General Rules For the Dirt Bike Forum

Posted at 1/24/2012 3:14:06 PM

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General Rules For the Dirt Bike Forum

Welcome to the Motorcycle-USA Forums!

Please observe the following rules when posting in our forums so that a pleasant experience may be had by all.

Members should always: their topics in the most appropriate forum category, and please only post a topic in one category. non-motorcycle related topics only in Around The Campfire.

...avoid typing with all capital letters, except acronyms or where used for brief emphasis. any abuse to a moderator/administrator. respect for other members, even if their opinions and beliefs differ from yours.

...avoid flame wars and trolling, and avoid adding to such problems should they occur.

Members may be disciplined or suspended for the following reasons:

...posting under multiple identities for whatever purposes.
...foul, obscene, or abusive language, and use of such language against any member.
...severe harassment and/or continual abuse toward another member.
...violating, attempting to violate, or causing to be violated, the privacy of any member.
...posting pornography, or other offensive pictures or essays, which in the opinion of the moderators constitutes offensive material, or posting links to such material.
...posting any computer virus, worm, trojan, spyware, adware, malware, etc., or linking to such, or attempting to cause any infection by such, to anyone, any organization, any website, or any forum.
...posting warez, illegal cracks or hacks, or linking to such.
...posting any commercial advertising not pre-approved by a moderator/administrator.
...continual and offensive thread crapping, particularly in the Flea market section.
...posting any false information with the intent of damage or harm to another member or their possessions.
...soliciting or conducting any illegal activity.

These rules may be amended by the staff at any time. We will attempt to notify users of any significant changes.


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WTF posting info

:curse:Hey Richard S...So I spend half an hour getting a post together and put a Utube vid link in and you say sorry you can’t do that until after 20 post...why didn’t you put this info up front in the first place, you just pissed off an old guys suck!

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