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Wyman Responds to Daytona Disqualification

Tuesday, April 15, 2014
One of the best days of motorcycle road racer Kyle Wyman's life dissolved into great disappointment Friday when his recent victory at Daytona, which was declared official by the sanctioning body more than two weeks ago after a lengthy technical inspection, was subsequently declared invalid.

AMA Pro Racing publically disqualified Wyman via a three-sentence press release that offered no specifics other than his #33 Millennium Technologies-sponsored Harley-Davidson XR1200 "contained non-compliant and improperly modified engine components."

"I'm really bummed out about all of this, and quite frankly I'm more than a little confused," Wyman said. "I've dedicated my life to road racing and would never do anything to gain an unfair advantage over other riders. I respect the spirit of competition far too much. Anyone that knows me, including (series sponsor) Terry Vance himself, will tell you it's just not in my DNA to do something illegal.

"With no recourse available with AMA Pro Racing, I have to accept the ruling. It's very troublesome to me the way this all went down, and while I plan to move forward and do everything I can to race for the championship, I do feel the need to explain the events as they transpired.

"After finishing first in Daytona, my team was instructed to disassemble the engines in order for the cylinder heads to be inspected by AMA Pro Racing. We immediately complied, and the parts were taken for further evaluation with results to be released on an undetermined timeline. It should be noted that no parts were confiscated from any of the other 23 riders in the field.

"Eleven days later, on March 25, AMA Pro Racing informed us the cylinder heads were within the confines of the rules, the provisional results would now be declared official, and our parts would be shipped back to Kyle Wyman Racing. A press release was then issued by AMA Pro Racing recapping my win. At the same time, a winner's check in the amount of $3,750 was issued to me.

"At this point, several of my sponsors purchased congratulatory advertisements in a variety of motorcycle magazines.

"One week later, on March 31, I submitted a first-person blog entry titled 'My Best Weekend, Ever,' which was published on the AMA Pro Racing website as well as many notable news outlets within the industry. I also appeared as a guest on Pit Pass Radio to discuss the win.

"Two days later, AMA Pro Racing contacted me again, this time to say the cylinder heads originally deemed in compliance were now considered to be illegal. I was told a final decision would be made in the near future concerning the official results and subsequent penalties to be assessed.

"The next day, April 3, the AMA Pro Racing media department contacted me directly to conduct a telephone interview about the win. The interview was published on the AMA Pro Racing website that same afternoon.

"On April 7, I was contacted again to say I would be disqualified, lose 30 championship points, and lose the previously issued purse money. This was followed by the press release of April 11.

"I will certainly be asking for clarification in this decision to make sure I know how to avoid this happening again. It's a tremendous blow to me personally because my honor has been called into question. I apologize to the other riders for this unfortunate turn of events and congratulate Tyler O'Hara on winning the race. All I can do now is move forward, knowing I didn't intentionally do anything wrong."
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B-kings Rock   April 16, 2014 09:50 AM
AMA Pro Racing should absolutely be required to provide hard facts concerning the alleged violations when the "win" was taken from Kyle.....do I smell something a little "fishy" here?
RaptorFA   April 15, 2014 02:26 PM
Wow, Kyle, I feel for you. Just when you thought AMA Pro Racing couldn't screw the pooch any more they find a way to do just that. They should be required to release exactly what they thought was suddenly so illegal when the very same heads were thoroughly checked and deemed OK. What a joke! Again, Sorry they took your win from you and I hope you get an explanation from these clowns. I wouldn't hold my breath, however.