Wind noise on my Majesty

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Wind noise on my Majesty

I have a Yamaha Majesty 2009. I've had it since April 2012, and I like it for the most part. Good gas mileage, it's fast when I need it, and just plain fun to ride. One of the most annoying things about it is the wind noise. I hate it. I've experimented with a few things to stop it. I removed the windscreen, I purchased the Yamaha "touring" windscreen. I use earplugs, but still the wind bounces off my helmet. I wear a 3/4 face helmet. A friend of mine rode it with his full face helmet, but he had the same experience. I'm wondering if another scooter, like the Burgman 400, or the Yamaha TMAX would make a difference. Anyone out there have any ideas, or am I just stuck with the wind buffeting off my head and making lots of noise?

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I don't think it's your scoot that's the problem, you get wind noise riding anything. You can only minimise it by getting a helmet that is relatively quiet, and by using earplugs if you plan to go faster than 50mph or so. I used to wear an open face helmet when I started riding, there wasn't anything else (apart from pudding basins anyway). I tried one again a while ago, but not for long. I find them horrible compared to the FF I wear now.
Helmets do make a difference, the one I use now is quieter than the one I used previously.

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KDPeffley said:I One of the most annoying things about it is the wind noise. I hate it.

Proper windshield size and placement is more of an art than a science......and the specifics are a little different from one bike to another.

The solution often is a tall shield angled back a bit AND lowers.
Look at touring bikes, like the Goldwing or Road KIng.

You need to use your hand(s) to find out where the offending wind is coming from: over the top, around the sides or from the bottom.
There will always be some light turbulence from the top and sides but the worst often comes up from the bottom.

If you are comfortable with your balance:
On a smooth, flat, empty road, about 45 MPH or higher, take both hands off the bars.....and it that works OK (still going straight), then cross your arms in front of you about the bottom of your rib cage. If that elminates most of the "bad" air, you need some combination of lowers.....or a fairing. That test works better with a throttle lock. You can do it one arm at a time if you aren't comfortable with "hands free".

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Laminar Lip


It may well be a factor of how tall you are. If your day job has anything to do with the NBA, you are doomed. I'm 6'2" and had a similar issue on my Kawasaki Concours. Earplugs worked noise wise, but I wanted to use my Bluetooth system in my helmet. The extended windshield moved the airflow up, but enough. The Laminar Lip made all the difference in the world. I now have an 06 Aprilia Scarabeo with a Givi windshield ( I think extended). This bike has much better air flow protection for the rider but I think the average Italian is not 6'2". I moved the Laminar Lip to the Scarabeo and it helped. If I ride in "slacker mode", I can slump completely out of the wind. I just need about 2 more inches... Anyway, check out the Laminar Lip. I was very pleased with how it fixed my issue on the Concours.

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