A trip around the US

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A trip around the US

Hey guys, I'm looking to motorcycle a road trip around the US. I live in California, and I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations of what motorcycle I should buy etc. I'm looking for

Probably a standard
Can drive long distances (possibly with windshield)
Light (due to the fact im a newbie)
Reasonably Comfortable
Not too expensive (under 3k. I dont care about looks)
Can add a somewhat large storage accessory (to carry luggage)
Safe (probably most important)
Probably 250cc (if 125cc could ride long distances/highway then ill go with that)-

I am 5'8 and weigh 140 pounds. I have two months before I go on my trip so I plan on gaining experience riding during that time. I'm traveling alone.

If you guys have any other advice for me, let me know, much appreciated.

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I'm thinking you might be rushing things a bit. You would do better to take some training before you start riding. You could save yourself a lot of grief if you become a competent rider before setting off.

Oh, and knowing how to maintain a bike in good condition would be a good thing too. Bikes aren't like cars that need a service only every two years, they tend to need a bit of regular attention.

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Old git on an old bike.

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BigShawn said:I have two months before I go on my trip so I plan on gaining experience riding during that time. I'm traveling alone.

If you guys have any other advice for me, let me know, much appreciated.

Not enough time before a long trip like that.
Not NEAR enough.

A used 250 would be an excellent starter bike but is not really good for road trips. I did a 1200 mile round trip with my GZ 250 but would not do that again.

I suggest that you find a used 250 for a starter bike and plan your long road trip for NEXT YEAR.......when you have some skills and experience and can decide for yourself what would be an appropriate bike for the trip.

AND....find and enroll in a new riders course. MSF is the most common one. Some Harley dealers do them too.

Good luck. Don't rush it.
Trying to do too much too soon is the biggest safety mistake you can make.

Ride to live; live to ride.

Don't believe EVERYTHING that you think.
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Don't do it for reasons already stated.

A solo trip around the US is not something to be taken lightly even by the riders who've already commented.

I'm guessing between the three of us we have almost 100 years of riding experience and would still consider a circular route around the USA a challenge to be prepared for properly.

You are years away from being able to accomplish, safely, such a trip.

Take the MSF and if you still think you want a bike buy a used one 500cc or less.

Come back to us when you have at least 30,000 miles under your belt on a motorcycle.

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Do you want a USA hiking bike or chinese hiking bike. I have bought mine via taobao.

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Don't do it with less then 2 months of riding. Google all the riders hit by drivers not paying attention and with 2 months of riding you don't know how to be a defensive rider yet. Take your time and save your life

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