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2011 AMA Supercross Los Angeles Results

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Ryan Villopotos patience in the main paid off with a major win ahead of James Stewart at Dodger Stadium.
Kawasaki's Ryan Villopoto's patience in the main paid off with a win ahead of James Stewart at Dodger Stadium.
Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto made history in front of 41,000 fans by nabbing the inaugural victory at Dodger Stadium in Round 3 of the 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. Villopoto was closely followed by San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart, with Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey rounding out the podium in third. In the Supercross Lites class it was a huge night for the Lucas Oil Troy Lee Design team and Cole Seely who rode a flawless race ahead of Geico Powersports Honda's Eli Tomac and Rockstar Energy Suzuki’s Ryan Morais to claim his first ever SX Lites victory.


Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Brett Metcalfe nailed the holeshot in the main event and was followed by Dungey, Geico Honda’s Kevin Windham, Stewart, Yamaha’s Austin Stroupe and Honda’s Trey Canard. It wasn’t to be Metcalfe’s night, however, as the Aussie crashed out of the lead, handing it to Dungey. Stewart was the next man to make a charge as he passed both Windham and Dungey on the way to  the front. The night’s battle was made even more tense when Villopoto, despite getting a mediocre start outside the top-five, entered the mix after making his way past Windham and into fourth place. Up front Dungey and Stewart swapped the lead more than once, with Stewart gaining a slight advantage over Dungey near the halfway point of the race. With Canard running third and pressuring Dungey for second, the lone TwoTwo Motorsports bike of Chad Reed was making up ground from dead last after getting caught up in a tangle out of the gate.

San Manuel Yamahas James Stewart had a minor slip-up in Los Angeles which cost him the victory.
San Manuel Yamaha's James Stewart had a minor slip-up in Los Angeles which cost him the victory.
Stewart was unable to gain a significant advantage as Villopoto continued moving up until he was in position to make a move behind Dungey. It didn’t take long for RV to make a swift pass on the reigning champ, and once in second the Kawasaki rider went to work chasing down Stewart.

The top three riders were running wheel-to-wheel and the question was who would be the first to make a mistake. That honor went to Stewart when he lost the front end in a right-hand corner. After quickly recovering, the Yamaha pilot found himself in fourth and Villopoto had assumed the lead. The Kawasaki rider managed to put some distance between himslef and the battle for second. The race wasn’t over for Stewart, however, as he continued wearing Dungey down until finally making a solid block pass for the runner-up spot.

When the fireworks went off, Villopoto had captured his second win of the season with Stewart close behind. Meanwhile, Dungey settled with the final podium position and Trey Canard overcame a hard crash in his heat race to take fourth in the main. Coming from dead last Reed had an impressive ride by crossing the finish line in seventh. Metcalfe recovered from his early crash in the main to finish eighth while Red Bull KTM’s Andrew Short placed ninth.

2011 AMA Supercross Los Angeles Results:
1. Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)
2. James Stewart (Yamaha)
3. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki)
4. Trey Canard (Honda)
5. Justin Brayton (Yamhaa)
6. Kevin Windham (Honda)
At one point Ryan Dungey  #1  and Ryan Villopoto were running wheel-to-wheel before Villopoto assumed the lead.
At one point Ryan Dungey (#1) and Ryan Villopoto were running wheel-to-wheel before Villopoto assumed the lead.

7. Chad Reed (Honda)
8. Brett Metcalfe (Suzuki)
9. Andrew Short (KTM)
10. Kyle Chisholm (Yamaha)
11. Nick Wey (Yamaha)
12. Austin Stroupe (Yamaha)
13. Davi Millsaps (Yamaha)
14. Chris Blose (Kawasaki)
15. Tye Simmonds (KTM)

2011 AMA Supercross Championship Points:
1. Ryan Villopoto, 72  
2. James Stewart, 67
3. Ryan Dungey, 58
4. Trey Canard, 56
5. Chad Reed, 48
6. Brett Metcalfe, 39
7. Andrew Short, 37
8. Justin Brayton, 36
9. Kyle Chisholm, 33
10. Kevin Windham, 32

Hondas Cole Seely  #36  claimed his first Supercross victory ever in Los Angeles ahead of Eli Tomac and Ryan Morais.
Geico Powersports Honda's Cole Seely (#36) claimed his first Supercross Lites victory ever in Los Angeles ahead of Eli Tomac and Ryan Morais. 
Supercross Lites

Honda’s Cole Seely got things going in the Lites class by blasting through the field and claiming the holeshot. He was followed by Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Josh Hansen, Eli Tomac, KTM’s Ken Roczen, Suzuki’s Martin Davalos and Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham. Just as the race started to develop, it appeared Hansen was positioning himself for his third victory of the season but his bike stalled and left him dead last.

Up front Cunningham passed Davalos for fourth as Hansen went into damage control while picking his way through the pack. Seely gained an advantage over the field while Tomac was embroiled in a feud with Roczen for second place. The KTM rider was trying to fend-off Davalos when the duo collided and went down, taking out Cunningham in the process.

Hansen’s teammate, Broc Tickle, was one of the fastest riders on the track as he made his way into the top-three behind Seely and Tomac. Meanwhile, Hansen was cutting through the field up to eighth behind Roczen as Seely was checking out and leading Tomac by more than three seconds.

In the end Seely rode a fantastic race to earn the first win for himself and his Geico Powersports Honda team. Tomac took second after putting up a strong defense against a determined Tickle. Morais was able to make a last-minute pass ahead of Tickle for the final podium spot. Despite failing to reach the podium for the first time this year, Hansen proved he’s one of the fastest riders in the class by finishing fifth. It was an unfortunate evening for Kawasaki’s Tyla Rattray, who finished all the way back in 14th after struggling with a wrist injury he sustained during his heat race.

2011 AMA Supercross Lites Los Angeles Results:
1. Cole Seely (Honda)
2. Eli Tomac (Honda)
3. Ryan Morais (Suzuki)
4. Broc Tickle (Kawasaki)
5. Josh Hansen (Kawasaki)
Josh Hansen  #100  had his bike stall during the beginning of the race  leaving him dead last. He put in a commendable ride to finish fifth.
Josh Hansen (#100) had his bike stall during the beginning of the race, leaving him dead last. He put in a commendable ride to finish fifth. 

6. Ken Roczen (KTM)
7. Ryan Marmont (KTM)
8. James Decotis (Honda)
9. Nick Paluzzi (Yamaha)
10. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha)
11. Martin Davalos (Suzuki)
12. Travis  Baker (Honda)
13. Antonio Balbi (Kawasaki)
14. Tyla Rattray (Kawasaki)
15. Daniel Blair (Kawasaki)

2011 AMA Supercross Lites Championship Points:
1. Josh Hansen, 66
2. Broc Tickle, 62
3. Cole Seely, 59
4. Ryan Morais, 55
5. Eli Tomac, 49
6. Tyla Rattray, 42
7. Martin Davalos, 40
8. Travis Baker, 35
9. Ken Roczen, 31
10. Nick Paluzzi, 30

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kevin -incredible race  January 24, 2011 04:49 PM
If this is what we are in for the rest of the year, yeah! I hope Bubba doesn't turn into a spoiled puss. I didn't like some of his podium comments. He made it sound like he gave the race to RV. Sorry, but RV has the speed. Of anyone out of the lites class in years, RV was the one who I thought might someday show Ricky and Bubba type speed. Anyone remember his MXdN performance on a 250 none the less??? Dungy looked awesome too. Carnard was running well too before duffing it. We are in for a show this year I think.
yancey -lites main  January 24, 2011 04:54 AM
i thought Hansen went to take out Seely on the first lap but stalled, and didn't Cunningham try to crash Roczen? whats crazy is the fact that Hanson is a really dirty rider, watch the video every pass he makes is a put the other rider down type of move.
bikerrandy -450 SX race - L.A.  January 23, 2011 10:55 AM
Think it's the best SX race I've yet seen. No one really pulled away this time. Hard to say right now who's going to win the Championship this year.