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World Supersport Comparison Conclusion

Monday, January 11, 2010
And The Winner Is...

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So, what is the best 600cc racebike on the planet? Talk about a loaded question…

Yamaha’s factory R6 has unquestionably one of the best middleweight chassis I’ve ever had the pleasure of flogging, with a screaming top end that is nothing short of amazing. Yet the Parkalgar Honda’s chassis is also an all-time great and its mid-range put the Yamaha to shame. One can’t forget the Yami’s seriously-addictive self-blipping ECU. (OEs, if you are reading, add this to your next street-legal sportbikes. PLEASE!)

Honda has its TC settings nailed compared to the Yamaha, which was far too restrictive, though this could have easily been a so-jurnos-don't-crash feature. Wider bars made the R6 more flickable than the Honda and the Ohlins suspension, while stiff for my featherweight self, featured well-tuned action and amazing levels of feel and feedback. Nevertheless, the Honda featured equally as impressive action, feel and feedback from its Ohlins units, but suited
Coming from a 250cc GP background in recent years  Lavertys Honda was set up for loads of mid-corner speed.Flickability and an uncanny ability change direction with little-to-no rider input were shining points of Crutchlows factory Yamaha YZF-R6 World Supersport bike.
By virtue of the quickest lap time we gave the World Supersport Comparison crown to the Parkalgar Honda (top), but only just slightly.
my weight far better. I never did quite get my head around the 250cc GP-feeling handlebar position. The Yamaha is a cleaner built and engineered motorcycle, with superior fit and finish and crazy cool electronics. Though the Honda is a more visceral and pure experience, much more involving. In fact, the only complaints I have about the two machines (the Yamaha’s TC settings and the bar position on the Honda) could easily be changed in a matter of minutes.

These are two amazingly involving, exhilarating and utterly glorious things of racetrack beauty, in another league compared to any 600 I’ve ever ridden. In fact, I lapped quicker on both the Supersports than any of my Superbike times. Thus, due to the sheer closeness of this test, I’m going to have to let the winner be decided by the lap times and lap times alone: Honda – 1:49.901. Yamaha – 1:50.333.

There you have it: The World’s Ultimate Supersport Bike is Eugene Laverty’s Vodafone Parkalgar Honda CBR600RR – yet only by a hair. These two bikes are that close... But in total honesty, the real winner in this shootout was yours truly, as my time aboard these mini-missiles defined two-wheeled racetrack fun! Santa, can I have one? Please?

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HondRR Racing -The CBR600RR  February 22, 2010 06:38 AM
luv d CBR600RR It's Just lovely,It Apeals 2 every1,Can't wait 2 owm my very own 600 DaboR 4 street Rides,Hope It leaves up to xpectetions.1 Lonely 1 out there waiting to be to be Loved By me.I wont Toy story,It If u No wat I mean.Sorry R6 RR Is Twice R And ^600^ Is 100 Times 6.God Bless Zambia.(How come it does not have a nick name Like The Fireblade,Or m i wrong?) I call it the baby blade.
Chango -TC Settings  January 17, 2010 05:45 AM
Perhaps the Yamaha really was setup exactly the same as Crutchlow rolled off the track the day before. He had a lead in the points so there was no need for him to do anything too terribly risky and possibly lose the championship in a last-race crash, like Haga or Rossi in 06.
GianniVegas -Pure Magic  January 15, 2010 06:10 AM
Great work guys. Where do I sign up? Great job of capturing the true essense of these world class machines machines.

Lee -I want your job!  January 12, 2010 11:27 AM
Great article on two fantastic motorcycles. I wish more reviews were like this, real "feel" seat of the pants stuff.
MJ -Interesting  January 12, 2010 05:57 AM
Good work, I enjoyed the read.