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2006 Triumph Daytona 675 Shootout Photo Gallery

Photos of the 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 Track Shootout. 2006 Supersport Shootout IV Track

Kenny digs bikes that are different so it should come as no surprise he chose the 675 in For My Money.
Duke Danger tip-toes through the chicane at Pahrump.
The Triumph 675 is a carving machine. Here's DB doing his thing on the Trumpet.
The Triumph topped our list in a number of categories, with its sweet-sounding Triple taking top honors in the Low to Mid-range Power rankings.
Braking is yet another area in which the Triumph excels. The fronts have the requisite radial master cylinder and calipers, but they stand alone with the Ducati's as having the only braided-steel brake lines.
The 675's suspension and transmission also received marks near the top of the pack, the latter somewhat surprising due to its lack of a slipper clutch.
The Daytona approximates the stellar handling characteristics of the R6, being both nimble and stable.
The Triumph throttled the competition in the Grin Factor rankings. A fact which contributed to its just eeking out a win over the R6 and making an impressive sweep of the Supersport class in '06 the Shootouts.
Its gauge pack is probably our favorite, providing easily assimilated information within a handsome display.
Not only predictable and settled in higher-speed corners, the Trumpet is nearly untouchable in the world of curlicue-shaped tarmac.
If our experience at the track is anything to go by, the FIM would be wise to keep the ballsy Daytona out of the Supersport class.
Agressive ergos, which allowed for mind-altering lean angles, produced the hottest laps of our track sessions.
The Daytona 675 won us over during our street test with its sweet-sounding Triple. Out on the track, the cherry red British beast topped our timesheets, as well as our scoresheets.
The Triumph Daytona 675 couldn't have made a more impressive debut, taking wins in both our Street and Track Shootouts.
There's more to an exemplary track bike than just acceleration, but the Daytona has all the bases covered.
The Daytona 675 won us over during our street test with its sweet-sounding Triple.