Just because you arrive safely, doesn't mean squat

Posted at 6/5/2014 8:10:03 AM


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Just because you arrive safely, doesn't mean squat

Been using my bike to commute to different jobs sites now for years now. May 21 I arrived to work safe and sound as usual, being extra cautious. What I hadn't realized that I had let my guard fall in an effort to finish a machine in a timely manner. Climbing up on the work table I slipped on an oily surface and fell.
No biggie, my work partner helped me up to catch my breath and walk it off. Then we went ahead to finish the job. Climbed on the ZX14 for the 35 mile ride home, in a fair amount of pain. When I laid down to rest, felt a Popping on my ribs. Now I couldn't move without terrible pain. My riding partner took me to an emergency room for a look see. After some x-rays they said I needed to be transported to a trauma center via ambulance. I had fractured 4 ribs breaking 3 in half. They had to plate 3 ribs so the ends wouldn't overlap again.
The reason I made it home was the fact I was in shock and didn't know it. One lung was punctured, my BP was very low and my O2 was 86 and falling. Moral of story, if your hurt, even a little, don't believe your ok.

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Sorry to hear that Hexford, that must smart a bit. We don't bounce very well when we get old!

I take it we can post pics again. Hooray!

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Lesson learned.

Wishing you a quick and complete recovery.

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The scooter is the most comfortable form of transport. It doesn't have the aggressive suspension of the BMW or the Camaro. No pressure on the back and still have the two wheel pleasure. Still ATGATT, don't look cool, but cool ain't dressed like a fool. Got three cats, one dog and a rabbit. The Rabbit just loves the scooter as well as the Pug. A little off center the 14's feel extra heavy. Right now I wouldn't give up the scooter for a 1290 KTM. Hmmm, maybe.

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Geez, Hex, that is brutal. They say ribs hurt like hell and take a while to heal. Get well soon, brother! I know what it's like to be hurt on the job. It took almost 3 years to recover from the broken back, and I'll never be the same. Hopefully you'll come back 100% and pain free. :coolthumb:

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Heel well pal. I have been there, fractured sternum back in my highschool days playing footbal. Drove a three on the tree boogie van in them days, and couldn't shift gears; drove home in first. No displacement or anything, just hurt like hell.

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Damn glad your still with us. Could have been bad had you not gotten to the hospital. Broken ribs suck. Punctured lung dosnt sound to healthy either. I also had a cracked sternum and broken ribs at the same time. Fell 40 feet through a tree. Was a tree trimmer back in my 20s. Felt like a pin ball coming down smacking every limb. Makes breathing a little tough. Hope they gave you some good pain killers.
Just get plenty of rest and don't get in a hurry to get back to work.
It will be there when your ready. Take care of YOURSELF.:oops:

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Oh man that stinks :(

Hope you're getting some good rest and not in too much pain!

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Back to work now, could have rode the bike but the new job was 350 miles away.

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