Thinking of getting a supersport bike as almost 'not' a first bike

Posted at 4/14/2014 2:41:12 PM


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thesoapster said:Another vote for the Ninja 300. I saw one in action for the first time recently (actually rode with the guy at a decent pace). Those bikes move quite well. I'd go for a 300 first (or even the Ninja 250 if you can find a used one). If/when you want to sell they are easy to get rid of and tend to hold their value.

Here's Motorcyclist Magazine's conclusion when they put it head to head with the more expensive and more powerful Honda 500:

If we don’t sound over the moon about the CBR500R, it’s mostly because of our expectations. We assumed it would be a step between the willing CBR250R and a true supersport like the CBR600RR. It’s not. Instead, it’s something entirely different, a sensible small motorcycle with good build quality, solid performance, and commendable efficiency. It’s the bike you’d recommend to a new rider, an acquaintance. But for your friends with true sporting intentions and a thirst for authentic mechanical presence—point them at a Ninja 300.


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Thanks for the replies guys. 300 ABS is looking as a more suitable option now. Its always more fun to drive a slow vehicle fast than a fast vehicle slow. Still, the dream is to learn the skills needed to ride the supersport someday without being a risk to people on road.

I had seen the Ninja 300 vs Honda 500 comparison. Both bikes come with ABS option. Honda 500 is a bit heavier than the Ninja 300. Also the 300 looks better IMO. There is also a Honda cbr650f with abs that will be available in a couple of months in US.

Posted at 4/14/2014 4:40:50 PM


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The skills needed to operate a sportbike are really not much different than any other street motorcycle per se. Cornering, braking, throttle control, etc. are all essential skills on any bike. The main difference with a sportbike is it will weigh less, have more power, better suspension, and better brakes than most other bikes. Sportbikes (supersport/"supermid"/superbike) are made for track riding.

The Ninja is lighter and will ultimately be easier to get used to. In my opinion it is the better bike to learn those skills, especially if your end goal is to ride sportbikes.

Posted at 4/15/2014 12:45:36 PM


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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll do some more research before going for it.

Posted at 6/9/2014 11:27:31 AM


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Another vote for the Ninja 300 with ABS. I rode the 2014 Ninja 300 this last weekend and it was a blast. It just felt good, was light for the amount of bike, and to be honest, fun as hell. I was looking at a 600cc bike, and have sat on them before, but if you're not going for the track, I'd venture to say the 300 will suit your needs fine. Hell, it made me consider getting one.

I'm new here so take what I say with a grain of salt. But it was a lot of fun riding the bike.

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