Why I'm not an organ donor

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Why I'm not an organ donor

Hey fellow. Long time no see. I had a facebook discussion with a pal a while back and posted this. Thoughts?

Why I'm not an organ donor. 4 summers ago I was in a motorcycle crash. Pretty bad. Compound fracture of the right radius and severe dislocation of the wrist. This was utterly not my fault. I was struck in a blind curve by someone running from the police. If I'd been in a car the head-on crash would have killed us both.

So - they put me in the bus and took me to Marietta Memorial Hospital, where everybody in the emergency room pretty much agreed that it was my fault for being dumb enough to get on a "Murdercycle".

The local ortho dude knew when he was over his head and sent me to Grant Medical Center in Columbus. When I got there, the first thing the Doc said to me was "So, what have we learned about "donorcycles"?". My answer was "That they save lives - if this had been you in your little beemer you'd be dead".

Probably 2/3rds of the medical professionals I met with made it pretty clear that they don't like motorcycles, don't like motorcyclists, and pretty much figured that I got what I deserved.

I'm not an organ donor because I absolutely believe that if I get hurt again, the right Doc with the right G-d complex could easily decide that the best move for society (and his Porsche payments) would be for me to just expire and save a bunch of lives with my healthy heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.etc.etc. Well no thanks. If I get hit by another cage I don't want to be allowed to expire and then be stripped for parts, I want medical care. So I'm not an organ donor,

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Hey Cas, how goes it?

Still teaching MSF?

I'm not an organ donor because I have abused my organs to the point where they would be of little value to anyone else! :party:

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I don't believe hospital staff dislike us. Even if so, I certainly don't believe they are out to let us die to steal our organs. I didn't see any anti-motorcycle sentiment from any hospital staff that attended to me in 2008 during my four day stay - quite the contrary. If I'm killed somehow in an unnatural, early way, I would want to at least help someone else out, potentially. Therefore, I'm an organ donor.

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I'm sorry that you had to go through that experience, and I'm disappointed that the people at the hospitals (who are supposed to be professionals) shared their (very unprofessional) opinions with you about motorcycles.

Heal up fast.

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Interesting perspective. I've never thought of a reason to not be an organ donor until now.

Frankly, while some may stand behind the medical profession on an honorable platform, I have a problem with trust issues in today's greedy me society and your story could seriously have a hint to those who cannot be trusted, even when they are supposed to save lives.

In every profession, group, culture, etc., there are some, if not all, that ruin it for the rest. It's no different than the medical field. I refuse to believe doctors and nurses will put forth the same effort to save an elderly person beyond the youthful 80's as much as they would with a child, adolescent, teen or anyone younger. Thus, I believe the mindset has a similar effect when requiring the need to save a life of someone or something they dislike, such as a criminal, and if motorcycle riders are on that same list, you may have a very good point.

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Ironically, ever since I had a license (30 years now) I've never been an organ donor. I just renewed my DL and opted to become an organ donor. Hey if somebody can use what I got (and it works and I don't need it anymore), have at it...

Posted at 9/18/2014 5:42:57 AM

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Not a donor. Much like GAJ I have used up the most widely used organs. My usual quote back to these "roads are for cars" types is, if you took half the time spent telling me not to ride, and used it to tell others to look out for Motos, it would make an appreciable difference for ALL riders out there. People with this mindset kill me. For instance, I walk in to a coffee shop,with my son Owen, both of us wearing, helmet boots gloves jacket on, and this lady behind me says you shouldn't ride it's dangerous. I give her my token response. Order our coffee and walk outside. Seconds later the lady hops in her car grabs phone and starts using device. Puts it in reverse, backs straight away into a car passing by. My son is 14. He can't help himself, as she gets out, he laughs and says, see lady, it isn't the moto that's dangerous. It's people like you who don't care about others safety who are dangerous. I smirked. She sorta deserved it.
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Humorous, and sad at the same time. ;-)

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SO wait a sec I really don't get you like did you like Donate ur Organs or what?

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Casper I'm with GAJ in his response, (not going to be much worth salvaging from me anyway) not that I totally abuse myself but I don't spare the hp when the way is clear. Understand totally what you said about the medical peeps and their holier than thou attitude. Pretty much have the same opinion of all powersports activities to tell the truth. When I blew my knee out in a martial arts competition 20 years ago it was the same there too.

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