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Posted at 5/10/2012 7:41:26 AM


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MotoMan2 said:Be careful with buying things from a box that are going to go very fast lol. I’m sure you’ll do fine with putting it together safely, but if you’re missing any motorcycle parts it would be the pits to find out after you were already going 60 mph. Stay safe out there!

Actually, the OP said the dealer would be putting it together (BTW, flyfisher, any update?). But personally, I'd probably be just as happy to assemble a bike myself--I trust my own competence more than some garage monkeys...

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What a fantastic project that would be if you had the tools and the facilities. I would think bike-in-a box would come at a much more reasonable price, yes? It better amyway, if you are going to put it together yourself! But the OP did say the dealer was gong to do it, so moot point in this case.

But for a guy like Koot that can do it, I would think that would be one way to get a spank new bike for a deal. It would mean more to you as well once you got it on the road. The sense of pride and ownership that comes with pulling off a job like that would be huge.

What, Me Worry?

Posted at 5/12/2012 10:36:18 PM


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As far as I know, all bikes arrive at the dealers in boxes from the factory. The dealer assembles them and puts them on the showroom floor. This one never got assembled for whatever reason and I've still never seen one in person.

Posted at 5/14/2012 5:37:43 AM


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Well yeah,,, but "Assemble" doesn't mean they have to build the thing from parts. Most bkes get set up in less than an hour. Get it out of the crate, remove all the packaging padding, adjust the handlebars (they were probably folded down to make the bike fit in a smaller crate). Install the mirrors, the windshield, fluids, battery. Inspect, maybe make a couple of adjustments. We're not talking about a Jesse James build here.

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