Seattle trip

Posted at 8/18/2014 7:55:50 PM


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Seattle trip

I recently returned from a trip to Seattle. I spent some time with some friends and family in the area and did a bit of sightseeing. While there I also stopped at a Ducati shop and an Aprilia one to get info about riding there. From what I can gather, there are some amazing roads to ride that aren't too terribly far away - it's a matter of getting out of the city, then just about in any direction there is something. The thing is that there are a bunch of different climates at not too far of a distance! Even if it is nice and dry in the city, 15 minutes away it could be drizzling. Of course this is true just about anywhere, but it's especially true in the region. I was told if riding I pretty much just have to pack/wear something over my leathers to stay dry/warm. Going east you can get to desert-like climate, but that often involves going through much colder temps and lots of mist etc. Anyway, I found this all interesting. Seattle is one place on my radar as a potential place to move in the future. It's certainly much cheaper than around the Bay (for now...).

Here are some pictures since you've just read this wall of text (all can be clicked for larger size). All photos shot with Canon 50D and Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L:

At Museum of Flight...

Blackbird...(with drone on top) -

Its engine...crazy! -

From behind/diagonal -

Skyhawk Blue Angel...before it was the Hornet -

Requisite Seattle shot -

The next few shots were taken on or on the way to Whidbey Island...

Looking back at the mainland while on ferry to the island -

Double Bluff looking southeast -

Deception Pass from the beach -

And the view from that bridge... -

Yep, if you live here you had better not mind the color green. It was a very fun five days :)

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Nice pics.

I enjoyed Seattle the one time I was there but found the City to be nowhere as interesting as San Francisco.

I went to HS in Belgium where it rains at least as much as in that area.

That was enough for me to never to decide to live in that sort of climate again.

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