Safety Starting With the Bike

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I have no problem with those recommendations..because i have use motocross suit with all body protectors and i have feel good. And sounds like.

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(intentionally blank)

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CasperO said:First stop, right here: California Motorcyclist Safety Program

The most dangerous thing newbies do is not:

Buying the wrong bike,

Getting the wrong gear,

Taking too many risks,,,

Nope. None of those. The most dangerous thing newbs do is to not learn how to ride properly from the start. Maybe they do a little reading and then "Wing it",,, maybe they get some tips from crazy uncle Mike the biker who gives them great advice like "Never touch your front brake, or you'll go over the handlebars",,, or "Sometimes you just gotta lay 'er down".

Go the that website. Sign up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation - Basic Rider Course. You'll get 16 hours of real instruction by real professional Ridercoaches. They'll provide the bike. They'll provide the &%^'ing HELMET. This is absolutely the only way to get started.

Please please please.

California Motorcyclist Safety Program

This... right... here. You have to start from the start. And THIS is the start. Worry about what bike to buy later. Gear is important, so do that too. And as far as what bike to buy goes, a simple search of this site alone will produce a thousand threads on that topic, so there is no need to start another one here. But whatever a perspective new rider does, take a rider safety course first. It could and probably will save your life.

What, Me Worry?

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Safety starts with your head: Een with 125ccm you can kill your selfe but using your head you can also ride 1000cc no problem ;)

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