What was your most fun motorcycle?

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What was your most fun motorcycle?

At age 14 the 50cc Honda Super Sport lit up my world. Lucky I didn't
get busted. As we get older the expectations just get higher, then the less we appreciate what we have.

Asphalt the great tattoo remover

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I own it now: A Harley Crossbones.

Funnest machine I have ever owned, and I've owned a few in the day.

Suzuki GS, Honda VF1100 Sabre, Gold Wings et. al.

Harley is loud and proud!:woot:

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I reckon the most fun I ever had on a bike was on my first one, a new 1964 80K11 Suzuki. I went miles on that bike, quite a few of them with a passenger. Me and my pal would go and watch the bike racing at Brands Hatch, or just go for a ride in the evenings after work. It would take us to see our girl friends too. Just brilliant. I've come over all nostalgic now.
The next most 'funnest' bike was the V-Max I owned for a few years. That was fun in a different way, and rather alarming. I don't think I would like to own one now, too much for an old git.
You are quite right about the expectations, Hexford. I feel sorry for riders that start at the top on a large, powerful machine. They are missing a lot of fun on the way up.
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Old git on an old bike.

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I agree that those first years when you are younger that everything feels more acute and there is no doubt that your view of the world is different - experience, time and mental scar tissue dulls the senses slightly as you age and become slightly more jaded.

I think the most fun I have had on a bike was racing TZ350s - it was just a great bike to ride, the perfect balance of power and handling for short circuits and the closest racing you can imagine. I remember fairing bashing, position swapping and racing with an ear to ear grin on pretty much every track in the UK - great stuff.

On the road, possibly the most fun was on a Suzuki GT250 at 17, touring endlessly all over England and Scotland... everything was an adventure, strapping a tent on the back and smokey ring-dinging my way around the country.

I still have tons of fun racing 600cc superstock, instructing trackdays, riding in the dirt and commuting / touring / playing on the roads - but there is something about experiencing things for the first time, and seeing the world through teenage eyes that is unique, naive and vivid in a way that definitely changes as we get older.

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My 2008 Z1000 I owned when I lived in Utah. I had a 600cc SS, a Harley and a Kawasaki cruiser when I lived out there(not all at the same time) but the Z was my most favorite and fun. Really good torque down low and that helped in the canyons. I sold it out there because I had no way of trailering it back here. I miss that bike every day.

Posted at 2/26/2012 6:27:37 AM

Sid Siezer

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1984 Suzuki RM 80

Hands down most fun. I could ride it all day, and did sometimes. It was my intro to motorcycles. My riding blossomed on this bike. I see them for sale now and still want/love them. Left side radiator shroud sticking way out, right side big expansion chamber, oh man. :inlove:
For the road, I guess my 1989 fzr 600r. First road bike. I rode it everywhere. Like racer,strapped a backpack and a tent on the thing and went. Tail of the dragon, Cumberland falls rt 90, trackdays, race meetings. I mean everywhere. Every bike I have owned gives good memories, I just think the RM & FZR give the most vivid, memorable ones, I get the same feeling when I think of the old Honda spree(scoot) I rode. One of those rose tinted glasses thing.
One of the funnest bikes I have ridden would be a rd350. Hooliganism in spades, wheelies, check. Wild powerband, check. Great sound, Great smell, good bike. Then theres the h1.... Awww man, anything 2 stroke then......:woot::woot:

Its getting cold. Old bones and body hurt.

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My current one! Overall best handling, most power by a long shot.

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They were all fun.

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Current bikes: F800ST, DRZ400SM

Past bikes, starting with the first in 1970: CB50, K75S, Seca 550, Nighthawk 750, TL1000S

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Kootenanny said:They were all fun.

True that man. What's ironic is that all the great stuff I did as a kid on bikes were machines I didn't own! My Mom wouldn't let us have motorcycles, but I had some pretty cool friends. Sorry, Mom! :evil: I have pretty fond memories of the old 550 Super Sport I got to ride as a young man. In all honesty though I think the best is yet to come!

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