Vintage 2 stroke oil injection systems, why the hate?

Posted at 2/24/2015 6:23:26 PM


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Oil Injection returns on a 2015 Beta off-roader

Beta Motors re-introduces oil injection on it's new off-roader, the Cross Trainer 300 -

"Our engineers then added electronically controlled oil injection to provide the perfect oil/gas mixture thus eliminating the need to premix."

I have one on order to replace an '06 KTM 400 4stroke. It's "street legal" in my state. Realistically, it will only see asphalt while connecting trails.

Cheers, M.

See Beta USA for Cross Trainer details

Posted at 2/25/2015 12:08:27 PM


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I think that the oil injection systems are one of the big inventions for the two stroke motorcycle. This method of lubrification allows a perfect lubrification and a good oil saving, and also a more long life of the engine. In fact the oil injection avoids the deposit of the burnt oil in the the combustion chamber and in the exhaust system.

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