Sale of Russian motorcycles in the U.S.

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Sale of Russian motorcycles in the U.S.

Greetings. For earlier want to apologize for my English . I live in Russia . Not so long ago, in the body of the TV series " Prison Break" I saw the Russian Ural motorcycle . It was said as a very valuable and exclusive . This bike when it was copied from the BMW R71 and already heavily modified . BMW no longer produces this heavy bike , but in Russia it is still produced and is still evolving. Not so long ago there was a model with disc brakes on all three wheels ( ransche had drum brakes ) . Here I would like to discuss the demand for this bike in the U.S. and other countries. Problems legislation .
What do you think : Is there a demand for this model?

You can find video of this bike on youtube by typing "ural bike"
I still can not send a link to the forum because it does not have enough experience (20 posts)

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The Ural - a most interesting machine!

There is actually a Ural dealership not far from where I work so I see them running around from time to time. From what I can gather, those that have them really like them and have taken extensive road trips on them. There was one couple that went over 14,000 miles going through North and South America on one. Theirs looked something like this:

I didn't even know they were still being produced until recently. As to market, I would say it's segment is more "niche" than mainstream, but there is a user base that rides them for sure.

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these are really bikes with traditions. I didn't know they still produce them. It will be interesting if you can post some photos of the newest models as Russian motorcycles are not very familiar worldwide

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