Looking for the right bike

Posted at 5/24/2014 10:29:14 PM


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Looking for the right bike

I used to ride a lot - my last bike was a DR350SE. Gave it up when the kids came. Recently got my son started riding with a CRF100(a minibike was his first). Now see the need to get out trail riding with him and am looking for an inexpensive used bike. I want something lightweight but preferably with electric start - also quiet. I'm 6' & 220lbs but don't need to go fast, just able to climb steep hills. Riding my sons 100 I'm surprised that it has enough power to do what I want but the frame/ wheels are too small for me. Still need throttle response to be able to lift the front wheel to get over obstacles too, just don't need to add more weight for power that I won't use like I needed in my enduro days. Would also greatly appreciate Electric start. Recommendations? Ps budget is about $1,500

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Ranger10X said:Ps budget is about $1,500

Given your requirements, what you end up getting might be dictated more by what is available than by what you really want.

Sounds to me like you need a ~250 dual sport.

My feeling is that a LOT of used dirt bikes up for private sale have been neglected and beat to death......and then sold rather than fixing them.

So I'd suggest shopping at dealers and independent shops and don't get suckered into buying something without a test ride.

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