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Deluxe Harley-Davidson of Gillette

Deluxe Harley-Davidson of Gillette is a motorcycle dealership located in Gillette, WY selling Buell, Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Contact and map Deluxe Harley-Davidson of Gillette through Motorcycle USA’s Dealer Locator.
3300 Conestoga Drive
Gillette, WY 82718
Buell, Harley-Davidson
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Dutch August 24, 2013 02:02 PM
Havin' a hard time let'n this go, gotta warn someone .... "Don't break down anywhere near Gillette, WY !!!" Made a run to Missouri, coming back to Montana through South Dakota and through Wyoming. Before the trip, I put two new Dunlop E3's front & back, included tubes and rim strips. Had a rear flat maybe 30 miles East of Gillette, WY. Saturday evening, called the dealer in Gillette and told them of my issue, they said they were closing, I had the bike towed in and to their credit, they allowed me to store my bike there till Monday morning. I told the service manager (Calvin) that I just needed the flat repaired, he looked at me and with what appeared to me to be a "faint smirk" said "we don't repair, we replace". I explained that it was a new tire, there was that "smirk" again, and he said it was a "liability" issue. I'm try'n to get my head around that, and decide that I will just have to "bite the bullet here" and buy a new rear tire. As my friend Calvin is sit'n there writing out the work order, he looks up at me "with smirk" and said "you know, if we don't have a tire that matches you front tires tread pattern, we can't mount the rear tire". That was like a broadside, I said "what are you tell'n me, I gotta by a new front tire too ?". He said that all they carry is Dunlop tires, I told him my tires are Dunlop, he said all they carry is the "regular" Harley Davidson Dunlop tires. He went to check and was gone for maybe a minute, came back "with the smirk" and said they didn't have a matching tread. Inside I'm fuming, it's a brand new Dunlop E3 front tire, I don't need a new front tire !!! Calvin said "its a liability issue" ??? I told him that I would sign a wavier, they wouldn't be responsible. Calvin "with smirk" said they don't do that there, I said they allow me to sign a wavier at Glacier HD in Kalispell, MT, again with "smirk", we don't do that. You see where this story is going, they would not fix my rear flat unless I bought two new tires from them. They had me and they knew it, I knew it !!! I picked my bike up at 11 am Monday with two new "Harley Davidson Dunlop D 402's" mounted on it. With my two day lay over at the local hotel and the $680.67 bill from the friendly, "we are the Harley Davidson family and we will get you back on the road" dealer, I was look'n at just under $1000. Now as I got ready to leave, I asked Calvin the Service Manager " do you offer a Military/Veteran discount" like they do at both Glacier HD & Grizzly HD ? Service Manager Calvin looked up at me from his desk, writing up my bill, and said "with that same smirk", "ya know, I don't know. That will be $680.67".... Now on my way home I made it a point to stop at Grizzly HD and I ran the story about my Gillette experience past their Service Manager, all he could do is shake his head. He asked me what dealer it was, and when I said Gillette, he shook his head again. I was in to see my local dealer yesterday (Glacier HD) and asked the Service Manager if he would answer a hypothetical question, and he said he would try. I ran the whole thing by him, I come in with a rear flat, they are new tires, yada, yada , yada. I asked if he would repair a flat, said it depends on how bad it was. I got that, but it at least sounded that they would "maybe" repair it. Then I ask, what if the new rear tire didn't match the front tire tread? He said they generally don't like to mismatch treads or compounds and would "advise" against it. That's what I expected to hear in Gillette, then he said after "advising me", they would mount the tire after I signed a "liability release", that is the way it should be done !!! I thanked him for their honesty, he asked me what dealer and I said Gillette, Wy (again there was that head shake). I bought my few parts that I went there to get for an oil change (with the Veterans Discount they give), and went home....still freeeeek'n angry over HD's friendly dealer in Gillette.
dultram July 4, 2013 06:01 PM
Don't stop here! Worst dealer in the country. Left bike for intake leak, came to pick it up, gas all over the lot, they broke my fuel line and claimed I did it! Terrible service.
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