1984 Honda Magna VF700C

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1984 Honda Magna VF700C

So I lost my keys and tried to hot start my bike with a wire in the female end of the ignition wiring harness and i got the headlight to come on and then it popped and arched a couple times and now I have no power at all. I even found the keys and hooked it all back up but nothing happens when I turn the key on. Did I blow A fuse or what? I do have the manuel but no idea of how to look it up. much thanx in advance

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There will probably be a main fuse somewhere and you may have blown it. It may be somewhere other than the fuse box (if you have one) as it is there to protect the entire electrical system, rather than an individual circuit. If your bike has no signs of life then it is likely you have blown this fuse. You will have to locate it.

I looked on the wiring diagram that can be found on the 'bike bandit' site and there is a 10A fuse somewhere towards the front of the bike which seems to be promising. I've no idea where that actually is located though.

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