is a GREAT prize! 16 chances to win; maybe I will get lucky! See you at the races ... I hope!
MCUSA -PC  December 22, 2010 08:37 AM
The pair of SX tickets will be awarded to the highest point scorer in each of the 16 rounds. So you just gotta win earlier in the year. Sounds like Ron will handle the Week 16 travel arrangements :)
bryan harley -two tickets given away after each round  December 22, 2010 08:34 AM
Hey PC,

Sorry if I wasn't clear. We will be giving away tickets to the person with the highest score after each round. So, after the opener in Anaheim, one person will win two tickets. After the Phoenix round, two tickets. After Dodger Stadium, two tickets. In all, we will be giving away 16 pairs of tickets.
The person with the highest score at the end of the season will win the Leatt package - neck brace, chest protector, hoody.
Hope this clarifies everything. And have fun playing.
Ron -Fantasy Team Owner  December 21, 2010 09:10 PM
I can be in Vegas in 5 days. No problem.
PC -Sweet!! But...  December 21, 2010 05:06 PM
It isn't quite clear, are you saying:

* The person with the highest score after 16 rounds wins?

* If so, won't that only give the person like 5 days to make arrangements to travel?

This is a great promo, and I love the fantasy racing. Also, I probably don't have to worry, since it is hard to beat some of the people who play, or so I found with Motocross, WSB & MotoGP. Thanks for the great moto site!!!