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Cal Cruchlow and Ducati Part Ways in 2015

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Ducati has announced that it reached an agreement with Cal Crutchlow to terminate the British rider’s contract for 2015. Crutchlow’s teammate, Andrea Dovizioso, has already signed on to race with the team through 2016 and will be joined by Andrea Iannone next year. Iannone has shown great promise on Pramac Ducati through the first half of the current season and has been keen to land a factory ride. Crutchlow, on the other hand, has struggled from Day 1 with Ducati after leaving the Tech 3 Yamaha team at the conclusion of 2013.

Crutchlow will join the LCR Honda team, replacing the outgoing Stefan Bradl. LCR gets a new sponsor for the upcoming season as well, CWM FX. The new backing is allowing the team to plan for two bikes in 2015, the factory-backed ride piloted by Crutchlow and a second, open-class mount to be piloted by an as-yet-unnamed rider. Bradl is rumored to be moving to Forward Racing, but no official word has been issued by the team.

The brief PR issued by Ducati announcing the news is included below, as is the release issued by LCR Honda. – Moto USA Byron Wilson

Ducati Corse announced today that it has reached an agreement with its factory rider Cal Crutchlow to terminate, ahead of time, the contract that ties the British rider to the Italian team in MotoGP for the next season.

The two factory Ducati Team riders for 2015 will now be Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone.

LCR Honda
LCR Honda Team is pleased to officially announce that British rider Cal Crutchlow will join Cecchinello's squad in 2015 MotoGP campaign riding the Honda RC213V Factory Spec. The 29-year-old from Isle of Man will compete in the premier class for the fifth year counting on Honda HRC support and the brand-new LCR Main Sponsor CWM (www.cwmfx.com)

Lucio Cecchinello (LCR CEO): "We want to thank Cal for his trust in our 2015 racing project and we are excited to line up with new Team colors thanks to the cooperation with CWM. In the mean time we will keep working hard to end the current season in the best way”.

Anthony Costantinou (CWM CEO): “The 2015 MotoGP season is looking to be a very exciting one, CWM-LCR Honda are very happy and pleased to have Cal Crutchlow on our new bike and new team colors. Cal is a professional, reliable, and top performer as CWMFX.COM is. Perfect synergy."

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customaudiodesign   August 6, 2014 08:47 AM
And we will we see him on the Duc the rest of the season? Seems a waste of time, now that it's public. Didn't he announce at the big Ducati event that he was on for 2 more years? It's obvious he couldn't get comfortable on the Ducati, or get on with it's unique qualities. And Bradl will be on something? Might be the last chance for Crutchlow to make a good showing of his MotoGP career, so I wish him success. He's got that F-you attitude, which can be a good thing. I thought it would be a good fit with Ducati...I guess with Stoner finally saying F-YOU to the Ducati, maybe that should be an exit strategy, not one coming in.
OutOfTheBox   August 5, 2014 07:02 PM
ps raptorfa I love your comment, you're a classic contrarian...dude Ducati went back to an aluminum perimeter frame 3 years ago. Their bike is still the most powerful machine on the grid, still hitting the highest top speeds. Their problems began when they ran Stoner off the team, when they stopped listening to Stoner, and Stoner said "fine, I'll go ride for the most-successful team in motorcycle-racing history". The best riders go to Honda, it's that simple. If, somehow, Marquez had started with LCR Honda (like Stoner) or Tech3 (like Spies) or some other satellite team (and Ducati has plenty of satellite teams) we might have seen something of his potential on a Ducati bike, and there may not be so much pressure on Ducati to change their bike. But Honda swiped the rug right out from under the satellite teams...because they knew that they wanted Marquez on their factory bike. Now all the other teams are having to come up with better technology to give to their 2nd-rate riders, to compete with the team with the best technology and arguably the best riders in MotoGP. And we're talking about Lorenzo and Rossi, here, solidly between Honda and Ducati. The problem is not the bike so much as the team.
OutOfTheBox   August 5, 2014 06:55 PM
I mean Crutchlow gets a solid ride, how did I ever get Dovi into that? Anyway Bradl you plays with fire and sometimes you get burned. Even if you were taken-out unfairly this year in at least one race. 40 MotoGP races is more than a lot of good racers will ever get, and if the rules changes are really effective at flattening the grid then you still have a competitive bike coming your way.
OutOfTheBox   August 5, 2014 06:53 PM
He and Dovi are almost polar opposites and Dovi is doing very well at Ducati. If Ducati thought they were getting a younger version of Hayden, they were very wrong. But in the end this all makes sense. Ducati, between Honda, Yamaha and Dorna, is on the verge of becoming a has-ben in MotoGP, and this will light a fire under their tails as well as give them an opportunity to play favorites with both Iannone and Dovi and see just what that gets them. It should be fun, and Dovi gets a solid ride. How can anyone really complain about this? Except maybe Bradl, but even then...sorry bud but you had your three years.
jet057   August 5, 2014 03:01 PM
Some of us figured he wouldn't or couldn't hang.He was fawkin whimp on a man's race bike.Glad to have Iannone next year at least he has some time on the red beast and is not scared and whimpy as cal....
RaptorFA   August 5, 2014 07:56 AM
Thanks Byron. This does not surprise me one bit. I predicted early on that Cal would not last one season on that thing. It's good that he got off it now before it completely sank his career or killed him. The Duc lost its edge when they went with the Carbon fiber frame on the GP9. They lost the handle on the balance of the bike, the tires changed and they no longer could fall back on having monster power. Even the great Stoner could not ride it any longer. So what chance did Cal have? Having said all that, seeing what Dovi and Iannone are doing with that machine is pretty remarkable. Iannone has definitely earned that factory seat, and the two italians could be rewarded big time when the new GP15 debuts next year.
Choco   August 3, 2014 09:54 AM
I heard elsewhere that Cal will be riding the HCR Honda while Bradle is heading to Yamaha. Crutchlow on the HCR will be interesting, more Hondas crowding the front, just as it should be.