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Arai Intros Pro Shade Visor System

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Arai Helmet, Inc., makers of world class, handmade helmets for more than six decades, is excited to announce the all-new Pro Shade System, an innovative, easy-to-use visor accessory that will benefit street riders of all disciplines, from
Arai Pro Shade Visor
Arai Helmets introduces its new Pro Shade Visor System.
commuters to long-distance tourers.

Replacing the face shield of any current Arai full-face helmet that uses the SAI-type shield system, the Pro Shade System installs in seconds and offers a multitude of benefits. When raised, the Pro Shade’s visor acts a translucent peak, minimizing overhead glare. By lowering the shield, the rider can reduce the amount of direct light entering the helmet, which is particularly beneficial when the sun is lower in the sky. The Pro Shade System can be quickly and easily raised or lowered by hand, offering riders the chance to block glare as needed, depending on riding conditions.

One unique advantage of the Pro Shade System is its ability to allow the rider to quickly block sudden bursts of light without even having to remove their hands from handlebars. With just a subtle dip of the head, the rider can quickly and easily position the visor to block out glare, all while keeping their hands on the bars and eyes on the road.

Arai Helmets Pro Shade Visor
The Pro Shade System installs on any current Arai helmet that uses the SAI-type shield system.
The Pro Shade System comes installed on a MAX-V Brow Vented shield, providing excellent field of vision and Arai’s unique Brow Vent intake ducts, while an intelligent lock system prevents the shade from dropping unexpectedly. And since the Pro Shade System installs on any current Arai helmet that uses the SAI-type shield system, riders can easily transfer the system between compatible Arai models.

As with any Arai product, the Pro Shade System strictly adheres to the company’s legendary obsession with rider protection. In the event of an impact, the movable portion of the shield is designed to break away easily. And the system itself in no way compromises the energy management capability designed into the helmet shell.

“We’re very proud of the new Pro Shade System,” said Brian Weston, Managing Director of Arai Helmet, Inc. “It provides features our customers have asked for, plus additional benefits we’re sure they’ll love, all without limiting an Arai helmet’s most important function: rider protection.”

The Pro Shade System will be available in late April 2014, and will feature an MSRP of $100.95 USD. For more information on the entire 2014 Arai lineup, visit AraiAmericas.com.

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Motdog   April 3, 2014 09:18 PM
@WilCon- A person who can afford to buy an Arai helmet isn't going to complain about $100. It's like telling my wife she can find a perfectly fine pair of pants at Wallmart when she is used to shopping at Nordstrom. My Arai Corsair is the best helmet I ever owned and is much better than my AGV Pista, which costs more. Never liked any of the Nolan helmets.
WilCon   April 3, 2014 08:01 AM
This should be an April fools story. $100 bucks for what essentially Nolan has been doing for several years. The same effect can also be had from the aftermarket for about 1/10th the cost.