MotoGP: 2014 Race 12 - Hertz British Grand Prix (SPOILERS)

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MotoGP: 2014 Race 12 - Hertz British Grand Prix (SPOILERS)

Circuit info/b]

Length: 5.900 m / 3.666 miles
Width: 17m
Left corners: 8
Right corners: 10
Longest straight: 770 m / 0.478 miles
Constructed: 1948
Modified: 2011

[b]Weather from

WIND: SW at 19 mph[/td]
WIND:W at 14 mph[/td]
WIND:WNW at 9 mph[/td]

How To Steal Somebody's Thunder

Repsol Honda

It's fair to say that Dani Pedrosa has been out shone, out classed and out raced by his teammate for 2014. A veteran rider of Honda's RC platform, Pedrosa has always been known for acquitting himself well in any season... until perhaps this one. Winless in the opening 10 (ahem) races, Pedrosa himself faced the occasional problems that afflict any racer in the course of a season - injury (that required surgery), setup and mechanical woes, and yes the upstart teammate who just happens to be a phenom. That was the winless, bleary atmosphere that Pedrosa lived in for 2014. Right up until the flag dropped in Brno.

If Pedrosa had to pick a time, any time, to get his first win of the season.... well really any time in the first 10 races would probably have been a welcome relief. However if he could only have one or two this season then there would be few with better timing than his win in the Czech Republic. That single win was the absolute trifecta, and the ultimate, "In your face!" to Marquez. It simultaneously ended Marquez's victory run the the season, block Marquez for taking the lead in the record books for most consecutive wins in a season, and ended his podium streak that dated back to 2013.

For Marquez, adrift in a lonely 4th place, all was not lost. While setup and tires woes contributed to a lackluster race at best for the reigning champion, he still managed to finish in fourth with a comfortable lead over the Ducati pair. Marquez therefore ended the weekend with a comfortable points haul that salvaged what could have been a disastrous outing and hopefully sets him up for success at the British track.

Dani Pedrosa #26
2013 - Repsol Honda - 3rd
2012 - Repsol Honda - 3rd
2011 - Repsol Honda -

Marc Marquez #93
2013 - Repsol Honda - 2nd
2012 - Repsol Honda (Moto 2) - 3rd
2011 - Repsol Honda (Moto 2) - DNF

Movistar Yamaha

If there was talk before the last race that the old Jorge Lorenzo was back, then the talk after the race was surely that he proved it. While he didn't get the lightning start that fans have come to expect from the #99, Lorenzo maintained touch with the usual suspects during the early stages of the race. Showing patience and cunning, he wisely chose to hold back as the drama began to unfold at the front. He used Rossi as the battering ram to beat upon the gates of his opposition before swooping in to claim 2nd place on the podium. There was no intense battle, no dogfight with teeth bared and paint swapped. There was just very high level racecraft reminding everyone of why he feels that he should be the #1 Yamaha on the team.

For his part Rossi may have been used badly and left out to dry, but he ended his weekend quite happy about it. For one thing, he gets to claim another podium in a season of high points following the Dark Days at Ducati and the initial adaptation pains of returning to Yamaha. For another, while Lorenzo may have stolen the limelight for Yamaha with a 2nd place to Rossi's 3rd, he got to officially put the stamp on ended Marquez's streak of podium finishes. Having faded to fourth place after battling for the lead early on, Rossi sensed a problem when the gap to Marquez began shrinking. It wasn't easy to pass the reigning champion - Rossi should know, he'd done once before that very race only to have Marquez reclaim the position and push Rossi backwards. The opportunity to return the favor in short order was not to be missed, and Rossi took full advantage. Neither wanted to give quarter to the other, and likely Marquez's new found maturity in accepting his woes on the day had as much to do with the whole thing not ending in tears as Rossi's skill with his right hand. Whatever the cause, the outcome was the same.

Jorge Lorenzo #99
2013 - Yamaha Factory - 1st
2012 - Yamaha Factory - 1st
2011 - Yamaha Factory - DNF

Valentino Rossi #43
2013 - Yamaha Factory - 4th
2012 - Ducati Factory - 9th
2011 - Ducati Factory - 6th

Ducati Factory Racing

Andrea Iannone? I thought that he was a satellite rider!

Well, he is. But then, he isn't. You see, it goes something like this. Cal Crutchlow broke Ducati's heart. He put his Russian Fingers on Ducati's naughty places and then when the new girls at Honda started flirting he snubbed her. So what's Ducati to do? Well if Ducati were a girl she might date is best friend, bed him soundly and say that he took her to heights of pleasure that Cal could never fathom.

And post it on Facebook.

Not being a teenaged girl, Ducati did the next best thing - they hired Iannone. A satellite rider, relatively new to the series, Iannone simply doesn't have the exposure and experience that Crutchlow does. What he does have, now, is a bit of kiss and tickle from Ducati in the way of choice development parts fresh from Gigi's oven. And boy does he know how to use them! With each race aboard the Ducati Iannone has gotten stronger and he has now officially put notice on the two factory riders, eclipsing Crutchlow (which, to be fair, he has consistently done) and engaging in a down and out brawl with Dovizioso that saw the veteran and official factory rider finish behind the satellite bike. Iannone didn't just steal the factory thunder, he beat it up and took its lunch money.

Watch this space... this fight could get interesting.

Andrea Dovizioso #4
2013 - Ducati Factory - DNF
2012 - Tech 3 Yamaha - 19th
2011 - Repsol Honda - 2nd

Cal Crutchlow #35
2013 - Tech 3 Yamaha - 7th
2012 - Tech 3 Yamaha - 6th
2011 - Tech 3 Yamaha -

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