Anybody been to the "Trials training center"?

Posted at 2/23/2012 3:51:25 AM


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Are you interested in observed trials?

As I mentioned elsewhere, I'm planning a little trip for this spring. Trying to decide where to go. This is in TN and looks interesting:

trialstrainingcenter dot com.

I'm interested in trials. We have some events close, and others not too far. If I had an old Yamaha TY250 I could run vintage trials 6 weekends a summer without driving more than a couple hours. This looks like a good way to learn some basics and see if it's for me.

Anybody been there? They do a "Trials for a day" thing for $275 with bike provided. Really considering it.

A poll! Are you interested in observed trials?

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Yes! Ryan Young is God! (67% 2 Votes)
Meh,,, it's ok if you can't get to a racetrack. (0% 0 Votes)
Trials? What are the charges? (33% 1 Votes)

Posted at 2/24/2012 5:08:08 PM

Sid Siezer

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Havent been but know a few a people who have and the benefits rewarded to all facets of their moto life, are more than worth the price of admission, according to them. I have seen bits on the tv and it looks like a proper moto challenge. I will say that one of my riding buds went and came back 35 to 40% better rider. It teaches you those slow speed maneuvers you don't really excersize. He was a foot draggin, seat sitting pigeon before, he came back in proper form out of the saddle balanced, a different riider. As with most tings its the effort you put in, but usually if you are paying, you are trying. If you do it I expect videos of low speed offs to crazy obstacle tackling. A good side trip.

Its getting cold. Old bones and body hurt.

Posted at 2/24/2012 7:02:27 PM


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Thank you el Sid, I've never talked to anyone who'd been before. I'm pretty solid on slow speed maneuvers from doing MSF, but offroad is another game and I think it'll be fun. Really thinking it's for me.

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