British Grand Prix Moving to "Nowhere" from 2015...

Posted at 10/10/2014 9:03:28 AM


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I see that the 2015 British MotoGP round will be held at Donnington. Not really a surprise as there are currently only two tracks in the UK that are really suitable for MotoGP. I wonder how much Donnington is paying Dorna? I'll bet it's nowhere near what Silverstone were asked to pay.

You know what? I wouldn't mind a wager that Donnington will be holding it in 2016 onwards too.

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Sadly I think you are correct, Richard. And this is no disrespect to the Donnington circuit, but isn't Silverstone by far a better venue than Donnington? From what I heard Donnington Park is pretty outdated and has nowhere near the facilities that Silverstone has. I am quite sure you can shed more light on this. I think there is some bad blood going on behind the scenes for DORNA to burn bridges with a world-class facility like Silverstone. The whole thing seems very politically charged and chock full of egotistical B.S.!

I also agree with you, I do not think that this Circuit of Wales is ever going to built, given the current economic circumstances. The only way it will happen is if Uncle Carmello and the madman Eccelstone get together and strong-arm it through. I am unclear what the contractual status is between Silverstone and F1. Either way, it's a pretty sad state of affairs for British Moto racing fans, who desreve better.

In reality, though, this should bring the BSB championship into better focus. They have been showing some of the rounds on the Velocity Channel out here now and I am enjoying the racing very much! DORNA's folly could be a boon for that series.

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