Why I'm not an organ donor

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Casper I'm with GAJ in his response, (not going to be much worth salvaging from me anyway) not that I totally abuse myself but I don't spare the hp when the way is clear. Understand totally what you said about the medical peeps and their holier than thou attitude. Pretty much have the same opinion of all powersports activities to tell the truth. When I blew my knee out in a martial arts competition 20 years ago it was the same there too.

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I had a crash last Memorial Day that of course resulted in a ride none of us want, the one in an ambulance on a backboard(precautionary). I had a few cracked ribs and road rash on my right arm, none of the hospital staff was disrespectful or disdainful of my being a motorcyclist. They knew as cause of injury and circumstances provide information that can help in the evaluation of injuries and treatment. They knew by my helmet making the trip as well, it was in the room. The nurses and doctors were all friendly and professional toward me, no sermon or talking down like I was a child that needed a lesson. Maybe if you have a choice next time(hopefully there won't be) request other doctors and nurses.

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I can also be called Jimmy No Spleen. This is due to an accident I had on a field bike on my property. Long story short, handle bars and spleens don't make good partners. The ER doc had no sense of humor and that was apparent. I make jokes under duress, that is my way of handling a crisis. Apart from that she gave me top notch care. My only complaint about the whole experience was that the surgeon who removed my spleen was a bit of a coffin dodger and should've been retired. I have a nice incisional hernia that was present when I awakened from surgery. The only attempt to repair I've sought has another quackery story to go with it, so that will be saved for another day.

Anyway, I also found out what built Ford tough was limited to a few years ago. Separated left shoulder (grade/class/whatever 5), partial rotator cuff tear on the right. The orthopedic surgeon that put my separated shoulder back together was excellent and made no judgement about my motorcycling as he's an avid bicyclist. I have a cadaver ligament in my shoulder from a stranger that was nice enough to check that special box.

On another joyous life experience the cardiologist that worked me up for a heart attack coupled with numerous TIAs rides motorcycles as does one of their technicians.

I'm an organ donor with no reservations. If I'm so beat up that I can be permitted to die, maybe I don't really want to live anyway.

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Im not a donor either. That story sounds pretty messed up though. People also die in cars and I have seen a lot of cases where pedestrians are hit by cars and die.

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