What should I get as a starter bike?

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What should I get as a starter bike?

I'm looking for a new hobby, and getting my motorcycle license and a bike is the way I decided to go. SO, here's some info about me. I'm tiny, or so they tell me. And I'm a girl, only 5'0", and I weigh 112 lbs. I hope my size isn't an issue, cause you guys look like you're having a good time out there on the road. ALSO as you can tell, I have no riding experience. However, I know for sure that I don't want a sports bike. So, what would you recommend? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Look up the MSF Basic Rider Course. That will teach you the basics (classroom and on a closed course) and get you headed in the right direction. If you still want to do it afterward, obtain your endorsement/license, then it's time to shop. Get good gear (we have threads on it, or if you have other questions you cannot find answers to you can always ask) and look for a used bike of smaller size. You may not want a sport bike (understandable and a good policy for starting out), though there are a couple sport standards that are quite friendly to ride. The only reason I would recommend something like that over a small cruiser is they are lighter. You may find that they are too tall, though, so a smaller cruiser could be the way to go as they have very low seat heights.

Your region is quite beautiful this time of year (I just got back from Seattle), so I understand the urge! I kept thinking, "If only I had my bike out here with me..." :)

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For a person of your size and weight I believe that a light bike is the key to a successful learning experience. You need a bike that you will not find intimidating and will not be a struggle to hold upright. Seat height will not be such a problem if the bike is light enough.

Years ago, small light bikes were easy to come by but they are less common today. I have a little bike, a 1971 Suzuki 90, that you would love to learn on, but bikes as old as this need an owner who can mollycoddle them. However, if you can find something like it but more modern, then that would be the way to go.

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dtemple1110 said:So, what would you recommend? Any advice would be appreciated.

As noted, find and complete a new rider training course first.
The MSF courses use 250 CC bikes, usually, and should give you an idea of what might fit you and what might not.

A first bike should be:
Relatively inexpensive
Not a lot of plastic body work.

This subject has been covered EXTENSIVELY on every bike forum on the net, including this one. Please do a little searching for existing threads about "my first bike".

AND....It is good that you mention your size. I have a 28" inseam and a lot of bikes don't suit me good. Don't rule out scooters either, at least for a first ride.

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Get training at the MSF and buy David Hough's Proficient Motorcycling.

Do you have any experienced and mature friends that ride?

If you were my daughter I'd tell you to get a Honda Grom...only partially because I would love to ride the little beast.

Not freeway capable but can pretty much get you anywhere you might want to go.

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Honda cbr250 or a ninja 250 are a great choice. Get a used one one that been down on CL as you will probably laid it down atleast one, no point getting a flawless first bike

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