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Posted at 6/8/2014 8:34:26 AM


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Which would you choose if you were considering only one of these models?


I'm new to the forum and was hoping to get some feedback. I have been riding for 15+ years and have owned mostly Harley's. I still own a Sportster which I spent the winter turning into a "bobber" (my profile picture) and I love riding it around town. I am looking for something a little larger with a little more power that I can throw a set of bags over when I need to and that would be a little more comfortable on longer day trips.

At 5'6" tall, not everything fits and I don't want to spend mucho bucks just trying to make something fit me. I would like something that handles well looks good and maybe doesn't look like every other cruiser out there. I'm not a fan of any of the Japanese bikes so no point in going there. ... After months of research which included gathering information such as property taxes, the approximate cost to own/run per year and month, depreciation, scheduled service costs and owner feedback and after a few test rides, I have narrowed it down to 3 choices. The Victory Highball, the new Harley Lo Rider and the Victory Judge. All of them fit me well which would allow me to spend my cash on exhaust, air intake and a set of throw-over bags.

I would love to know your opinions and any feedback regarding them either individually or as a group.

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Results (3 Votes)

2014 Harley Lo Rider (0% 0 Votes)
2014 Victory Judge (67% 2 Votes)
2014 Victory High Ball (33% 1 Votes)

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I don't recall an HD vs. Victory comparison where the HD was the clear cut winner but I've read many where the Victory was the clear cut winner usually based on more modern design, more power, better brakes and lower cost.

Not a fan of high bars so I'd vote for the judge.

But I'm not a cruiser rider either so take that with a grain of salt.

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I wouldn't pick any of those.

Bike selection is an EXTREMELY personal pick whatever you really want....and can afford.

I also wouldn't F*** with the pipes or intake but that's just me.
Without a fuel controller, it likely will run like crap.

I'm 5'5" with a 28" inseam.
Not being particularly prejudiced against anything, I have settled on a Kaw Vulcan 900 Custom for my long term bike. After getting a seat that pushes me forward an inch or two, I think it is the perfect bike.

This is after searching for about 45 years.
To each his own.

LOUD pipes risk rights.

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The Judge won't have the ergos the Harley has, that can be fixed with different handle bars. Tech wise, both are air cooled and then the Vic wins hands down for the rest. The American side of motorcycles, the Motus would be my choice. To pricy and tall for your needs though. Lack of dealers is another issue.

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The Victory, hands down. Air/Oil cooled over just air cooled, better enine, better performance, lower cost of ownership, less maintenance and way better reliability over-all. Victory has embraced the new technology and are making work for them whhile it seems like HD is still living in the past. But it's a lifesyle thing; people love that :poop: and they won't change, and that's cool too. Given the choices in the poll I like the Judge also, though I have heard that the apes on the Highball are pretty comfortable for what they are. They also have a new model called the Boardwalk that you might want to look into. I just saw one yesterday and it's a really nice bike. I'm not a huge fan of white wall tires though, so maybe you can negotiate with the dealer to take them off if you don't like 'em either. But in tour trim, which you can get in genuine Victory accessories, it looks like a bike you can easilly tour on. Maybe not the super long-haul, but you can get out of town for a few days with no worries on one for sure.

My advice; go ride 'em. Most Victory and HD dealers are more than happy to let you take them out for a spin to see which one fits you best. I HIGHLY recommend you do this. It's an important decision; you want to make sure yo get it right.

Not sure why you won't look at the metrics, because there are some really good ones out there, but hey, I respect that. Me, I'd go Victory for sure. Good luck in your search and let us know which one you end uo with! :coolthumb:

Hexford said:... The American side of motorcycles, the Motus would be my choice. To pricy and tall for your needs though. Lack of dealers is another issue.

This is a real tragedy, man. Here, they have this gerat product that they developed, and it will be dead on arrival because they insist on gouging on the price. It's a damned joke what they are asking for these machines. And they are not woth that. Not even close. Anyone who buys a Sport Toour bike for $37,000 is a fool, straight up. They are already finding other applications for the engine because I think they already know they will never make it on bike sales. It's a real shame, because I wanted one real bad! But that's OK, I'm going a different route anyway...

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