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I'm coming home! Along with coming home I'm looking at getting a cruiser. Started out as a gas mileage thing... now it's just excitement. It's Aug 25th, and I'll be ready to buy (licensed and all by Jan) I'm looking for a used 800 - 1200cc cruiser with a 50's look. What should I expect to pay in the winter for a bike in that range? (I really like the looks of the Suzuki Boulevard c50 and c90)

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I'm not in a position to answer your question but I will comment on the gas mileage thing. Motorcycles in general have poor gas mileage compared with many modern cars. I haven't owned many bikes that get better mileage than my Mini, apart from some very small ones. Some have been much worse. Add to that the cost of frequent tire replacement, more frequent servicing, the cost of helmets and clothing and you will find that large bikes are expensive playthings. Fun, but expensive.

I hope you plan to get some training, you will be a lot safer if you do. And you will find out if you enjoy riding. It has been known for potential riders to buy an expensive machine only to find riding isn't what they thought it would be.

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Do you have any training, any experience?

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Too many questions and too broad in scope.

You should get the training FIRST.
After that you can narrow things down a bit yourself.

Unless you are a fairly large person, you should drop the size down a notch......like 250 to 750 range.

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Thank you

I'm not a big guy, and between the replies I think that was a brick wall of reality. Thank you. I am going to go through a basic riders course before I buy, but that's a couple months away.

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